On June 25th, 2021, in Georgia’s Northern District Federal Court Judge Eleanor Ross issued her ruling against my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks, deeming him an abusive litigant and placing pre-filing injunctions against him that require judicial review and approval of any lawsuit he attempts to file in that court.  These injunctions protect me and my husband — Paulette and Scott Buchanan —  and anyone connected to us from my brother Ken’s meritless, abusive lawsuits whether he files pro se or through an attorney.  Furthermore, Judge Ross’ ruling protects the general public in that she specifically warns Parks not to file any frivolous, meritless, abusive lawsuits against anyone, and that the court will conduct judicial review of any lawsuit he may file to ensure it is not frivolous, meritless, and/or abusive.   This federal court ruling provides additional protection to the October, 2020 Tennessee state court order that prohibits my brother from suing me and my husband pro se ever again.

As of January, 2021 the two bills my husband Scott Buchanan and I, Paulette Buchanan, crafted addressing the problem of abusive pro se plaintiffs have been proposed by our state representative Scotty Campbell for the 2021 legislative session in Tennessee.  The two bills are HB0337 (SB0866) and HB0186 (SB0865).  

We call on Tennessee residents, and especially victims of abusive pro se plaintiffs, to contact their state senators and representatives and urge them to support these two bills.  

As with any bill, the language can change as the bill is revised and edited in the legislative process.  Many good bills have taken years before they are passed by state legislatures and signed into law by governors.  We are working hard to ensure that these two bills are passed this year and enacted into law.   But if that doesn’t happen this year, we will continue to keep proposing these bills and rallying support for however long it takes to get good sensible laws enacted that stop abusive pro se litigants from weaponizing the courts against their victims.

First Proposed Bill:


Second Proposed Bill:

On February 2, 2021, a hearing was held in Georgia’s Northern District Bankruptcy court.  Ken “Pastor Max” Parks failed to appear.  After hearing our testimony and being presented with irrefutable evidence, Judge Sage Sigler ruled that the Connecticut vexatious litigant law applied to our claim in the Georgia Bankruptcy Court, and she awarded us treble (triple) the amount of the Connecticut attorney fees that we had spent to get my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ utterly meritless 2015 lawsuit against us dismissed (with prejudice).  Judge Sigler also ruled that Ken “Pastor Max” Parks had to pay additional attorney fees we incurred with our Georgia attorneys in my brother’s bankruptcy case.  The treble amount of Connecticut attorney fees awarded is $192, 444.21 and the Georgia attorney fees awarded is $25,591.30, for a total of $218,035.51.  

Prior to the February 2, 2021 Georgia Bankruptcy Court hearing, Ken “Pastor Max” Parks claimed in his filing with the court that he’s chronically ill, “frail and weakened” in “body and mind” and “virtually bed-ridden” and therefore he claimed he could not attend via video conferencing the scheduled hearing.  And yet, a few hours after the February 2, 2021 Bankruptcy Court hearing, we found out from our Tennessee attorney that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks spent the day calling law offices in our area trying to find an attorney to file yet another lawsuit against us (so much for being “frail and weakened” in “body and mind”).  One attorney reported that not only did he refuse to represent my brother, but he stated that Ken sounded “really crazy.”           

On February 9, 2021 Judge Sage Sigler issued her Final Judgment, consolidating the previous Orders regarding the awarding of attorney fees in the Tennessee and Connecticut cases and declaring those judgments non-dischargeable.



On October 5, 2020, in a hearing before Washington County, Tennessee Circuit Court Judge Jean Stanley, my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks was found to have committed multiple counts of contempt of the October, 2018 court order barring him from filing any additional legal actions against me, Paulette Buchanan, and/or my husband Scott Buchanan, and/or anyone else without first getting approval from the Washington County court.  We petitioned the court to have a permanent pre-filing restriction placed against him (instead of the 6 year injunction in the October, 2018 court order), and to order my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks to pay all of our attorney fees in all of the legal actions he took against us illegally in Connecticut and Georgia in defiance of the court order against him.  Our attorney fees also included the cost of the Tennessee case against him for his multiple counts of contempt of court.  Judge Stanley granted all our petitions, and she signed the Order October 23, 2020 in which my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks is: 

  1. permanently enjoined from filing any lawsuits against us without an attorney representing him, and that attorney must sign an affidavit confirming that he/she is aware of the permanent court order and swearing that any legal actions my brother — through his attorney — tries to bring against us are not meritless, abusive, or otherwise legally defective; 
  2. ordered to stop his current lawsuit that he illegally filed pro se against us in February, 2020 in Northern Georgia Federal District Court (Atlanta);
  3. found to be in multiple counts of contempt of court by defying the October, 2018 court order against him which barred him from filing pro se any additional lawsuits against us or anyone else for 6 years without judicial approval;
  4. ordered to be taken into custody and extradited to Washington County, Tennessee, and be required to answer the Washington County court to explain why he defied multiple times the court injunction against him barring him from pro se suing me, my husband and other people (this initial “Attachment” for civil contempt was set aside due to extradition costs, but criminal contempt charges are pending);
  5. ordered to pay us an additional $13,038.50 in attorney fees we accrued due to his illegal pro se legal actions against us in Connecticut and Georgia, and the Tennessee attorney fees we paid to bring his contempt of court issues before the Washington County court and our petition requesting a permanent injunction against him which bars him from filing any additional pro se legal actions against my husband and me.    

On September 25, 2020, Judge Sage Sigler ruled in the Georgia federal bankruptcy court that the judgment amount of $16,800 in attorney fees that in October, 2018 the Washington County, Tennessee court ordered my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks to pay my husband Scott Buchanan and me, Paulette Buchanan, is non-dischargeable.  This means that despite my brother filing for bankruptcy (presumably in an attempt to get out of paying us the judgment), the Federal Bankruptcy Court has ordered that he still has to pay us that judgment amount.