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The Need for Sua Sponte Judicial Review Laws For Pro Se Litigants’ Lawsuits

Judicial reform is needed to require that judges instantly dismiss abusive, frivolous lawsuits, especially those filed by self-represented / pro se litigants, before financial harm is done to innocent defendants needing to hire attorneys to get these abusive, frivolous lawsuits dismissed.

Cults and religious frauds use a variety of harmful tactics against their victims – including filing abusive, frivolous lawsuits.  This is one of the tactics used by Ken Parks (aka, Pastor Ken, Pastor Ken Parks, Pastor Ken Max Parks, Pastor Max, Ken Max Parks, Max Parks).  Ken Parks advertises on social media his unregistered, financially unaccountable ETC Ministries, Simplicity of Christ / SOC Ministries, and his unregistered “professional photographer” businesses.  He runs these activities from his apartment.  Despite calling himself “pastor”, Ken Parks is not an ordained minister.

The matters discussed in this website involve subjects which merit constitutionally protected public scrutiny, and this website provides documentation, commentary, and opinion on matters of public concern.

Paulette Buchanan, M.A.

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

So begins our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. Tragically, too much of our corrupted and debauched “education” system has failed for many years to teach about the issues that compelled our colonies’ elected delegates to convene and develop the Declaration of Independence. Many other important historical events and general knowledge in all vital subjects are no longer taught in too many public and private schools and universities. I taught at university, and I can assure you that there is not only an astounding and terrifying level of young people’s ignorance of our country’s history, and of world history, but a dangerous level of cult-like devotion to anti-American indoctrination, with all its distortion of historical facts, that they received from the previous generations of brainwashed leftist cultist “teachers.” Sigh… it’s impossible for these willfully ignorant generations to teach what they don’t know. As I write in my book Fighting for Justice: Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order, as our education system goes, so goes our nation. But perhaps at least a section of our country might be able to be saved by those who know and understand our history and endeavor to establish independent state governments that uphold principles guaranteeing law and order by respecting our God-given dignity and rights.

Yes, you read that right. As our federal government is characterized by increasingly pervasive forms of leftist totalitarianism and tyranny, it is up to we the people and our elected legislators and governors in individual states to exert our God-given right to reject the illegitimate power exerted on us by such a government. I use the word illegitimate because when our federal government, corrupted by generations of anti-Americans who have embraced Marxist-influenced totalitarianism and anti-Judeo-Christian beliefs and morals, rejects and trashes the US Constitution and the moral sensibilities of much of its citizenry, it becomes the God-given right of people to live free of that nihilistic tyranny. A consortium of states has every right, and a responsibility to its own citizens, to form their own independent government based on the principles of the Declaration of Independence and of our U.S. Constitution.

What exactly justified the colonists and their elected delegates to go so far as to renounce their British citizenship, break all connection to and rule under the British government, and endeavor to build an entirely new nation state? A handful of the colonists’ delegates were born in Great Britain. But a great deal of the problem came from the fact that colonists had no real representation in Parliament, and in many ways were being treated as a conquered nation, not as fellow British citizens with rights of protection under British law. A good deal of colonists were aware on at least some rudimentary level that British governance was supposed to be based on the Magna Carta, a document unique to its time that made the monarch accountable to representatives of the people. The Magna Carta didn’t provide full-fledged democracy, but it was a far cry from unwritten “rules” practiced by the absolute monarchies prevalent throughout Europe and in other cultures. Yet during the 18th century, from a distance of at least three months’ sea journey, Great Britain ruled with increasingly oppressive measures against its North American citizens. The rallying cry, “No taxation without representation!” actually began in Great Britain among her own native soil middle class that demanded to have a voice in government. That rallying cry soon crossed the Atlantic and took root in Britain’s citizens in North America, and was expressly included as part of the numerous oppressive measures outlined in the Declaration as “the causes” which compelled the colonists’ elected delegates to declare separation from Great Britain.

So, then, let’s apply the Declaration of Independence’s statements to our own time and circumstances:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Legitimate governments derive “their just powers from the consent of the governed.” How many times have states’ citizens, whether through direct vote or through the votes of their elected legislators and governors, passed laws on an issue — whether it’s rejecting same sex marriage, rejecting or limiting on-demand abortion, rejecting sex change operations and puberty blockers for minors, rejecting drag queen shows in children’s libraries and schools — and one single state or federal judge, citing a twisted view of “rights”, declares the will of the people and their legislators null and void, thereby foisting upon we the people a law that is completely repulsive to the majority’s moral sensibilities and our right to have those moral sensibilities respected? Think about the striking of mental health commitment laws and the closure of mental health facilities and how these abhorrent decisions by our legislatures and by the courts have for decades endangered the mentally ill and the general public. As the above quote from the Declaration states, people have a right to reject and separate themselves from “any Form of Government” which “becomes destructive” to our rights to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” and which violates people’s “Safety and Happiness.” One police officer who follows the leftist party line told me, “People have a right to be mentally ill and live on the streets and not take medication.” People have a “right” to be mentally ill?! That’s like saying people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, or ALS have a “right” to be afflicted with those deadly, progressive conditions. In reality, a compassionate civilization that protects everyone’s actual rights to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” sees to it that those with debilitating diseases have the right to appropriate medical treatment upheld and respected, especially if the afflicted person is unable to make that decision for themselves. This compassionate, civilized response to those in need not only protects the dignity of the afflicted person but the safety and well-being of the general public. The mentally ill have a “right” to live on the streets?! We the taxpayers pay for the construction and upkeep of those streets. Those streets belong to us, we the people, not to elected or state-appointed, unaccountable “authorities.” If the majority of taxpaying people don’t want to see the mentally ill living, defecating, urinating, and injecting themselves with, inhaling, or ingesting destructive drugs on OUR streets, then we the people don’t grant them any “rights” to ruin our public properties. Our current totalitarian government has unjustly usurped the power of we the people, does not have the consent of the governed, and is therefore illegitimate. We owe no allegiance to any institution that violates the U.S. Constitution and our basic God-given rights.

“Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Human nature tends to not want to “rock the boat” and will put up with enormous, repeated injustices . . . until there is a breaking point. Most revolutions have come about due to accumulated and worsening injustices that can no longer be tolerated by the people. The writers of the Declaration recognized this reality. Declaring severance from Great Britain was not seen by these educated representatives of the people as some impulsive, reckless, and hasty act but must occur only after “a long train of abuses and usurpations . . . to reduce them under absolute Despotism”. For that reason, the people’s delegates asserted “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Currently, we have a questionably elected president and vice president and unelected alphabet departments that are actively violating state and federal laws. Day after day for months, Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters destroyed private businesses and residences, set fires to state and federal buildings, and occupied and trashed streets so that taxpaying citizens were impeded from using those streets for commerce or transportation. Where are the arrests, convictions, and prison sentences for these terrorist insurrectionists? Instead, for the very few actually arrested for these felonies Vice President Kamala Harris and her elite radical leftist cronies paid the bail amounts of these criminals and terrorists, and urged others to do likewise. But protesters who were escorted by Capitol police to go inside the Capitol building on January 6th and who simply looked around, perhaps took a free brochure commonly found in the Capitol, and then left the building without doing any damage whatsoever are arrested as domestic terrorists.

The radical leftists in our Department of InJustice used our tax dollars for all the hours they spent manufacturing “evidence” to present to a federal judge, who then signed an arrest warrant, against a peaceful pro-life demonstrator, Mark Houck. Based on that fraudulently-obtained arrest warrant, our tax dollars then paid for a 20+ person FBI SWAT team to swarm the neighborhood in front of the Houck residence around 6:45 AM, invade the Houck’s home, terrify their young children, and drag off Mark Houck in cuffs. Houck was exonerated of all the baseless charges the corrupt DoIJ/FBI leveled at him. Houck is now running for public office, in part because he doesn’t want to see the feds do this traumatic damage to any other innocent people. This corrupt, unaccountable “law enforcement” federal entity acts increasingly more like the KGB and Stasi. Does anyone see such take-downs of drug dealers? A plane load of people die EVERY DAY from drug overdoses, much of it spilling over our borders due to the feds violating federal immigration laws by their refusal to enforce those laws. Blue state leaders and their federal legislators aggressively pursue using citizens’ tax dollars to pay “reparations” to black people for the horrible slavery that once existed in this country, while they simultaneously commit mind-numbing hypocrisy by enabling present-day human traffickers to enslave thousands of children and adults illegally brought across our borders. But the DoIJ directs its FBI to send 20+ agents to violate the civil rights of a peaceful pro-life demonstrator who had not violated any laws. The same DoIJ sics its ever so compliant radical leftist lackey FBI agents on angry parents protesting school boards’ endangerment of their children, labeling those justifiably angry parents “domestic terrorists.” The same DoIJ sics its FBI agents on Catholics (and probably Protestants, Orthodox, and conservative Jews), commissioning their agents to weasel their way into houses of worship to spy on all those dangerous “religious terrorists.” But drug dealers, human traffickers, gang members, administrators of Chinese prisons in our country and all other actual Chinese threats in our country — they all get a free pass from the DoIJ. If any actual criminals are being arrested, I’d sure love to see proof of it.

But question the validity of very questionable election results? Conservatives and right-of-center liberals alike risk arrest or at bare minimum targeted harassment from the feds and from their social media cohorts. But be a radical leftist and question elections of conservative candidates, and even throw some riots protesting conservatives’ elections, or declare yourself the “actual” governor or president, as Stacey Abrams and Hillary Clinton did, and that’s okay. Question the origin of COVID-19 and the efficaciousness and safety of COVID “vaccines” with hard-core statistical facts and the same totalitarian tyrants will see to it you get fired, lose your professional license, and get besmirched as a half-wit conspiracy nut job.

As a crime victim/survivor, I know full well the outrage at having my constitutional rights violated by radical leftist statist authorities on both the state and federal level when they refused, repeatedly, to enforce written law. Similarly, Kash Patel, being on the wrong ideological side, also knows full well what it’s like to be death-threatened yet witnessing, as did I, the feds not “putting out the money” to enforce the law against those making those death threats. We are all living with the consequences of especially our federal authorities refusing to protect our basic human rights by simply enforcing written laws against lawbreakers. Our country is purposefully being turned into a lawless wasteland by radical leftists, because creating chaos has always enabled authoritarians to seize more control. It also accomplishes the goal of every radical leftist: reduce the human population because fewer people are easier to control. As leftist Rahm Emanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff and former Chicago mayor, has exclaimed, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” whether its a natural crisis or a man-made crisis. Emanuel is part of the reason why the war zone known as Chicago is now being called “Chi-raq”. Actually, Iraq has a lower murder and crime rate than Chicago has.

When the government violates written law, it loses its legitimacy and its authority to govern or impose its will on the people. The radical leftist, anti-Constitution members of unaccountable federal alphabet departments, the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch routinely violate our basic human rights due to their refusal to abide by the social contract outlined in the Constitution and by our written laws. Consequently, those in government positions abuse their power to violate our basic human rights to live undisturbed lives free of arbitrary tyrannical actions. “Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government.

The longer this federal radical leftist tyranny is tolerated, the more of us will experience intolerable injustices. It is the duty and responsibility of our elected red state leaders to protect our citizens from federal government overreach and tyranny. The lawbreaking actions of the DC regime demand that red state leaders act NOW to peacefully but firmly protect ourselves from this ever-worsening tyranny.

At present, our tax dollars are being used to finance the construction of a major FBI training facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Taking into consideration that a disturbingly high number of FBI candidates and agents who comprise the FBI hate — yes, HATE — conservatives and constitutional principles of government, I can’t see how this bodes well for the red state of Alabama and other nearby red states. So much of our last few generations have been successfully brainwashed with anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-white, and anti-religious screeds by public and private “educators”, and this is the pool from which our current and future FBI agents emerge. Of added concern, a good deal of our military bases are in red states, or at least in purple states. Additionally, what would happen to the pensions of retired military personnel who choose to support their red state declaring independence from the federal government? These are all huge concerns when it comes to the issue of red states throwing off the control of the federal government.

This is why I lean toward supporting red states declaring a peaceful autonomy from the federal government. The UK’s independent commonwealth nations of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can serve as examples. Great Britain learned a costly lesson from our American War for Independence, and did not repeat the same mistake with Canada especially. Red states must insist on declaring and protecting the freedom to set boundaries against federal violations of constitutional law and against federal impingement of policies that the people of red states declare by vote to be repugnant and unacceptable. For example, since the feds are determined to violate federal immigration laws to the detriment of our whole nation, Texas and other border states should be able to erect their own border walls and employ all other defensive, protective measures to keep illegal immigrants from crossing into their states, without interference or lawsuits filed by the feds. Using another example, if the feds are determined to ram down our throats digital currencies so unaccountable federal alphabet departments can track our bank accounts and every little purchase, we the people of red states should have protection from the feds’ overreach by having our own tangible currency consisting of combined precious metals and monetary notes backed by our red states’ precious metals standard. A number of red and purple states have already passed laws recognizing gold and silver as legal tender, and other states are currently working on bills to declare the same. Since the feds keep printing the equivalent of Monopoly money, it is a wise protective measure for states to rely upon precious metals as substantive legal tender.

Just as red states already have their own bureaus or departments that conduct criminal investigations (similar to what the FBI should be doing), red states should now begin forming their own militaries. One important military branch that red states should form immediately is a cyber force to protect against foreign and domestic cyber attacks to its infrastructures, government offices, private businesses, and its citizens. Likewise, red states should begin immediate efforts to combine with private businesses to develop commercial, weather, and military satellites. Red states such as my new home state of Tennessee have sizable budgetary surpluses that should be used to finance these important programs to ensure our autonomy from the federal government. Red states must also now develop domestically made products, especially essential products, and end dependence on China and other foreign nations to meet our supply needs. Many red states have already put the kibosh on China and CCP-connected entities from buying real estate and agricultural land, and even more similarly protective laws must be enacted. In short, red states must become as politically, militarily, technologically, and economically independent as possible from the DC regime.

As for federal court judges whose rulings violate the principles of red state citizens and their elected representatives, the will of the people as expressed in their state representatives’ votes should prevail. For example, in 2014, the majority of Tennessee citizens voted in favor of marriage being between one man and one woman. Other states’ citizens voted the same on this issue. But, just as the abominable 1857 Dred Scott decision by the U.S. Supreme Court declared that black people are not citizens and could never become citizens, the equally abominable U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell decision threw out millennia of secular and religious sensibilities regarding the institution of marriage and attacked the historical religious teachings on marriage of three major religions. In doing so, Obergefell attacked the First Amendment of the Constitution by prohibiting the free exercise of religion — an exercise of individuals not limited to houses of worship but which includes every aspect of one’s life. Both the Dred Scott and the Obergefell decisions defied ancient biological/scientific, religious, and moral principles, and basic good sense. The Dred Scott decision played a significant role in causing the American Civil War. Thus far, red states have enacted laws circumventing the Obergefell decision, such as giving legal protections to clergy, private businesses, private adoption services, and town clerks from conducting same sex “marriage” ceremonies, hosting such events, refusing adoption of children, or granting marriage licenses to same sex couples. But how long before just one judge or a panel of judges overrules the collective moral sensibilities and constitutionally guaranteed rights of religious expression of the states’ citizens by voiding those laws? Public schools have zealously banned Bibles, Bible studies, prayer groups, the Ten Commandments, and any mention of Moses or Jesus, but fanatically expose children to drag queens, satanists, and pornographic “lessons” and materials. If the majority of red states’ voting citizens reject these as historically offensive and destructive then the will of the people should be upheld and protected.

Barely a day goes by when we don’t witness the success of the radical leftists’ agenda to overrule the rights of those who hold to traditional religious and moral beliefs, as protected by our U.S. Constitution. Good and beneficial federal laws are violated by the DoIJ and other unaccountable, unelected alphabet departments in favor of law-breaking radical leftists in the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, yet these same entities use draconian means to abuse their federal authority every time they baselessly accuse law-abiding citizens of violating “laws” which either don’t exist or don’t apply to these innocent citizens. If our red state governors and legislators do not make it an immediate A-1 priority to peacefully break ties with the federal government, neither they nor we should be surprised to see, at worst, our Republican/conservative leaders arrested by the feds on bogus charges, or at best witness the ever-worsening corrupted election process result in red states being turned blue, despite the majority of the states’ people being conservative. Action must be taken now to pursue a peaceful plan to distance ourselves and protect ourselves from the radical leftist DC regime and its lackey blue states. We must express to our state legislators and governors the urgent need to work on such a plan. Our survival as a free people depends upon doing so.

From June 28-July 1 I attended International Cultic Studies Association’s 2023 conference in Louisville, Kentucky. There were many speakers this year who spoke on a variety of topics, and, as in previous conferences, my heart was broken as I listened to the accounts of those who have experienced horrifically traumatic abuse from religious and self-help frauds. The toll that spiritual and emotional abuse takes on people can never be underestimated.

With the needs of attendees and other speakers in mind, I spoke on the topic “Stalked by a Cultist: Fighting Back and Recovering.” I’m thankful for the good feedback I received from those who attended my session, and I truly hope the various resources the conference offered will help in the healing of the minds and spirits of those who attended this conference. There were a few attorneys at this conference who concentrate on filing civil actions against cultists and coercive, high demand leaders and their groups. There were also authors like myself at the conference, and in addition to the information we provided in our sessions we referenced our books, podcasts, websites, and blogs to help people in their healing journey, and to give more insights of our lived experiences to those who offer psychological and legal counsel to people in need.

So, as I promised attendees interested in my topic, I am publishing the handouts I offered during my session (my apologies again for not running off enough copies!).

Stalked by a Cultist: Fighting Back and Recovering

Most leaders and followers of cults/high demand groups never stalk or otherwise harass people who leave the group, or stalk people who were never members of the group, or people who report in some public manner issues of concern about the group.
— Keep in mind that very controlling religious/high demand groups are usually run by leaders who exhibit some form of mental instability, to lesser or greater degrees
— The greater the mental instability of the cult leader and the cult’s followers, the greater the likelihood that these groups’ leaders and their followers will stalk, harass, and possibly death threaten those people declared as “enemies”.

Tactics used by stalking cult leaders and their followers:

  1. Online trolling, harassment, defamation, death threats, and attacks against the credibility and reputations of those people the cult leader and the cult’s followers target for the purpose of “public shaming” and alienating from others.
    — Cult leaders and their followers may set up websites or fake social media accounts in your name or in others people’s names to misrepresent and defame their targets.
  2. Harassment of neighbors, friends, co-workers and employers, usually using horrific forms of defamation to alarm, alienate, and cause economic and emotional distress to their targets.
  3. Physically showing up on or near your property, following behind your car, showing up at or near your workplace or making alarming or harassing communications with co-workers and others you know, or showing up at or near places you frequently visit.
    — Tracking devices are extremely cheap and easy to place on vehicles.
  4. Those who are skilled in committing cyber crimes use hacking into telecommunication companies and email servers to watch your private communications.
  5. Weaponizing law enforcement and/or the court system to file false accusations and complaints of crimes allegedly committed by their targets, and filing utterly meritless lawsuits to force their targets to be in a given court at a given time and costing their victims time and expense of hiring attorneys to get the lawsuits dismissed.
  6. In short, severely mentally disturbed cult leaders and their followers obsessively declare all out war on their targets.

Fighting Back:

The intention of aggressive stalking cultists is to terrorize their targets into silence and submission to the point of mental breakdown or even suicide.
— Remember: The more severely mentally disturbed the cult leader and the cult’s followers are, the more they are addicted to the rush of power and control over others. But cultists’ targets take power and control from their stalkers by standing their ground and speaking truth!

  1. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! Don’t minimize or deny the reality of what is happening to you. Because there are bizarre, delusional conspiracy theories about “gang stalking,” you need to make sure you have the actual written, photographic, or otherwise recorded documentation/proof that you are, in fact, being stalked by a cult leader and the cult’s followers and that you’re not perceived to be a crazy conspiracy nut.
  2. DON’T retaliate with the same kinds of criminal tactics used by the cult leader and the cult’s followers!
  3. Don’t be hesitant to obtain professional counseling to help you stand your ground. Many counselors have become very familiar with the disturbingly common problem and effects of stalking, and they can offer you mental tools to help you keep up the fight in the right, legal way.
  4. Install security devices in and around your residence, install front and back dashcams, and consider taking self-defense classes and gun-training classes. Remember, stalking is a form of warfare and you need to learn vigilance and self-protection.
  5. Research your state’s stalking and harassment laws, make copies of your documentation, and insist the police take a recorded complaint of what the stalking cultist leader and the cult’s followers are doing to you.
    Beware of filing for Orders of Protection! The process requires you to be in court in the presence of the aggressive, lying cult leader and the cult’s followers. This process often backfires on victims to the point that the stalking cultists may succeed in making untrue claims about you and then getting protection orders against you the victim! Aside from that, many police officers and attorneys will tell you that protective orders are a sick joke because they are rarely enforced.
  6. With discretion, inform your family, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers and employer, and any other people about what the cult leader and cult’s followers are doing, and ask appropriate people to keep eyes and ears open for you.
  7. With copies of your documentation in hand, talk to attorneys who specialize in Constitutional free speech rights, defamation and harassment issues.
    — Most attorneys offer a one hour free consultation.
    — Appropriate attorneys can advise you on ways that you can publicly clear your name, and they may also be persuasive with law enforcement and district attorneys to get criminal charges filed against the stalking cult leader and the cult’s followers. They may also be able to build a case for a lawsuit against the cult leader and the cult’s followers and give you the pros and cons of filing a lawsuit against the cult leader and the cult’s followers.
  8. If social media sites are being used by the cult leader and the cult’s followers to troll you, defame you, and threaten you, file regular complaints with the social media site and see if you can enlist the help of others to file complaints as well to try to get the cult leader and cult’s followers at least temporarily banned.
  9. If search engines come up with horrific defamation against you, explore these options:
    — Contact the search engines directly to get them to remove the defamation; it’s a long shot, but worth pursuing.
    — Beware of companies that charge thousands of dollars to remove or make difficult to find defamatory statements against you; they may work, but if your cultist stalker is technologically savvy they can hack or otherwise skew search results and all your money and time will be wasted.
    — Working with an attorney (yes, it’s going to cost money), write up a truthful and well-documented website that clears your name and describes what the cult leader and the cult’s followers have been doing. You may also have to pay additional money with a web hosting company to boost your website’s visibility, and they can also advise you on key words that will help your website obtain higher visibility on search engines.
  10. Contact the media to see if someone will report on what you’re experiencing from the cult leader and the cult’s followers.
  11. Some states are notoriously bad about not enforcing written laws even if you’re being death threatened. In some extreme cases, you may need to move out of your county or out of your state to find a safe place to live and work.

Recovering From Being Stalked by a Cultist:

In your worst, most distressed moments, remind yourself that you’re not the crazy one, that you are certainly not alone in your experience, that you have a basic human right to speak up against wrong, that you have value and worth as a human being, and that you have the power to choose to make yourself a stronger person and help others going through the same or similar adversity.

  1. If you’re battling with suicidal ideas, reach out to the suicide hotline by dialing 988! Don’t give your stalkers that power over you. They are more afraid of the power of truth you have than you realize — that’s why they’re trying to silence you! Choose life and choose strength!
  2. Practice healthy self-care by taking the TIME to find and surround yourself with a good network of supportive, non-toxic people. You don’t need a big crowd — just a few people you can take the TIME to develop healthy relationships with so as to be a benefit to yourself and to them. Practice gratitude for the good things you do have in life.
    — Limit your time on social media, since studies have shown that too much social media involvement tends to make people depressed or worsen already existing depression.
    — Reject negative self-talk stemming from guilt or self-recrimination, especially if you left what you came to realize was an abusive cult/high demand group. Learn and practice self-encouragement!
    — Find enjoyable activities and hobbies such as volunteering, gardening, various art forms, exercise classes, etc.
    — Develop healthy eating practices, healthy exercise habits, and healthy breathing exercises.
    — Don’t isolate yourself, but also don’t make yourself a self-absorbed pest by over-sharing with others since a lot of other people are going through their own sets of difficulties. Part of good self-care is learning compassion for others and developing good listening skills.
    — Practice quality alone time to process your thoughts and feelings, perhaps by journaling, listening to music, exercising, or just chillin’.
  3. I offer on my book website’s blog various tips on financial recovery from being stalked-through-the-courts by a cult leader and the cult’s followers (or any other abusive litigant) —
  4. Be realistic. Being targeted by a stalking cultist, or any other kind of stalker, is similar to the trauma of being diagnosed with a serious illness, being in a war, or experiencing other kinds of significant trauma.
    — Accept the reality you’ll have to practice a certain level of vigilance most likely for many years and possibly for the rest of your life, but you can learn to practice vigilance while still choosing to enjoy every good thing in life.
    — Expect to have emotionally tumultuous days due to triggers, flashbacks, nightmares, or who-knows-what-or-why. In one sense you will never fully “recover” who you used to be before the trauma hit, but you can become a stronger, more assured, and more compassionate person.
  5. Read books and articles about other people who have survived even worse situations than your stalking experience so that you can gain insight into how they coped, survived, and thrived. These resources can help you in your resolution to practice good self-care, practice gratitude, and reject destructive self-talk especially when the inevitable distressing emotional storms hit.

I know from watching the stats on the global locations of viewers of my websites that Atlanta, where my cult leader stalking brother Ken Parks lives, shows up quite often. So, knowing my brother Ken and his obsessive stalking tactics as I do, I have no doubt he reads my blog regularly. Out of necessity, my husband and I and our friends have for many years had to keep a regular check on Ken’s Facebook accounts and his other online activities, as any stalked victim will tell you becomes a necessary task to take on for safety sake. Ken has admitted for years that he knows we, our friends, and some of his other stalked victims monitor his online activities because of his many threats, defamations, and incitement of his cult followers to harass us.

So, then, lo and behold, a mere two weeks after I posted my blog article about steps people can take to financially recover from the legal fees paid out to get rulings against an abusive litigant, Ken posted up photos of himself living the high life on a Mediterranean cruise, without a financial care in the world and with a “catch me if you can” taunt in defiance of the court orders for him to pay us the nearly $250,000.00 in judgments against him. All this after he’s perjured himself multiple times in civil courts, bankruptcy court, and federal courts (all public records) that he’s “infirm” and “bedridden,” and ever so poor and that he only has a mere $20.00 left each month after all of his expenses. All this too, after he has perjured himself and provided false, fraudulent filings in his divorce case with his second wife in which he fails to list his bank accounts, and he most certainly does not list his under-the-table income (such as possibly making money on child porn with nine email accounts registered in his name that have variations of “kidsx” in the account names???). On top of that, and in his typical money-is-my-god manner, he’s actually petitioning the divorce court to order his verifiably disabled second wife to pay him alimony!

All the while, Ken continues to write ad nauseam his unending hypocritical screeds against “church businesses” and wealthy “fake” pastors. This from the fraud who, two days after filing for bankruptcy in 2019 to avoid our efforts to collect on our judgments against him, published on his public Facebook account “Real Christians never file for bankruptcy” and “Real Christians pay their debts.” Take that as his admission that he knows he’s not a real Christian, which confirms that all his Bible quotes and religious jargon are scam tactics he enjoys using on “stupid Christians,” as I’ve witnessed him so lovingly refer to them. The sad thing is, every time he dupes Christians into believing him and giving him donations after they fall for his religious jargon, his fraudulent use of the title “pastor,” and his lie about being “persecuted” by me and his other victims, he confirms that there are very unwise and gullible Christians in the world who make themselves easy prey for his con game.

Ken claimed in his Facebook posts that this latest trip (yes, he’s taken multiple foreign and domestic trips for several years, including during his bankruptcy proceedings) was his birthday present to himself. But if he had planned this Mediterranean cruise some months back — and he may have — it seems more likely that he would have scheduled to take the cruise during the time that actually included his birthday, not a week after his birthday. Cruises can be booked even as late as the day before the cruise begins, so it might be more likely — if Ken actually was on a Mediterranean cruise — that he immediately booked this trip during one of his typical flaming rages as he reacted to my blog post describing how he has failed in his “mission” to permanently damage our finances. I have a lifetime of experience that makes me conclude that when it comes to my brother Ken’s obsession for me that not much is mere coincidence. I also have a lifetime of witnessing on more occasions than I care to remember my brother Ken flinging himself into his vein-popping rages when any of his malevolent “missions” weren’t “accomplished.” So, knowing my brother Ken as I do, more likely than not he reacted by “getting back” at me for my blog article by publishing posts that, he hoped, would throw in our faces his ability to use all of his unaccountable (and most likely illegal) income to defy the court orders and put himself on a Mediterranean cruise, instead of paying the judgment amount he owes us. And there we go back to his own publicized statements: “Real Christians pay their debts.”

Of course, it isn’t completely certain that Ken really was on a Mediterranean cruise, since he’s been known to photoshop all kinds of things. For example, at one time he narcissistically published one of his photoshopped headshots onto a photo of the Times Square building to make it appear that he’s famous. All the same, it wouldn’t surprise me if Ken has plenty to spare from all his unaccountable (and most likely illegal) sources of income to take all the trips he’s boasted about taking for many years.

Why, might someone ask, would Ken throw a rage over my blog article describing our success in our financial recovery efforts? The answer goes back to Ken’s online posts and his previous website articles in which he boasted that the only reason he files his lawsuits is to deliberately cost his victims, and me in particular, the money to hire attorneys to get his meritless and defamatory lawsuits dismissed. By boastfully admitting as much he’s also inadvertently admitting that he has knowingly and deliberately filed defamatory and completely untrue claims in his lawsuits against me and my husband (nine total), against his ex-wife and her second husband (approximately a dozen), and against a church, so as to stalk me and all his other victims through the court system and “punish” his “enemies” with the intention of trying to cause permanent financial damage. His own published admissions were part of the evidence that helped us obtain judgments and permanent state and federal injunctions against him and have him permanently deemed an abusive litigant.

Fifty years ago, the sum total of all that my brother Ken has done in and out of courts and online for the past few decades would have landed him in prison in a snap, and most likely would have also resulted in him being diagnosed a psychopath (not a psychotic) and permanently committed into a mental hospital. But, legislatures have done away with mental hospitals and permanent commitment laws, and despite us getting paper wins declaring the obvious truths about my brother, as any victim/survivor of crime will tell you, it is a rare occurrence when our courts actually enforce justice against bad actors.

Ken’s brazen and immensely hypocritical posts yet again prove my point about the unjust message our broken courts send to criminals and to their victims. I’ve known of divorced women struggling financially who can’t ever get alimony or child support from their deadbeat ex-husbands, and those dirtbag men flaunt far and wide about their vacations and their expensive purchases, shoving their defiance against court orders in the faces of their struggling ex-wives and children. They know the court system is broken, that they’ll never face just consequences, and they take advantage of the corruption and impotency of our courts to the nth degree.

And so it is with my malevolent fraudulent “pastor” brother Ken Parks. As his divorce proceeds through the court, more likely than not he will be ordered to pay alimony to his verifiably disabled second ex-wife. When that happens, Ken will most likely go POOF and disappear, as he has in years past such as when he was being investigated for the crime of child abuse. He’ll most likely use one of his devious brothers, abusive sons (the apples didn’t fall far from the tree), or his cult followers to sign a rental lease for him so he can hide from his responsibilities. And he’ll continue to spiritually and emotionally rape and slaughter as many souls as he latches onto.

My reaction to Ken’s latest escapade? I for one continue to believe that there is more to life than just this life, and that we are all accountable before God for how we live the gift of life He gives us. For decades, Ken has continued to lustfully enjoy his momentary paradise of duping “stupid Christians,” of exerting intrusive power and control over his stalked victims, scheming and accomplishing doing damage to people because of the sick enjoyment he gets doing that, and ever-so energetically pursuing through illegal and immoral means his decades-long declared goal of being “rich, famous, and feared!” as he defies court orders and defies the words of the very Bible he obsessively colors, underlines, and quotes to fraudulently promote himself as a “pastor,” “prophet,” and “preacher of the Word.” Ken obsessively, lustfully, and ecstatically seeks to create a hell on earth for anyone and everyone he targets, as if he’ll live forever in his perverted paradise. But in the end it’s the eternity of tormenting hell he’ll face for his wasted, pointless, and unrepentant evil life. Based on such things as Ken’s own brazen published statements on “Real Christians,” I have reason to believe Ken knows he’s on the road to hell and, knowing as much, he continues to feed his anger at God because God refuses to be his slave. Therefore, Ken continues his obsessive, raging determination to destroy every good person and every good thing that he can target. I know some people have concluded that Ken is demonically possessed and that he gives every indication he wants to stay that way because he’s addicted to the deceptive sense of power he’s obtained in exchange for his own soul. Whatever the cause is regarding the tragic situation with my brother Ken, his words and actions very much seem to indicate he enjoys taunting and sticking it to God, such as when he publishes his boasts of trips and expensive purchases while he causes financial damage to his victims and lies in court about being so poor and physically incapacitated (after he’s sworn to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, “so help me, God”). In reality, he’s only been sticking it to himself.

My husband and I are grateful for the financial recovery we’ve been able to achieve and are still slowly achieving by taking investment risks and doing extra hard work we normally would have never engaged in had we not been hit so hard by my brother’s deliberate and blasphemous malevolence against us. And we’re happy to pass along whatever tips we can to help out others who’ve been hit with especially malicious financial damage, such as paying for the necessary legal fees to put a stop to an abusive litigant’s tactics. But if we were to never make another red cent, or lose all that we have, then so be it. This temporary life is not my paradise. I’ll do my part to be a creative faithful steward (Mt. 25:14-30) in both material blessings and spiritual blessings that God has entrusted to me, come what may in this life. And as I do the work of a faithful steward, I’ll keep my eyes pinned on what’s eternal, trusting in God’s loving promises of justice, real restoration, rest and peace. I’ll take all that over a Mediterranean cruise any day!

I recently had to edit my book to remove former Tennessee state representative Scotty Campbell’s endorsement. About a month ago, his sexual harassment of one female intern in particular broke in the news, and only after it became public, presumably by the victim and her supporters, was Campbell forced to resign. Due to redistricting Rep. Campbell was no longer my representative, but the endorsement of my book that he made when he was my representative proved extremely problematic. Campbell’s outrageous and disturbing behavior toward women, his abuse of power, and his violation of trust as an elected representative of the people were directly antithetical to all that I wrote about in my book Fighting for Justice: Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order. I worked with my publisher recently to remove all traces of Campbell’s endorsement from my book.

As troubling as Campbell’s behavior was, what is even more disturbing is how the male-dominated Tennessee legislature mishandled his violation of the Tennessee General Assembly’s workplace harassment policy, a violation confirmed by the legislature’s ethics subcommittee. Campbell’s primary victim, a young female intern, was one of his neighbors in the apartment complex where many legislators and interns live while the legislature is in session. Once the intern filed her complaint of harassment against Campbell, efforts were made by legislative administrators to clean up Campbell’s mess as quietly as possible. Instead of demanding Campbell remove himself from the apartment complex at his own expense, Director of Legislative Administration Connie Ridley paid by credit card close to $10,000 to break the victim’s rental agreement, move the victim out of her apartment, pay for the victim to stay in a hotel, and pay to move the victim’s furniture to another location. All at taxpayers’ expense! Ridley also asked the victim not to tell anyone about Campbell’s sexual harassment violations. Isn’t that ever so ethical?!

House Speaker Cameron Sexton pulled a Sergeant Schultz on everyone by claiming he knew nothing about all the taxpayer dollars used to move the victim, and he tried to pan off this irresponsible, inexcusable, and utterly unethical tactic onto the ethics subcommittee. Once the victim filed her sexual harassment complaint against Campbell it became House Speaker Sexton’s duty and responsibility to get Campbell — not the victim — out of the legislature and out of the apartment complex, at Campbell’s own expense.

The intern was quoted as saying that although she appreciated the assistance to get her away from Campbell, “it feels as if they are trying to buy my silence.” Indeed. So, not only did former state representative Scotty Campbell violate everyone’s trust, but the violations of public trust extend to House Speaker Cameron Sexton, Director of Legislative Administration Connie Ridley, and the entirety of the legislature’s ethics subcommittee. And politicians wonder why so few people even bother to vote.

Quoting from Jason Vaughn, Media Coordinator for The Tennessee Conservative, May 3, 2023:
“The House Democratic Caucus released the following statement regarding the expenses:
‘The GOP supermajority believes in accountability for everyone – except themselves. Now, we learn they reportedly spent thousands of taxpayer dollars as a direct result of another embarrassing scandal involving a member of their leadership team.

‘Questions still requiring answers are: Who authorized these expenditures? Why were they not disclosed earlier? Were appropriate steps taken to protect the victim from further harm? Would earlier public disclosure of the conduct have better protected the victim and/or other women from exposure to a known threat to their safety?

‘Tennesseans deserve a full explanation of this latest abuse of power.’”

Tennessee’s citizens deserve better than this display of unethical behavior by our elected officials and legislative administrators. Tennessee taxpayers deserve to have former state representative Scotty Campbell reimburse us for the expense our legislators unethically paid out as hush money to his victim.


One thing that thrills the soul of every power-lusting abuser is to leave in their wake as much damage to their victims as they can.  The abuser may be an ex-partner or ex-spouse, a parent, a sibling, a cult or religious organization’s leader or followers, a co-worker, a boss, a neighbor, or a former friend.  

In my case, my abusers are my brothers.  One brother — a cult leader — is their ring leader, Ken Parks (aka, Max Parks, Pastor Max Parks).   For decades Ken has claimed to receive “dreams and visions” to “punish” his “enemies”, and for decades he has stalked, harassed, and death-threatened me and others.  One of his favorite tactics has been to abuse the court system to file nine lawsuits against me (always without an attorney).  Two of those cases were in probate court in which he and my three other abusive and mentally unstable brothers — all filing pro se / self-represented — sought to exhume and obtain possession of our deceased mother’s remains (but not our deceased father’s remains).  This is the sick extent of their abuse of the courts.  Permanent state and federal injunctions have thus far put a stop to my brother Ken Parks’ court weaponization tactics, and have sent a chilling warning to my other brothers (one of whom, in Connecticut, has been on a lawsuit spree for a number of years against all kinds of people).

Just as with other victims of abusive litigants who have related their own financially devastating experiences to me, my husband and I have tried every which way to collect the nearly $250,000 monetary judgments rendered against my brother Ken Parks (we’ve spent about $200,000 in actual legal fees and related expenses, and the court awarded us additional punitive monetary judgments against my brother Ken).  The fact of the matter is that our courts are completely broken in that they fail to force abusive litigants to pay restitution to their victims.  It is a sick joke perpetrated by our corrupted court system — a fact that abusive litigants such as my brother Ken Parks use to their full advantage against their victims.  My husband and I went so far as to file as third party intervenors earlier this year in my brother Ken’s divorce case against his second wife to try to get the divorce court judge to order my brother Ken to turn over his assets, but weighing the extent of time typical in divorce cases, the additional attorney fee expenses, my brother Ken’s long reputation of hiding assets and up and fleeing to parts unknown, and the fact that most judges refuse to exercise their duty to imprison anyone committing contempt of court orders, we decided to withdraw from my brother Ken’s divorce case.  He immediately posted on his public Facebook page some ridiculous nonsense that we withdrew from his divorce case because we were terrified of him.  Far from it — it was purely an economic and practical decision.

So how do victims of abusive litigants recover from the financial damage of paying attorneys to get dismissals, judgments, and injunctions against those abusive litigants?  The fact is, if you had never experienced being victimized and financially damaged by being forced to respond against an abusive litigant’s lawsuit, then you would most likely not even think to take extraordinary and even risky steps to obtain additional sources of income.  We certainly would not have pursued all kinds of especially riskier options to obtain additional income if we hadn’t been put through repeated litigation hell by my brother Ken.  But the bottom line is that victims of abusive litigants must take extraordinary steps if we are to achieve financial recovery from our defense fees, so here are some creative tips that can help in those efforts:

  1. Obtain additional employment or better paying employment.  It is no surprise that many victims who have been financially damaged by both an abusive litigant and our corrupted courts that give free rein to abusive litigants must financially recover by working a second or even a third job, or at least seek out a higher paying primary job.  Fortunately, the job market abounds in various kinds of open positions, and many of those positions offer decent pay, so this may be one way to help financially recover.  Also, there are opportunities online that can provide extra income for little time investment, so think about skills you have that you can market online, and seek out advice from others who have set up successful online businesses or found online employment.    
  2. Research various investment opportunities.  When the stock market plunged in 2020 due to the COVID panic, my husband and I jumped in the market, taking advantage of low stock prices.  As is typical in the cycle of the stock market, the bear market turned into a bull market and the amount of money we invested paid off — BIG!  We made over a 40% profit when we sold our stocks, which is atypical; most investments pay out about a 10% profit.  We also received a settlement from our former homeowners insurance company for their breach of contract when they failed to pay for our defense costs in the 2018 lawsuit my brother Ken Parks filed against us (his third abusive lawsuit).  Adding up our various investments, my part-time employment, ongoing book sales and interview payments, and the settlement we received from our former insurance company, we have recouped about half of the financial damage that we incurred paying attorneys to defend our innocence in the nine separate court actions my brother Ken harassingly filed against us.  Since the market has taken a downturn under the Biden administration, we are still holding onto some stocks in anticipation of the usual historic cycle of market recovery.  Many analysts advise that the current bear market has some good buys at low prices on stable stocks that are likely to regain their strength in the next bull market.  Timing is everything.  My advice in a bear market?  Many banks and credit unions offer free investment counseling for their members, so take advantage of that perk from your banking institution.  Talk to people who have long-term investment histories and whose research into market swings and stable companies can help you make the best possible investments, especially now that so many stock prices are low.   Also, one good thing about the current rising interest rates is that it is very safe to invest in certificates of deposit (CDs).  CDs offer opportunities to grow your money at no risk so that even a relatively small amount placed in at least a one-year CD can help you with your financial recovery plans. 
  3. Rent out a room, finished basement, or, if you’re financially able, purchase real estate to flip or use as a rental.  Towns and counties may have different regulations on renting out space in your home, so if you’re able to rent a room or finished basement check first on any and all requirements. Check also with your homeowners insurance company about obtaining additional coverage.  Working with a realtor can be a great help on all those particulars as well as helping you write up a rental agreement and doing a credit check on potential renters.  We’re friends with someone who has been renting out her fully finished basement for years to travel nurses, and doing so has been a great financial help to her. 
  4. Sell unwanted items or crafts online or in yard sales.  I know and have heard of people who make a comfortable living selling flipped flea market items, their own unused personal items, or craft items, or a combination of all these things.  Our own yard sales selling off excess items we just didn’t need or want have been a great benefit to us.
  5. Do crowdfunding or have a fundraiser.  These can be successful based on your network of friends and family, and your friends and family’s network of people they know.  I know of other victims of cult leaders who were maliciously and meritlessly sued by those cult leaders’ because the truth of their illegal or immoral actions were publicized to warn the public about these cultists.  Crowdfunding definitely helped offset the expense of the victims’ legal fees defending their free speech rights.  I also know of victims of domestic abuse who likewise have used crowdfunding to pay for their legal fees against their abuser weaponizing the court system.    
  6. Move to a less expensive location.  People often ask me why we moved from Connecticut to Tennessee and I tell them, “We were fed up with high crime, high corruption, and high taxes.”  In our particular case when we moved to Tennessee about ten years ago we saved about $13,000 in combined state and local taxes in just one year.  Since the tax rates are even higher now in Connecticut, those savings have multiplied quite nicely.  Had my brother Ken not been committing the crimes of stalking, harassment, and issuing death threats against us in a leftist corrupt state that has and continues even more so to aid and abet criminals, we may still be living there for the simple emotional reason that my husband and I were both born and raised in that state.  We still miss the beauty of Connecticut and all New England, but it would take dramatic political changes to ever coax us back there.  Due to the fact that so many people are quite literally fleeing corrupt leftist states to states like Tennessee, our current home has been our greatest investment because it has risen in value significantly.  Homes in many parts of Tennessee are generally now more expensive than in Connecticut because of the influx of so many people from other states, thus resulting in a housing shortage and rising house prices.  We have no intention of selling our home at this point, and no one knows what the housing market may be like even a year from now, but if the current upward trend continues and we decide at some point to sell our house we stand to fully recoup all the attorney fee costs we incurred getting the dismissals, injunctions, and judgments against my brother Ken, and have plenty to spare as well.  There are many conservative states that generally uphold the rule of law that have lower priced houses and rentals, so if you own a home in a more expensive state that has problems with crime, corruption, and high taxes, and you can sell your house at a profit or at least break even, consider moving.  Especially if you’re renting in a high cost state, consider moving to a lower cost state to help in your financial recovery efforts.  Also, moving may offer you escape from your lawsuit-filing stalker (unfortunately, moving will probably not stop an aggressively obsessive stalker, such as my brother Ken Parks has proved to be), but in any case consider moving to a lower cost state or lower cost region within a state that offers you better laws and better law enforcement against abusive litigants, such as Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.  There’s no guaranteed paradise anywhere, but some states are definitely better than other states.
  7. Get rid of unnecessary and frivolous expenditures.  These can be apps on phones, streaming providers, subscriptions, prepared food packages, frequent dining out or ordering food from restaurants, etc.  Figure out what you can cut back on and live without, learn to be a savvy consumer, and live frugally.  These practices can provide you with significant savings over the long run.       

With some degree of creativity, good advice and research, and determination, we can defeat and recover from the malicious actions of lawsuit-obsessed abusive litigants.  So stick it to them, fellow survivors!  Your success in recouping your financial losses wrenches power and control away from your abuser!   

In a week long continuing education conference for attorneys, judges, and law school students this past January, the Tennessee Bar Association discussed, among other topics, the problem with abusive civil actions (   Monday, January 23rd’s afternoon session featured discussion of two cases of abusive litigation, one of which was the abusive lawsuit filed by my cult leader brother Ken Parks, aka Ken Max Parks, Max Parks, Pastor Ken Max Parks, Pastor Max, etc., (Click here to see the TBA educational presentation ; Click here to see Judge Stanley’s ruling and supporting documentation ).  

Included in the 2023 TBA’s continuing education conference in their Monday, January 23rd presentation was my brother Ken Parks’ 2018 Washington County, Tennessee, meritless claim against me and my husband and Judge Jean Stanley’s order designating him to be an abusive litigant, placing a 6-year pre-filing injunction against him, and ordering him to pay attorney fees.  As a side note, in 2020 we were awarded a permanent pre-filing injunction and civil contempt of court decrees against my brother Ken Parks because of his defiance of this 2018 court order when he continued to file lawsuits (always self-represented) not only against us but against our attorneys in three states, the judges in three states, and against a federal judge as well; that lawsuit was dismissed with pre-filing restrictions by Georgia Northern District Federal Court Judge Eleanor Ross in 2021.

For the past few years we have been in contact with the Tennessee Bar Association, and especially with their liaison to the Tennessee legislature, and we have obtained their full support that our legislators and our judges need to do more so as to prevent the financial damage caused by abusive litigants (who usually file pro se / self-represented as my brother Ken Parks does).  The tragic and sick-joke reality of decreed monetary awards is that the courts very rarely order a specific payment plan that the losing party must adhere to in order to pay restitution to the innocent party or face prison time until they do repay their victims.  The attorneys we’ve spoken to and worked with in the Tennessee Bar Association likewise support our efforts to get judges to screen every pro se lawsuit for merit and issue an immediate dismissal without need of the opposing party even being notified of the lawsuit or filing any motion to dismiss the lawsuit (this is called a sua sponte ruling in which the judge takes the initiative to dismiss a case without motions needed by the parties).  A few “old school” judges we’ve spoken to uphold the dignity, integrity, and fairness of the court system by doing just that so as to prevent abusive, meritless lawsuits from ever going forward and causing intended harm to innocent parties named in the lawsuit.  

I cannot emphasize this enough:  Victims must continue to speak up about the hell and abuse they’ve been put through not only by their mentally unstable abuser but also by an enabling court system that their abuser weaponizes to cause financial and emotional abuse, as well as potentially endangering their victims, their victims’ attorneys, and the entire court staff.  Making a difference by consistently raising our voices may take years, but, as in the case of this year’s TBA session highlighting the abusive and meritless nature of my brother Ken Parks’ lawsuit against me and my husband, our voices can make an impact.  So keep up the good fight!

This year’s Tennessee Bar Association’s continuing education session on abusive civil actions would have been more thorough in its discussion of the problem of abusive litigants if the presenters had included the cold hard reality that it is virtually impossible for parties awarded monetary judgments to collect those monies from abusers.  What should have also been discussed is the duty and responsibility all judges have to exercise sua sponte dismissals of obviously meritless lawsuits or at bare minimum impose a bond requirement on suspected abusive litigants that would cover innocent defendants’ legal fees.  Nonetheless we will update our legislators regarding the TBA session on abusive civil actions as we continue our efforts to strengthen Tennessee’s Abuse of Civil Action law on these issues, as well as creating a state-wide abusive litigant list so that abusive litigants cannot defy court orders by filing subsequent lawsuits in other counties.

In a related topic to damage done to victims of abusive litigation, I will discuss in my next blog the creative and successful ways that victims of abusive litigants can financially recover their legal expenses after their abusers have weaponized the court system.   

This month I participated in a conference in Knoxville, Tennessee that gave voice to about a dozen or so survivors of abusive religious groups and human trafficking.  One might think that cults and human trafficking are entirely different issues, but religiously based manipulation is often found in human trafficking situations.  The victims/survivors who detailed their experiences at this conference are proof of the twisted interconnectedness between religious coercion and the selling of human bodies and souls.

Later this year I will attend and speak at another conference that addresses the problem of religious cults and other high demand, coercive groups.  My topic is “Stalked by a Cultist:  Fighting Back and Recovering.”  

I encourage anyone who has suffered through abuse of any kind, and especially abuse from a religious leader or group, to seek out resources to help in the long healing process.  Part of that healing process is gaining a voice to speak out against the common tactics of spiritually abusive leaders and their groups.  

As I wrote in my book, Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order, spiritually abusive leaders and their followers have mushroomed exponentially due to the Internet.  Before the Internet existed it usually took years and even decades for a cult leader to acquire a following, but with the Internet it takes mere days at most for cult leaders to attract desperately lonely and dangerously overly trusting people to believe every self-aggrandizing lie cult leaders spew with ease on the Internet.  This reality makes it all the more important and urgent that those of us who’ve been impacted by cult leaders and their followers sound the alarm loud and long to all who will listen.  Just as the Internet is used as a weapon by cultists and other scammers, those of us who truly care about other people and who fight for justice use the Internet to spread the documented truth about who the cultists are and the characteristics generally shared by all cultists so that they can be spotted in a heartbeat and avoided like the plague.

I’ve written in my book, I’ve written in my previous blog articles, and I’ve spoken out about all the abusive behavior and tactics that my cult leader brother Ken Parks (aka Max Parks, Pastor Max Parks) has done to me and to many others.  Attorneys advised me and my husband to speak out about the issues of public concern raised by my cultist brother’s religious scam tactics, and speak out in a legally protected way, as evident in my book and in my websites and  I will continue to encourage other victims/survivors of spiritually abusive cult leaders and their groups to seek out legal advice and speak out against the public menace of specifically named cult leaders and their groups.  Just like shining a light on cockroaches, we need to shine the light of documented evidence on these soul-destroyers and make them scatter into oblivion.  Doing so provides healing and gives purpose and meaning to the suffering these banes to society do to people. 

I must finish with a few words on the topic of forgiveness.  Oftentimes victims/survivors of spiritually abusive figures are told they must “forgive” their abuser in order to experience healing.  But there is a difference between forgiveness offered by a victim/survivor to those who prove their apologies by long-term actions that demonstrate their sorrow versus a victim/survivor letting go and refusing to be controlled emotionally by a shamelessly recalcitrant abuser.  Forgiveness is neither required nor necessary when the abuser has no shame over the wrongs they’ve done to others.  Forgiveness should never be confused with refusing to give any more head space to what our abusers have done (or even continue to do).  Healing can still occur without forgiveness.  Healing occurs by refusing to allow spiritual abusers, or any other kind of abuser, to emotionally control us.  Abusers are addicted to controlling others.  Starving abusers of the control they seek over our emotions puts us in control.  Yes, we may still have to deal with the stalking, the defamation, the threats, and all levels of harassment that abusers typically put all their energies into doing against their targets (“enemies!”).  And yes, more likely than not we’ll have to continue to deal with our reports of our abusers’ crimes being ignored by law enforcement.  But we can control our perspective and how we respond emotionally to abusers’ words and actions.  It’s not a matter of denying reality but of realistically keeping a check on our emotional response to the control tactics our abuser unleashes at us.  Refusing to allow abusers to manipulate our emotions takes practice and persistence, but I can assure you from personal experience that controlling emotional reactions to what abusers do and say does become easier over time.   

So don’t let anyone guilt you by insisting you must “forgive” a spiritual abuser or any other abuser.  Speak the truth fearlessly so as to prevent others from being taken in by your abuser, and bring meaning and purpose to your experience by encouraging other abuse victims/survivors to likewise speak out.  The truth is on our side, and truth is the one thing that terrifies abusers.     

Last year a legislative liaison attorney from the Tennessee Bar Association worked hard to try to advance our state-wide Abusive Litigant List bill, and many other good bills, and to persuade the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to give their thumbs up to our supportive legislators. With little explanation, the AOC has shown itself fairly complacent despite the need for judicial reforms and despite similar judicial reforms being enacted in other Red and Blue states. This attorney advised us to contact Tennessee’s judges directly and advocate for their support for our state-wide Abusive Litigant List bill and express the need for judicial reform policies in general regarding blatantly abusive lawsuits filed by pro se litigants.

My husband and I waited until after the November 2022 elections to put this attorney’s advice into effect. In the meantime, our area was also redistricted so that we have a new representative. Both our former representative and our new representative are supportive of our judicial reform efforts, but they, as do undoubtedly other good legislators, receive less than enthusiastic responses from Tennessee’s Administrative Office of the Courts on any bills dealing with judicial reform. Nonetheless, we will continue to forge ahead with our statewide Abusive Litigant list bill until it becomes a reality.

In January 2023 we sent letters to circuit court judges throughout Tennessee. We have received some very positive responses from “old school” judges who likewise recognize a problem with their fellow judges allowing abusive litigants’ meritless lawsuits to go forward. These judges, and a few other judges we’ve spoken to previously, have assured us that they take their roles and duties seriously and they have a practice of ensuring that no one will abuse the court system as a means of harassment against innocent people. Some of these judges informed us that they have a good working relationship with their court clerks to “flag” pro se litigants’ lawsuits that look suspiciously abusive. When those court clerks bring those lawsuit filings to the judge and the judge finds them to be utterly lacking in valid claims, these judges exercise their sua sponte right by instantaneously dismissing those lawsuits on the spot or not even allowing those lawsuits to be filed in the first place. (Sua sponte is the Latin term for judges’ right to dismiss or make other rulings on court filings without any party asking for such rulings.) Most importantly, the intended victim/defendants are spared the emotional and financial burden that the abusive pro se litigant intended to cause them if their meritless lawsuits were allowed to proceed.

This is the course of action that every judge should be practicing in their role and responsibility as court managers. The sole reason why the number of meritless, abusive lawsuits filed by pro se litigants (and by unscrupulous attorneys) have increased exponentially in the last few decades is because so many judges are failing to exercise their sua sponte right to instantaneously review and dismiss utterly meritless lawsuits, as judges of previous generations once did out of profound respect for the fairness of our court system. Couple that with the fact that this same large “new generation” of judges never enforce their judgments with required court-ordered payment plans against the abusive litigants and it becomes quite evident that these judges genuinely do not care about the financial damage being done to innocent victims of abusive litigants. Sitting on the bench becomes nothing but a job with a nice paycheck and undeserved prestige.

The feedback we’ve received from competent, conscientious “old school” judges regarding the problem of abusive pro se litigants is encouraging, and our intention is to obtain their continued support in our efforts with our legislators to see a state-wide Abusive Litigant List bill enacted. Other judicial reforms are needed as well, such as the need for judges to order pro se litigants suspected of filing an abusive or meritless lawsuit to pay an upfront bond that, in the likely event that the pro se litigants lose their cases, the bond money will repay innocent defendants’ attorney fees and any other expenses ordered by the court. If judges won’t order suspected abusive pro se litigants to pay an upfront bond, then judges need to order mandatory payment plans attached to judgments against abusive pro se litigants so that innocent defendants can receive fair and just compensation for the expense of getting the abusive pro se litigants’ cases dismissed. The reality about judgments is that they are generally worthless pieces of paper that only confirm to the abusive pro se litigant his or her success in causing a specific amount of financial damage. Judgments without enforcement are a sick joke on innocent victims of abusive pro se litigants.

So many of our country’s courts are abysmal, corrupt hell-holes of injustice. They were made that way by apathetic, incompetent, morally bankrupt attorneys who became judges. At some point I hope to see conscientious judges conducting seminars for other judges and for law school students about much needed judicial reforms. At these seminars I hope to see victims of abusive pro se litigants given a chance to speak so that we can show judges, attorneys, and law school students the faces of real people who have been financially devastated not only by pro se litigants’ successful weaponization of the court system, but by the judges who have failed to exercise their right and duty to ensure fairness and justice in our courts. So then, what is needed is for more victims of abusive litigation to contact judges directly and tell them the detrimental impact they’ve experienced because too many judges are failing to exercise their duty and their rights as court managers to practice instantaneous sua sponte reviews and dismissals of blatantly abusive lawsuits. We must make our voices heard about these very preventable injustices to our legislators and to our judges — both of whom receive their paychecks from our tax dollars.

On January 12, 2023, former Department of Justice FBI agent Nicole Parker wrote an opinion article for Fox News titled “Why I left the FBI” ( She recounts the decline of training standards, unethical and illegal behavior, and the brazen politicization of too many FBI agents.

On January 16, 2023, the Daily Wire wrote an article on the efforts of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Head of the House’s Judiciary Committee, to investigate the DoJ’s “weaponization” of its powers to unconstitutionally surveil U.S. citizens,“purge” out politically conservative DoJ agents, and remove agents from investigating child sex trafficking and place those agents into investigations against private and public conservative figures ( The article cites the “multitude” of FBI and other DoJ whistleblowers confirming the unconstitutionality and even illegality of leftists within the department determined to abuse their power to surveil, intimidate, seize property, interfere in elections, and even arrest individuals who, all evidence thus far indicates, never committed any crimes.

Attorney General Merrick Garland approved surveillance and intimidation tactics against the Loudoun County, Virginia parents who were rightfully angry at the “woke” agenda in their public schools. Garland outrageously designated these parents “domestic terrorists”. The Loudoun County school board and school officials enabled and attempted to cover up the rapes of two teenage girls in the girls’ lavatories by a teenage biological male claiming to be a trans girl. The school district shifted this rapist from one high school to another (where he raped a second teenage girl in the girls’ lavatory), which is no different than church leaders of various denominations who shifted sexual predator “pastors” from one parish to another. Yet Garland’s response? FBI counterterrorism agents were stationed around school board meetings and FBI helicopters flew overhead around the parents. Our tax dollars hard at work. No wonder conscientious DoJ FBI agents are speaking out against the injustices of the “Justice” Department.

I have witnessed firsthand the politicization and outright corruption of the DoJ. Starting in 2004 when I still lived in Connecticut, on the advice of a police officer who obtained an arrest warrant against my brother for harassing me, I reported to FBI agents clear evidence of federal cyber crimes and stalking crimes committed by my brother, a cult leader based in Georgia. I presented plenty of evidence of my brother’s crimes to FBI agents in Connecticut, Georgia, and yet again in Tennessee after we moved from Connecticut. At one point prior to our move to Tennessee, my husband and I traveled from Connecticut to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006 to meet with an assistant U.S. attorney to present increasingly more evidence of my brother’s serious federal crimes, only to be met with that assistant U.S. attorney slamming his fist down on the table and yelling at us, “Yes, he’s breaking the law, but we’re not going to put out the money to do anything about it!” A few years later we received the same response by yet another assistant U.S. attorney in New Haven, Connecticut after more incidents of my brother’s federal crimes against us.

On the advice of victim advocates we moved from Connecticut in 2013. A few years ago, one of our attorneys uncovered multiple email accounts presumably belonging to my cult leader brother, nine of which had variations of “kidsx” in the email account names. For the record, we yet again reported to the Tennessee FBI office these suspicious email accounts presumably belonging to my brother and urged them to investigate to confirm if these email accounts did truly belong to my brother and, if they did, find out if he was using them to commit child pornography crimes. True to form, the FBI refused to investigate.

For many years my husband and I have dutifully and repeatedly reported evidence of all the federal crimes we knew or reasonably suspected my brother committed. At one point my brother actually admitted to an FBI cyber crimes agent that he was indeed committing crimes, but the FBI still did not arrest him. Shortly thereafter my brother boasted online that with a single phone call to the FBI he was able to easily sic their agents on a peaceful pro-life rally in Atlanta, apparently falsely reporting that he had inside knowledge that they were planning a terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood. Some of the participants of this pro-life rally were victims of my brother’s cyber crimes. My brother gleefully posted photos online of the FBI “putting out the money” to unleash helicopters and agents on the scene against people who were not breaking any laws, all the while as the FBI consistently refused to enforce federal laws for all the actual crimes my brother kept committing. The loud and clear message the FBI gave to my brother by refusing to enforce the law? Go ahead — stalk, terrorize, and commit as many crimes as you want to against innocent victims.

If you’re an anarchist who burns city streets, businesses, and federal buildings, or if you’re a pro-choice activist who vandalizes churches and pro-life pregnancy resource centers and threatens staff members at those centers and churches, you are pretty much guaranteed protection against arrest for those crimes. As former FBI agent Nicole Parker recalls, you can expect a disturbing number of FBI agents to take a knee for your cause. But if you are a religious or political conservative, or a libertarian who leans just a bit too much right of center, don’t be surprised if you come under the wrath of the FBI’s authoritarian tactics.

Will our legislators and our courts ever hold accountable those responsible in the DoJ for abusing their power, violating our rights, and destroying the foundational principles of our constitutional form of government? Time will tell. In the meantime, we need to keep speaking out against the DoJ’s injustices.


Despite all the pre-mid-term election hoopla about the Republicans taking both the House and Senate in one mighty slam-dunk and their promises to turn this country back to law and order, reality shows how pervasively radical leftist ideology has taken hold in our nation.  What the mid-term elections demonstrated is the sharp and dangerous divide in our country between those taken in by the utopian lies of the radical leftists (posing as “Democrats”) that have insidiously infected every local, state, and federal aspect of government and society for around forty years, and those who hold to our historical constitutional form of government and therefore support law and order and true democracy.  

It is a misnomer to call the radical leftists “Democrat.”  The etymology of the word democracy means “rule by the common people.”  That’s a far cry from what the U.S. Democratic Party has become with all of its government-centrist control policies.  But that’s not surprising.  Totalitarians excel at double speak.  I included an example of this fact in my book, Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order, when I wrote about the name “The People’s Republic of China.”  This horrible, destructive totalitarian regime has never been ruled for or by the Chinese people or as a republic.  Totalitarians always, without fail, deliberately misuse nice sounding words and slogans which are the very opposite of what their regimes really are.

After these mid-term elections and leading up to the 2024 presidential election we will see a worsening of rampant crime and destruction of human life and property in “Democrat” led cities and states, as well as in our federal government’s border policy.  We will see the worsening of radical leftist government overreach in the form of more raids on innocent people’s homes and businesses, and the arrest and prosecution of innocent victims who were forced to use completely legal deadly force to protect themselves, their homes, and their businesses against criminals emboldened by the radical leftists’ intentional anarchic refusal to enforce written laws.  In greater numbers, political conservatives who still reside in “Democrat” led states and are fed up with high taxes, high crime, and high corruption will refuse to gulp down the cultist Kool-Aid of radical leftist ideology and they will flee to less expensive and more law-abiding states run by Republicans.  This ongoing exodus from Blue states proves that Republicans are not out to destroy democracy, as radical leftists continue to claim.  No, anyone with half a brain can tell a tree by its fruit.  It has been and continues to be the radical leftists misusing the title “Democrats” who prove repeatedly to be the real threat to true democracy, as evidenced in the high numbers of people continuing to escape radical leftist “Democrat” states and cities, just as my husband and I did nine years ago when we fled Connecticut for Tennessee.

I wrote in my previous blog about how my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has in his typical deceptive schizoid manner claimed to be supportive of radical leftist ideas one minute, then in the next minute he just as easily does a complete flip-flop, depending on who he’s trying to deceive, with claims of his undying support for conservative causes.  In truth, he owes a great debt of gratitude to all the radical leftists who are in our “law enforcement” and our courts especially for the many decades of assaults, death threats, stalking, harassment, trespass, cyber crimes, etc., that he’s been given a free pass to commit against us and so many other people with little or no consequences.  Fifty or a hundred years ago, before radical leftist ideas defending criminals’ supposed “rights” at the expense of victims and society as a whole saturated so much of our court system, my brother Ken would have most certainly been arrested, convicted, and permanently committed into a mental hospital for all his destructively obsessive actions against people.  My brother Ken, like the majority of others who routinely violate the human and civil rights of others to live peacefully, knows our civil and criminal court system is badly broken and he uses that to his full advantage.  

So is the United States in the death throes, or is our nation resuscitated but in critical condition?  Maybe both are true, depending on each individual state.  One reaction I anticipate coming out of this disappointing mid-term election (disappointing for both Republicans and “Democrats”) is a stronger support for secessionism.  Both Republicans and “Democrats” have expressed their intentions to say good riddance to each other and form their own separate nations.  As a historian, I can say that this most likely will not occur peacefully.  Think of the 1947-48 creation of the nations of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India with enraged Muslims and Hindus attacking each other as they fled from one territory to the other due to their religious and cultural differences and I think that might give us a glimpse of what would happen if Red and Blue states broke free of a central government and individuals leaning in either direction fled from one region of the country to another due to stark and irreconcilable political, cultural, and religious ideologies.  The only other time our nation has been in such sharp division and turmoil was prior to and during the American Civil War.  Many people on both Red and Blue sides believe that another civil war looms inevitably in our future.  

Don’t think China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are unaware of what an unstable mess our country is in.  The dictators of those countries laugh at the U.S.’s pollyanna utopian radical leftists who have no concept of realpolitik.  These countries’ totalitarians rejoice to see radical leftists take over and weaken our government, military, and society for the short-sighted purpose of gaining more votes so they can have one party rule.  These dictators are particularly exuberant that the U.S. has a weak, mentally handicapped president, as Biden has so frequently proved himself to be.  

Dangers from within and dangers from without.  History doesn’t offer much hope to those nation states that collapsed into a moral morass like our country has.   Where crime and injustice ran rampant and victims were left to fend for themselves.  Where politicians aggressively pursued totalitarianism and lied as they made and broke their promises to the people.  Where other politicians seemed clueless for decades to the lawlessness around them, and then after the point of no return wailed loud and long about the collapse around them but lacked the determination or enough support to stop the spreading cancer.

It used to be that the United States was where refugees from totalitarian regimes fled to fulfill their natural yearnings to live without abusive government interference.  But now, where in the world do right-minded Americans flee to escape this anarchy, this insanity?  

Personally, to keep our sanity, my husband and I choose throughout each day to practice vigilance around our home and when we’re out and about.  It isn’t just because my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ threats still hang over our heads, but because even if he no longer posed a danger to us we live in an increasingly lawless society, even in a relatively conservative part of the country.  We are grateful for whatever blessings we have thus far, not knowing how long we will be able to enjoy them.  And we keep ourselves involved in local politics as well as apprised of what is happening in our legislatures so that we can actively participate in letting our state and federal representatives know in what ways we support them and in what ways they need to do better.  At this point it is all we can do.  None of us knows the timeline for whatever may end up happening to our country or to ourselves individually.  All we can do is stand tall and unwavering in our convictions.  As I often tell people, there is more to life than just this life, and the best revenge against an abuser — either an individual abuser or an abusive government — is to live a good life.   

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