This month I participated in a conference in Knoxville, Tennessee that gave voice to about a dozen or so survivors of abusive religious groups and human trafficking.  One might think that cults and human trafficking are entirely different issues, but religiously based manipulation is often found in human trafficking situations.  The victims/survivors who detailed their experiences at this conference are proof of the twisted interconnectedness between religious coercion and the selling of human bodies and souls.

Later this year I will attend and speak at another conference that addresses the problem of religious cults and other high demand, coercive groups.  My topic is “Stalked by a Cultist:  Fighting Back and Recovering.”  

I encourage anyone who has suffered through abuse of any kind, and especially abuse from a religious leader or group, to seek out resources to help in the long healing process.  Part of that healing process is gaining a voice to speak out against the common tactics of spiritually abusive leaders and their groups.  

As I wrote in my book, Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order, spiritually abusive leaders and their followers have mushroomed exponentially due to the Internet.  Before the Internet existed it usually took years and even decades for a cult leader to acquire a following, but with the Internet it takes mere days at most for cult leaders to attract desperately lonely and dangerously overly trusting people to believe every self-aggrandizing lie cult leaders spew with ease on the Internet.  This reality makes it all the more important and urgent that those of us who’ve been impacted by cult leaders and their followers sound the alarm loud and long to all who will listen.  Just as the Internet is used as a weapon by cultists and other scammers, those of us who truly care about other people and who fight for justice use the Internet to spread the documented truth about who the cultists are and the characteristics generally shared by all cultists so that they can be spotted in a heartbeat and avoided like the plague.

I’ve written in my book, I’ve written in my previous blog articles, and I’ve spoken out about all the abusive behavior and tactics that my cult leader brother Ken Parks (aka Max Parks, Pastor Max Parks) has done to me and to many others.  Attorneys advised me and my husband to speak out about the issues of public concern raised by my cultist brother’s religious scam tactics, and speak out in a legally protected way, as evident in my book and in my websites and  I will continue to encourage other victims/survivors of spiritually abusive cult leaders and their groups to seek out legal advice and speak out against the public menace of specifically named cult leaders and their groups.  Just like shining a light on cockroaches, we need to shine the light of documented evidence on these soul-destroyers and make them scatter into oblivion.  Doing so provides healing and gives purpose and meaning to the suffering these banes to society do to people. 

I must finish with a few words on the topic of forgiveness.  Oftentimes victims/survivors of spiritually abusive figures are told they must “forgive” their abuser in order to experience healing.  But there is a difference between forgiveness offered by a victim/survivor to those who prove their apologies by long-term actions that demonstrate their sorrow versus a victim/survivor letting go and refusing to be controlled emotionally by a shamelessly recalcitrant abuser.  Forgiveness is neither required nor necessary when the abuser has no shame over the wrongs they’ve done to others.  Forgiveness should never be confused with refusing to give any more head space to what our abusers have done (or even continue to do).  Healing can still occur without forgiveness.  Healing occurs by refusing to allow spiritual abusers, or any other kind of abuser, to emotionally control us.  Abusers are addicted to controlling others.  Starving abusers of the control they seek over our emotions puts us in control.  Yes, we may still have to deal with the stalking, the defamation, the threats, and all levels of harassment that abusers typically put all their energies into doing against their targets (“enemies!”).  And yes, more likely than not we’ll have to continue to deal with our reports of our abusers’ crimes being ignored by law enforcement.  But we can control our perspective and how we respond emotionally to abusers’ words and actions.  It’s not a matter of denying reality but of realistically keeping a check on our emotional response to the control tactics our abuser unleashes at us.  Refusing to allow abusers to manipulate our emotions takes practice and persistence, but I can assure you from personal experience that controlling emotional reactions to what abusers do and say does become easier over time.   

So don’t let anyone guilt you by insisting you must “forgive” a spiritual abuser or any other abuser.  Speak the truth fearlessly so as to prevent others from being taken in by your abuser, and bring meaning and purpose to your experience by encouraging other abuse victims/survivors to likewise speak out.  The truth is on our side, and truth is the one thing that terrifies abusers.     

Last year a legislative liaison attorney from the Tennessee Bar Association worked hard to try to advance our state-wide Abusive Litigant List bill, and many other good bills, and to persuade the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to give their thumbs up to our supportive legislators. With little explanation, the AOC has shown itself fairly complacent despite the need for judicial reforms and despite similar judicial reforms being enacted in other Red and Blue states. This attorney advised us to contact Tennessee’s judges directly and advocate for their support for our state-wide Abusive Litigant List bill and express the need for judicial reform policies in general regarding blatantly abusive lawsuits filed by pro se litigants.

My husband and I waited until after the November 2022 elections to put this attorney’s advice into effect. In the meantime, our area was also redistricted so that we have a new representative. Both our former representative and our new representative are supportive of our judicial reform efforts, but they, as do undoubtedly other good legislators, receive less than enthusiastic responses from Tennessee’s Administrative Office of the Courts on any bills dealing with judicial reform. Nonetheless, we will continue to forge ahead with our statewide Abusive Litigant list bill until it becomes a reality.

In January 2023 we sent letters to circuit court judges throughout Tennessee. We have received some very positive responses from “old school” judges who likewise recognize a problem with their fellow judges allowing abusive litigants’ meritless lawsuits to go forward. These judges, and a few other judges we’ve spoken to previously, have assured us that they take their roles and duties seriously and they have a practice of ensuring that no one will abuse the court system as a means of harassment against innocent people. Some of these judges informed us that they have a good working relationship with their court clerks to “flag” pro se litigants’ lawsuits that look suspiciously abusive. When those court clerks bring those lawsuit filings to the judge and the judge finds them to be utterly lacking in valid claims, these judges exercise their sua sponte right by instantaneously dismissing those lawsuits on the spot or not even allowing those lawsuits to be filed in the first place. (Sua sponte is the Latin term for judges’ right to dismiss or make other rulings on court filings without any party asking for such rulings.) Most importantly, the intended victim/defendants are spared the emotional and financial burden that the abusive pro se litigant intended to cause them if their meritless lawsuits were allowed to proceed.

This is the course of action that every judge should be practicing in their role and responsibility as court managers. The sole reason why the number of meritless, abusive lawsuits filed by pro se litigants (and by unscrupulous attorneys) have increased exponentially in the last few decades is because so many judges are failing to exercise their sua sponte right to instantaneously review and dismiss utterly meritless lawsuits, as judges of previous generations once did out of profound respect for the fairness of our court system. Couple that with the fact that this same large “new generation” of judges never enforce their judgments with required court-ordered payment plans against the abusive litigants and it becomes quite evident that these judges genuinely do not care about the financial damage being done to innocent victims of abusive litigants. Sitting on the bench becomes nothing but a job with a nice paycheck and undeserved prestige.

The feedback we’ve received from competent, conscientious “old school” judges regarding the problem of abusive pro se litigants is encouraging, and our intention is to obtain their continued support in our efforts with our legislators to see a state-wide Abusive Litigant List bill enacted. Other judicial reforms are needed as well, such as the need for judges to order pro se litigants suspected of filing an abusive or meritless lawsuit to pay an upfront bond that, in the likely event that the pro se litigants lose their cases, the bond money will repay innocent defendants’ attorney fees and any other expenses ordered by the court. If judges won’t order suspected abusive pro se litigants to pay an upfront bond, then judges need to order mandatory payment plans attached to judgments against abusive pro se litigants so that innocent defendants can receive fair and just compensation for the expense of getting the abusive pro se litigants’ cases dismissed. The reality about judgments is that they are generally worthless pieces of paper that only confirm to the abusive pro se litigant his or her success in causing a specific amount of financial damage. Judgments without enforcement are a sick joke on innocent victims of abusive pro se litigants.

So many of our country’s courts are abysmal, corrupt hell-holes of injustice. They were made that way by apathetic, incompetent, morally bankrupt attorneys who became judges. At some point I hope to see conscientious judges conducting seminars for other judges and for law school students about much needed judicial reforms. At these seminars I hope to see victims of abusive pro se litigants given a chance to speak so that we can show judges, attorneys, and law school students the faces of real people who have been financially devastated not only by pro se litigants’ successful weaponization of the court system, but by the judges who have failed to exercise their right and duty to ensure fairness and justice in our courts. So then, what is needed is for more victims of abusive litigation to contact judges directly and tell them the detrimental impact they’ve experienced because too many judges are failing to exercise their duty and their rights as court managers to practice instantaneous sua sponte reviews and dismissals of blatantly abusive lawsuits. We must make our voices heard about these very preventable injustices to our legislators and to our judges — both of whom receive their paychecks from our tax dollars.

On January 12, 2023, former Department of Justice FBI agent Nicole Parker wrote an opinion article for Fox News titled “Why I left the FBI” ( She recounts the decline of training standards, unethical and illegal behavior, and the brazen politicization of too many FBI agents.

On January 16, 2023, the Daily Wire wrote an article on the efforts of Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Head of the House’s Judiciary Committee, to investigate the DoJ’s “weaponization” of its powers to unconstitutionally surveil U.S. citizens,“purge” out politically conservative DoJ agents, and remove agents from investigating child sex trafficking and place those agents into investigations against private and public conservative figures ( The article cites the “multitude” of FBI and other DoJ whistleblowers confirming the unconstitutionality and even illegality of leftists within the department determined to abuse their power to surveil, intimidate, seize property, interfere in elections, and even arrest individuals who, all evidence thus far indicates, never committed any crimes.

Attorney General Merrick Garland approved surveillance and intimidation tactics against the Loudoun County, Virginia parents who were rightfully angry at the “woke” agenda in their public schools. Garland outrageously designated these parents “domestic terrorists”. The Loudoun County school board and school officials enabled and attempted to cover up the rapes of two teenage girls in the girls’ lavatories by a teenage biological male claiming to be a trans girl. The school district shifted this rapist from one high school to another (where he raped a second teenage girl in the girls’ lavatory), which is no different than church leaders of various denominations who shifted sexual predator “pastors” from one parish to another. Yet Garland’s response? FBI counterterrorism agents were stationed around school board meetings and FBI helicopters flew overhead around the parents. Our tax dollars hard at work. No wonder conscientious DoJ FBI agents are speaking out against the injustices of the “Justice” Department.

I have witnessed firsthand the politicization and outright corruption of the DoJ. Starting in 2004 when I still lived in Connecticut, on the advice of a police officer who obtained an arrest warrant against my brother for harassing me, I reported to FBI agents clear evidence of federal cyber crimes and stalking crimes committed by my brother, a cult leader based in Georgia. I presented plenty of evidence of my brother’s crimes to FBI agents in Connecticut, Georgia, and yet again in Tennessee after we moved from Connecticut. At one point prior to our move to Tennessee, my husband and I traveled from Connecticut to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006 to meet with an assistant U.S. attorney to present increasingly more evidence of my brother’s serious federal crimes, only to be met with that assistant U.S. attorney slamming his fist down on the table and yelling at us, “Yes, he’s breaking the law, but we’re not going to put out the money to do anything about it!” A few years later we received the same response by yet another assistant U.S. attorney in New Haven, Connecticut after more incidents of my brother’s federal crimes against us.

On the advice of victim advocates we moved from Connecticut in 2013. A few years ago, one of our attorneys uncovered multiple email accounts presumably belonging to my cult leader brother, nine of which had variations of “kidsx” in the email account names. For the record, we yet again reported to the Tennessee FBI office these suspicious email accounts presumably belonging to my brother and urged them to investigate to confirm if these email accounts did truly belong to my brother and, if they did, find out if he was using them to commit child pornography crimes. True to form, the FBI refused to investigate.

For many years my husband and I have dutifully and repeatedly reported evidence of all the federal crimes we knew or reasonably suspected my brother committed. At one point my brother actually admitted to an FBI cyber crimes agent that he was indeed committing crimes, but the FBI still did not arrest him. Shortly thereafter my brother boasted online that with a single phone call to the FBI he was able to easily sic their agents on a peaceful pro-life rally in Atlanta, apparently falsely reporting that he had inside knowledge that they were planning a terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood. Some of the participants of this pro-life rally were victims of my brother’s cyber crimes. My brother gleefully posted photos online of the FBI “putting out the money” to unleash helicopters and agents on the scene against people who were not breaking any laws, all the while as the FBI consistently refused to enforce federal laws for all the actual crimes my brother kept committing. The loud and clear message the FBI gave to my brother by refusing to enforce the law? Go ahead — stalk, terrorize, and commit as many crimes as you want to against innocent victims.

If you’re an anarchist who burns city streets, businesses, and federal buildings, or if you’re a pro-choice activist who vandalizes churches and pro-life pregnancy resource centers and threatens staff members at those centers and churches, you are pretty much guaranteed protection against arrest for those crimes. As former FBI agent Nicole Parker recalls, you can expect a disturbing number of FBI agents to take a knee for your cause. But if you are a religious or political conservative, or a libertarian who leans just a bit too much right of center, don’t be surprised if you come under the wrath of the FBI’s authoritarian tactics.

Will our legislators and our courts ever hold accountable those responsible in the DoJ for abusing their power, violating our rights, and destroying the foundational principles of our constitutional form of government? Time will tell. In the meantime, we need to keep speaking out against the DoJ’s injustices.


Despite all the pre-mid-term election hoopla about the Republicans taking both the House and Senate in one mighty slam-dunk and their promises to turn this country back to law and order, reality shows how pervasively radical leftist ideology has taken hold in our nation.  What the mid-term elections demonstrated is the sharp and dangerous divide in our country between those taken in by the utopian lies of the radical leftists (posing as “Democrats”) that have insidiously infected every local, state, and federal aspect of government and society for around forty years, and those who hold to our historical constitutional form of government and therefore support law and order and true democracy.  

It is a misnomer to call the radical leftists “Democrat.”  The etymology of the word democracy means “rule by the common people.”  That’s a far cry from what the U.S. Democratic Party has become with all of its government-centrist control policies.  But that’s not surprising.  Totalitarians excel at double speak.  I included an example of this fact in my book, Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order, when I wrote about the name “The People’s Republic of China.”  This horrible, destructive totalitarian regime has never been ruled for or by the Chinese people or as a republic.  Totalitarians always, without fail, deliberately misuse nice sounding words and slogans which are the very opposite of what their regimes really are.

After these mid-term elections and leading up to the 2024 presidential election we will see a worsening of rampant crime and destruction of human life and property in “Democrat” led cities and states, as well as in our federal government’s border policy.  We will see the worsening of radical leftist government overreach in the form of more raids on innocent people’s homes and businesses, and the arrest and prosecution of innocent victims who were forced to use completely legal deadly force to protect themselves, their homes, and their businesses against criminals emboldened by the radical leftists’ intentional anarchic refusal to enforce written laws.  In greater numbers, political conservatives who still reside in “Democrat” led states and are fed up with high taxes, high crime, and high corruption will refuse to gulp down the cultist Kool-Aid of radical leftist ideology and they will flee to less expensive and more law-abiding states run by Republicans.  This ongoing exodus from Blue states proves that Republicans are not out to destroy democracy, as radical leftists continue to claim.  No, anyone with half a brain can tell a tree by its fruit.  It has been and continues to be the radical leftists misusing the title “Democrats” who prove repeatedly to be the real threat to true democracy, as evidenced in the high numbers of people continuing to escape radical leftist “Democrat” states and cities, just as my husband and I did nine years ago when we fled Connecticut for Tennessee.

I wrote in my previous blog about how my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has in his typical deceptive schizoid manner claimed to be supportive of radical leftist ideas one minute, then in the next minute he just as easily does a complete flip-flop, depending on who he’s trying to deceive, with claims of his undying support for conservative causes.  In truth, he owes a great debt of gratitude to all the radical leftists who are in our “law enforcement” and our courts especially for the many decades of assaults, death threats, stalking, harassment, trespass, cyber crimes, etc., that he’s been given a free pass to commit against us and so many other people with little or no consequences.  Fifty or a hundred years ago, before radical leftist ideas defending criminals’ supposed “rights” at the expense of victims and society as a whole saturated so much of our court system, my brother Ken would have most certainly been arrested, convicted, and permanently committed into a mental hospital for all his destructively obsessive actions against people.  My brother Ken, like the majority of others who routinely violate the human and civil rights of others to live peacefully, knows our civil and criminal court system is badly broken and he uses that to his full advantage.  

So is the United States in the death throes, or is our nation resuscitated but in critical condition?  Maybe both are true, depending on each individual state.  One reaction I anticipate coming out of this disappointing mid-term election (disappointing for both Republicans and “Democrats”) is a stronger support for secessionism.  Both Republicans and “Democrats” have expressed their intentions to say good riddance to each other and form their own separate nations.  As a historian, I can say that this most likely will not occur peacefully.  Think of the 1947-48 creation of the nations of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India with enraged Muslims and Hindus attacking each other as they fled from one territory to the other due to their religious and cultural differences and I think that might give us a glimpse of what would happen if Red and Blue states broke free of a central government and individuals leaning in either direction fled from one region of the country to another due to stark and irreconcilable political, cultural, and religious ideologies.  The only other time our nation has been in such sharp division and turmoil was prior to and during the American Civil War.  Many people on both Red and Blue sides believe that another civil war looms inevitably in our future.  

Don’t think China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are unaware of what an unstable mess our country is in.  The dictators of those countries laugh at the U.S.’s pollyanna utopian radical leftists who have no concept of realpolitik.  These countries’ totalitarians rejoice to see radical leftists take over and weaken our government, military, and society for the short-sighted purpose of gaining more votes so they can have one party rule.  These dictators are particularly exuberant that the U.S. has a weak, mentally handicapped president, as Biden has so frequently proved himself to be.  

Dangers from within and dangers from without.  History doesn’t offer much hope to those nation states that collapsed into a moral morass like our country has.   Where crime and injustice ran rampant and victims were left to fend for themselves.  Where politicians aggressively pursued totalitarianism and lied as they made and broke their promises to the people.  Where other politicians seemed clueless for decades to the lawlessness around them, and then after the point of no return wailed loud and long about the collapse around them but lacked the determination or enough support to stop the spreading cancer.

It used to be that the United States was where refugees from totalitarian regimes fled to fulfill their natural yearnings to live without abusive government interference.  But now, where in the world do right-minded Americans flee to escape this anarchy, this insanity?  

Personally, to keep our sanity, my husband and I choose throughout each day to practice vigilance around our home and when we’re out and about.  It isn’t just because my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ threats still hang over our heads, but because even if he no longer posed a danger to us we live in an increasingly lawless society, even in a relatively conservative part of the country.  We are grateful for whatever blessings we have thus far, not knowing how long we will be able to enjoy them.  And we keep ourselves involved in local politics as well as apprised of what is happening in our legislatures so that we can actively participate in letting our state and federal representatives know in what ways we support them and in what ways they need to do better.  At this point it is all we can do.  None of us knows the timeline for whatever may end up happening to our country or to ourselves individually.  All we can do is stand tall and unwavering in our convictions.  As I often tell people, there is more to life than just this life, and the best revenge against an abuser — either an individual abuser or an abusive government — is to live a good life.   

I discuss in my book Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order that over the last few decades radical leftist ideology has been growing and infecting every aspect of our society and culture.  That’s what has led to the anarchy and explosive violent crime overtaking our country.  State and federal legislators from both political parties are to blame for this.  For decades Republicans have refused to read the ominous graffiti on the wall and have, with rare exception, jammed their heads up where the sun never shines.  During those same decades the Democratic party has been entirely taken over by anarchic radical leftists.  Some legislators who hold to totalitarian ideas found in radical leftism have seeped into the Republican party as well.

Case in point:  No other country in the world, except corrupt “third world” countries, has the kind of border crisis we have and the related problem of deadly drug and sex trafficking.  No other country, except corrupt “third world” countries, has the kind of unrestrained violence, vandalism, assault, rape, and murder that happens daily in our country.  No other country, except corrupt “third world” countries, has judges and district attorneys who refuse to jail or even prosecute dangerous criminals and keep them out of our communities.

And what is the response of our current administration?  Dementia-ridden “story teller” Biden ( ) and his puppet masters, such as U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin abuse their authority to demonize and violate the constitutional rights of border patrol agents, law enforcement officials, military personnel, and the common people.  Their lawlessness in refusing to enforce state and federal laws and encouraging others to violate those laws are impeachable offenses.

Case in point:  Throughout the latter half of 2020 radical leftists (Antifa and Black Lives Matter) demonstrated the same months-long destructive pattern of behavior as all other fascists and racists have always done (Antifa hypocritically means “anti-fascist”) by burning down cities’ private and public properties, including federal buildings.  Many of the neighborhoods they attacked were primarily occupied by Black people.  Rapes, assaults, and murders were all part of this anarchy.  And it was perfectly fine for Antifa to create its own force of armed agents to protect its strict border wall policy for its “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)” in Seattle, Washington, all the while screaming for open borders for our country (  Violent riots occurred for days in front of the White House, and police officers were injured.  

The InJustice Department’s response?  No major arrests.  The courts’ response?  Slaps on the wrist for the few violent criminals who were arrested.  Vice President Kamala Harris’ response?  Pour money into funds to pay the bail of violent anarchists.  Yet the January 6 incident at the Capitol, as incredibly stupid and wrong as it was, is being histrionically exaggerated by Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and other radical leftists as “an attack on Democracy worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor!”  One day of stupidity, in which the only person to have died was a female protester shot by a Capitol officer, versus months of violent destruction that resulted in death, injury, destruction of property, and economic collapse.  A tell tale sign of totalitarianism is when the powers-that-be self righteously and hypocritically prosecute one set of criminals who didn’t do much damage and yet refuse to arrest or prosecute those who murdered, raped, assaulted, destroyed entire swaths of cities, and called for the complete violent dismantling of our country’s laws and institutions.  All because the least violent didn’t share the same radical leftist ideology as the government officials who are paid by our tax dollars to enforce our laws fairly and equally.        

Case in point:  Since the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade and constitutionally placing abortion issues back into the power of the states to legislate — that is choose what the will of the states’ people democratically choose via election — multiple pro-life pregnancy centers and churches have been vandalized and their staff harassed and threatened.  Has the InJustice Department made any arrests? Nope ( ).  InJustice Department agents have confiscated video footage provided to them by pregnancy centers’ staff that identify the perpetrators, but the InJustice Department/FBI refuse to return the video evidence, and have made no arrests.  The pregnancy centers should have made copies of the videos before they handed that evidence off to the InJustice Department/FBI.  

This reminds me of my own experience with the InJustice Department/FBI.  My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks boasted in public social media posts that he hacks into email and social media accounts of his “enemies”, and he made numerous threats to safety against me and others.  My husband and I presented this evidence of my brother’s cyber crimes and other crimes to the FBI and to Injustice Department assistant U.S. attorneys, yet we could never get the laws enforced.  We were told, “Yes, your brother is breaking the law, but no, we’re not going to put out the money to arrest him.”  Yet during this same period of time, my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks made one single phone call in which he falsely reported to the FBI a “planned riot” by peaceful pro-life people at an event in Atlanta and lickety-split the InJustice Department/FBI “put out the money” to send out a squad of agents onto the streets of Atlanta, replete with FBI helicopters swarming over the peaceful pro-life event where no one was violating any state or federal laws. 

Some abortion facilities pay “volunteers” to counteract the presence of pro-life people exercising their constitutional free speech rights on public property near those abortion facilities.  Sometimes the abortion facilities’ paid “volunteers” have harassed, threatened, and even assaulted peaceful pro-life adults and their children (  Have local or federal authorities arrested the “pro-choice” abortion supporters who assaulted the peaceful pro-life people?  Of course not.  Instead the FBI “puts out the money” to send a SWAT team of armed agents to the home of the peaceful pro-life father who lawfully protected his son from the aggressive threatening behavior of an abortion facility’s supporter and arrest him on false charges of assault of that abortion supporter.  All this despite the fact that local authorities did not press any charges against this pro-life father, and despite the fact that the abortion supporter’s civil lawsuit against the pro-life father was dismissed in court ( ).  Regardless of your views on abortion, this is an extremely dangerous show of totalitarian abuse of power by the InJustice Department/FBI!       

Case in point: Parents in Loudon County, Virginia rightfully protested their school boards and school staff for promoting historically fallacious propaganda on race relations, and for allowing a “trans” rapist to attack and sexually assault girls in bathrooms designated for biological girls to use.  School course materials that parents saw for themselves during the COVID-19 school lockdowns incited their justifiable outrage at the perverse propaganda being forced on their children.  Their tax dollars paid the school staffs’ salaries, and they had every constitutional right to make their protests heard.  The school boards response?  They knew beyond any doubt that their comrades in the Injustice Department, namely U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland — who’s son-in-law is co-founder of a company that makes its money pushing Critical Race Theory propaganda on school systems — would come down hard on the parents.  How best to sum up the radical leftists viewpoint on all this?  “How dare those parents tell the school system what they thought best for their own children?!  Don’t they know that their children are the property of the state?!”  

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s response to the parents showing constitutionally-protected legitimate concerns for the schools’ lies and endangerment to their children’s psychological and physical well-being?  Why, he did the same thing the Atlanta InJustice Department/FBI did to the peaceful pro-life people at their peaceful and constitutionally-protected event.  Garland declared Loudon County, Virginia’s parents to be “domestic terrorists!” and he made sure to “put out the money” by ordering FBI helicopters to swarm over the houses of parents, as well as sending his FBI agents to harass and intimidate law-abiding parents concerned for the safety and education of their children — parents who exercised their constitutional rights to affirm they have control over their children’s best interests, not the school system and not the state.            

Case in point:  Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Replace Hunter Biden’s last name with Trump and I dare anyone to tell me you honestly think the InJustice Department/FBI would give a Trump family member the same free pass to commit all kinds of crimes as are found on the “laptop from hell” (  Copies of the laptop’s contents show undeniable and rampant profitable collusion with corrupt Russian, Ukrainian, and Chinese governments and businesses by Hunter Biden and his father “The Big Guy” Joe Biden.  But that’s okay!  Senile Joe Biden is a useful tool by the hidden and not-so-hidden radical leftist totalitarian power brokers in the Capitol, in the Injustice Department, in the Pentagon, in the SEC, in the CIA, and in the IRS, to name just a few.  

And let’s not forget Hilary Clinton’s server and smashed cell phones, and her role in the preventable Benghazi debacle and in the DNC’s Steele dossier scheme.  Replace Clinton’s name with Trump or DeSantis or Abbott and the InJustice Department/FBI and CIA would have already locked up such criminals bearing those names.  Maybe even carried out the death penalty against them.  And what do you suppose the InJustice Department/FBI has done with Jeffrey Epstein’s records naming all those influential “friends” (like Bill Clinton) who traveled to his private Caribbean sex party island (often using underage girls)?  Hmmm . . . maybe Epstein’s records are in the same place as Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Whatever you may think of Trump — and yes, I can understand people’s repulsion at his undignified NYC manner while he campaigned for president and during his tenure as president — nonetheless the abuse of power by radical leftist totalitarians to waste our tax dollars to lie on FISA warrants so they can carry out their witch hunts, harass and threaten law-abiding every-day citizens protecting their children and their basic human and constitutional rights are ominous warning sirens.

I wrote extensively about all the incidents in which my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks violated state and federal laws yet was never arrested.  As I pointed out in my book, all that has happened to my husband and me, and to other victims, is a microcosm of all that has gone so horribly wrong in our country.  Refusal by police and federal agents as well as state and federal prosecutors and judges to enforce the laws is itself a criminal action committed by those charged to uphold the law.

An irony?  My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has touted himself as a steadfast political and religious conservative — yet he’s gone on the attack for decades against pro-life people, both traditional and liberal theological beliefs and churches, and conservative politicians and media.  In whatever social media forum he’s posting, he makes it his game to speak out of both sides of his mouth in complete contradictory statements.  Apparently, it’s yet another means for him to entertain himself while he exercises power and control over people he so easily dupes into believing that he agrees with them, no matter what their religious or political beliefs are.  

As I wrote my book Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order, I oftentimes wondered if my book’s account of my well-documented experiences and statements of truth would result in the InJustice Department harassing and ultimately arresting me for speaking verifiable truth, whether or not they were egged on by my cultist brother.  As I watch the totalitarian SWAT team tactics that the InJustice Department engage in against innocent people all the while refusing to arrest actual criminals, I see the Stasi, the Gestapo, and the KGB all rolled into one.  The InJustice Department and other government departments are infested with totalitarian radical leftist cultists, and just like my brother’s tactics, it’s all about power and control as they use defamation, threats, and attacks against innocent people’s basic human rights.  Their purpose is to intimidate those of us who reject their pathological totalitarian radical leftism, as well as to encourage, support, and protect the other radical leftist anarchists who are determined to destroy this country.

The upcoming November, 2022 election results will be most revealing.  If the GOP takes control of at least the House if not both the House and the Senate, let’s see if any of the incumbents and the newly elected will make it to the January 2023 swearing in ceremony without being arrested by the InJustice Department.  

For more details on my book, visit my homepage at  My book can also be purchased on Amazon in either paperback or Kindle ebook. 

On one hand, it’s rather sad that we have a time of year set aside to make others aware of the problems of domestic violence.  But on the other hand, it is vitally important to ensure that others are made aware of how common domestic violence is, in all its forms.

It is a fact of life that bullies have always gone on the attack against those who are physically or mentally weaker, or perceived as such by the bully.  The “ingredients” that can make someone choose to be a bully are deep insecurities, superiority complexes, a lack of empathy, and a pathological enjoyment obtained from the sufferings of others (people and animals alike).

Those who are on the receiving end of domestic violence fall into two categories:  Those who remain victims by refusing to stand up for themselves and others they have a responsibility to protect, and those who refuse to be further victimized, who stand up for themselves and others, who take a stand for what is morally right, and who become survivors.  As a survivor of domestic violence that I experienced at the hands of my four older brothers, I am determined to encourage those who have likewise experienced domestic violence to speak up and do everything in our power to hold abusers accountable.

I have to date been interviewed on a number of podcasts discussing domestic violence, and other related issues described in my book, Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order ( and that I also describe in my two other websites, and  I am determined to share my experience to encourage and empower other survivors of physical, emotional, and spiritual abuse to speak up and tell their own accounts.  Podcasts are a great way to make our voices heard!

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“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.” — Elie Wiesel

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Anyone who has been harmed by a power hungry, abusive cultic figure has the basic human right to speak out the truth about that cultic figure and his or her group.  It doesn’t matter whether a person willingly joined that cultic figure’s group or was an “outsider” or “enemy” targeted by that cultic figure.  Truth needs to be spoken and spoken well.  If abuse and wrongs have been committed by cultic figures and their groups then we owe it to ourselves and to others to speak out the word of warning about them.  Not to do so is selfish and cowardly, and on some level shows the same cold-hearted indifference to others that cultic figures and their groups show to people.  We need to care. 

Anger can indeed be a strong motivator for outing a dangerous cultic figure, but that anger needs to be tempered with true concern for the truth and for others’ well-being.  Speaking out the truth about cultic figures cannot be merely about vengeance.

My efforts to expose the spiritual and financial predatory actions of my cult figure brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks, a limited purpose public figure, began after consultation with attorneys to discuss the best means to try to put an end to my brother Ken’s very publicized defamation, stalking, death-threatening terrorist campaign against me, my husband, my mother, and dozens of other innocent people.  Unlike most of my brother’s victims, I knew about his criminal records and the child abuse investigations against him.  The fact that my brother Ken was promoting — and continues to promote — himself everywhere, especially on the worldwide Internet as a trusted spiritual leader of his “ministries” and as a photographer and computer expert, has made himself a public figure open to public scrutiny.  

If a power hungry, abusive cultic figure is publicly promoting him or herself, and you have indisputable facts, such as public criminal or civil court records, or a verifiable record in their own writing such as a death threat, sexual harassment or other harassing content, or any other incriminating statements, then you have the right, and perhaps some may argue the duty, to truthfully out those cultic figures in the same public manner that they use to deceitfully promote themselves.

Over the years I’ve have been contacted by my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ other victims asking if I knew why he was targeting, publicly defaming, harassing, and threatening so many private individuals.  Some of them provided alarming and disturbing written statements my brother Ken had sent to them, which I then in turn published, again due to the fact that my brother Ken has been promoting himself in public to gain “public trust” — my brother’s own written words — and oftentimes using defamation against innocent people in order to appear victimized and thereby manipulate people into feelings sorry for him.  Some of these people my brother Ken defamed and harassed tried to assure themselves that if they just ignored him that he would just grow tired and go away.  I told them that extremely aggressive attention seeking stalkers like my brother Ken will never tolerate being ignored and will certainly never go away.  The only method that has worked to deter his fraudulent publicity efforts and his use of defamation to gain sympathy from naive, unsuspecting people is publicly outing him, such as I’ve done in my websites and in my book Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order ( and   My publishing of the public criminal and civil records against my brother Ken and his own incriminating statements, as well as other people publicly posting truthful statements against him on social media, have done much good in getting the word out and warning other people about who and what my brother really is.  Consequently, Ken has lost a lot of support (a fact that he himself has complained about in his public social media posts), and his defamatory attacks against me and others have diminished because he knows that if anyone does a search on my name or his other victims’ names they’ll find my websites and my book that reveal the truth about him.    

Starting years ago and continuing up to the present point in time, my brother Ken — a self-professed hacker — stalks and defames his former friends, acquaintances, and high school classmates, and there are strong indications that his stalking includes hacking into these people’s social media accounts.  Apparently, my brother Ken hacks his victims’ social media accounts for three reasons:  1) to use their accounts he hacked in order to post flattering, supportive statements on his own public social media pages to make it appear that those people absolutely adore him; 2) to use his victims’ hacked accounts to post messages to his other targeted victims on social media to find out everything he can about their private lives; and 3) if or when his victims find out that he has presumably hacked their accounts, he apparently gets a real rush from exerting terrorizing power and control over them.  

My brother Ken the self-professed hacker posts up on his public social media pages (Facebook, for example) horrific defamatory statements referring to people’s privately posted medical information or other private details.  Other than hacking and/or setting up fake accounts in other people’s names, there is no other way he could have obtained such personal details from people that we know for a fact have told him and others that they want nothing to do with him.  In some cases when my brother Ken has apparently hacked and taken over these people’s social media accounts there are indications that he locks these people out of their own accounts.  Further indications point to him then setting up new fake accounts in those people’s names, using photos and information found in their original account to make the new fake account appear legitimate.  My brother Ken then apparently proceeds to use his victims’ public friends list found on their original account to send out new friend requests for the new fake account he apparently set up in his victims’ names.  Of course, Facebook rarely responds to serious violations like this, and this problem could most likely be avoided if people set up very strong passwords, and changed those passwords periodically, and gave only bare bones information on their social media accounts.  Since Facebook, being such an immensely unethical and powerfully lucrative corporation, refuses to enforce its own terms of service, it’s left up to victims to warn others about my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks, and others like him, who apparently use social media as hunting grounds to hack into victims’ accounts and set up new fake accounts using their names.

Attention seeking cultic figures must be outed, but outed in the right way.  If you’ve been targeted with publicized defamation and libel by a cultic figure who has made him or herself a public figure, limited purpose or otherwise, then talk to an attorney who specializes in free speech rights.  You have a right to speak out against that cultic figure’s use of public defamation and libel against you and/or others, but you need to speak out in the right way, using the right words and forums.  Might the abusive cultic figure file a meritless lawsuit in response to you exercising your freedom of speech rights?  Yep.  And if they are as aggressive in seeking public attention and “punishing” you as my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has been when he filed nine legal actions against me and my husband — admitting that he only did so to cause us to incur defensive attorney fees — then whether you speak out or not they may still stalk you through the courts by filing harassing, utterly meritless lawsuits, just as my brother Ken did (we obtained both state and federal injunctions prohibiting my brother Ken from so easily abusing the court system against us or anyone else ever again).  As our attorneys told us, if someone wants to sue another person for no good reason whatsoever, our broken courts allow them to do that — up to a point.  Fortunately a number of states have anti-SLAPP laws that can dismiss those meritless lawsuits fairly quickly, but unfortunately the financial damage you incur to pay an attorney to defend your innocence will, no doubt, give endless delight to the abusive cultic figure because rarely will you be able to get the cultic figure to pay up the judgment amount awarded to you by the court.  I will be writing another article later on about creative ways that victims of abusive sue-ers like my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks can financially recover from the legal expenses incurred from defending their innocence.   

On September 15, 2022, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) introduced the SLAPP Protection Act in Congress ——slapp-protection-act.pdf .  SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.  On one hand, if Rep. Raskin’s bill were to be enacted into law it could require instantaneous judicial review and thereby put a quick end to any meritless defamation lawsuits filed in federal court, with very limited financial cost to the innocent defendants.  But it could also be used to dismiss legitimate defamation lawsuits.  Alarming lies — such as defamation per se, in which you are being accused of violating laws and of being a criminal — that are intended to incite some form of harm against the person is not protected free speech, and the courts have upheld that principle, including in states that have anti-SLAPP laws (such as my home state of Tennessee).  I still very much believe that lucrative media and Big Tech corporations like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and all others need to be sued into oblivion for all the defamation, defamation per se, threats, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, etc. that they make money from publishing, and their leaders should also face multiple criminal charges.  These Big Tech corporations publish their terms of service — contracts between themselves and users and non-users alike — yet second-by-second every single day these Big Tech entities violate their own contractual terms of service.  That is fraud at best, and complicity with murder, drug and human trafficking, and other serious crimes at worst.      

In summary, we cannot let some pathological bully cultic figure silence or intimidate us from speaking well-verified truth, and the laws are on our side.  We have a basic human right to defend ourselves and to speak the truth, and to speak it well.  Refuse to be silenced, out of self-respect and out of respect for other victims and potential victims.   

I wrote in my book, Fighting for Justice: Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order, that cult leaders are by-and-large narcissistic psychopaths. In their insatiable lust for power they are seemingly incapable of empathy. Yet cult leaders are very adept at “reading” the emotions of others and shrewdly using those emotions to manipulate people, oftentimes appearing to be empathetic. But it’s all an act. Cult leaders — whether religious, political, self-improvement, corporation, etc. — are oftentimes extremely intelligent. They are highly skilled at “sizing up” people, and they adjust their verbal and psychological lures accordingly.

My cult leader brother, Ken “Pastor Max” Parks uses classic cult 101 tactics, as seen in his online interactions. Over the years his own public online posts show his extreme vacillations on positions. When he’s trying to bamboozle those who identify as Christian and/or politically conservative he makes use of religious jargon, Bible quotes, and presents himself as pro-life and politically conservative. When he’s schmoozing with non-Christians, and especially with those who are very anti-Christian or anti-religion, he’s right there with them siding with them on pro-abortion stances, hurling vile insults and defamation at “stupid Christians/religionists” and railing against politically conservative ideas and entities. It’s the thrill of the con job, apparently, so that he can make himself feel intellectually superior over those he knowingly dupes. Sadly, it doesn’t take much to convince those who belong to one side or the other that he’s in their corner.

Especially for religious cult leaders, their primary motivation for gaining a following is not only to replace God in people’s lives, but to replace or redefine the idea of a good, loving, just God. All in all, religious, political, self-improvement, or corporation cult leaders seek to fill people’s “God hole” by becoming the center of their followers’ universe, promising to provide all the solutions to life’s difficulties, offering a place of belonging and camaraderie, and guaranteeing success and happiness to all who follow their “expert” or “enlightened” ways. From this primary motivation of replacing God, of becoming for all purposes God or at least god-like in people’s lives, comes the cult leader’s other exploitative tactics.

Once the cult leader’s lure has hooked a follower then, little by little, more is expected of the follower. Cult leaders know when to make increasingly more demands of each individual follower. They know how to make followers feel “special,” ordained to a greater calling and purpose than “non-believers” or the less “enlightened.” Followers’ ethical and moral restraints are systematically broken down as the cult leader digs his claws deeper and deeper into the very soul of each person, making more and more outrageous demands of their followers’ time, talent, and their very beings. It is at this point when followers give enormous sums of money and even their entire life savings to the cult leader, and it is also at this point where emotional, spiritual, physical, and sexual abuse begins. Remember: the primary motivation of any cult leader is to become God in their followers’ lives, and their lust for all-encompassing power as God over their followers is insatiable.

This has been the path some of my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ cult followers have taken after he played on their emotions and worked them up into a maelstrom of righteous indignation with his outrageous lies against me and my husband. My brother’s cult followers have harassed us in person and by phone. Would these people have committed the crime of harassment if they’d never allowed themselves to be lured in by my brother’s lies — “She’s a child abuser! She and her husband are domestic terrorists! They’ve threatened to kill me to stop me from being God’s minister! They’re wanted criminals and fugitives!”? Probably not. The sad thing about my brother’s cult followers is that not one of those who allowed themselves to be taken in by his drama queen lies against me and my husband (and probably against other people) ever contacted the police in my area to check to see if anything he said even had a smidgen of truth. If they had done that they would have realized that they’d been taken for suckers by my brother. No, it took the police contacting them after we made complaint about their harassment for them to wise up and realize they had been taken for fools by my brother. One can only hope they’ve learned their lesson.

Over the years I’ve heard directly from people who were initially taken in by my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ use of religious jargon and Bible quoting, and they truly believed — for a time — that he was a good, godly man badly victimized by me and by others. But once their innocent questions were met with my brother’s paranoid attacks on their character, or they read through the documentation I’ve published demonstrating that he is a mentally unstable, dangerous, religious fraud out to scam people emotionally, spiritually, and financially, they wanted nothing more to do with him.

Thus there are lessons we can all learn from our online and in-person encounters, especially with those who use titles meant to evoke instantaneous trust (pastor, life coach, guru, spiritual guide, etc.): Never take anyone you don’t really know at face value. Check out and confirm everything they claim about themselves. Listen to your gut instinct when something they’ve said, posted, or done doesn’t sit right. Look for any self-aggrandizing, pompous statements in which they come across as vastly superior in knowledge, spirituality, or experience. Observe how they react to questions to see if they instantaneously go on the attack — especially making personal attacks — over some minor statement or disagreement. Don’t fall for them giving you special attention, overly praising you and complimenting you (that’s called grooming). And be on your guard when they attempt to lure you into some form of intense commitment to their “cause” especially if it involves giving them money or doing some kind of weird “favor” or committing a crime for them. Remember: God hasn’t dropped dead and He certainly hasn’t left any mere mortal in charge.

As I wrote in one of my prior blogs/updates, my first foray into the world of being interviewed by a podcaster was a complete disaster.  The podcaster failed to adequately prepare by reading my free book I sent him, and he failed to read the documentation on my stopabusivelawsuits website.  

Without recounting what I wrote earlier about this podcast interview debacle, the experience nonetheless served as a learning lesson for how I choose other podcasters to interview me.

Since that first disappointing podcast interview, I have had several excellent interviews by podcasters here in the States, in Canada, the UK, and Africa.  They’ve prepared well for interviewing me by either reading my book or reading about my book, and they’ve read the documentation on my websites.  I thank those podcasters for caring about their audiences as they work to inform and encourage those who, like myself, are victims/survivors of familial abuse and stalking, or cult/spiritual abuse, or who have likewise encountered the same corruption and brokenness of our court system and “law enforcement.”  In my podcast interviews I have focused on educating, not merely “kvetching”, about my own experience.  I give tips I’ve learned on how to cope in the midst of being victimized, emphasizing the importance of having a reliable support system.  I recount my efforts to try to change laws to offer more protections to victims.  I encourage people to speak up and tell their story online.  Most importantly I emphasize that keeping one’s sanity involves courageously accepting the road that none of us chose to be on, learning all that can be learned on this unexpected journey, standing up for oneself, being kind and compassionate to oneself and to others, gaining or maintaining faith in a good, loving, just God, keeping the eternal perspective, and choosing in the here and now gratitude for even the smallest of good things.  Doing these things wrests power away from the abuser.  

I’ve received excellent feedback on my podcast interviews, and I truly hope these interviews are of help to others going through or trying to heal from their own traumatic experiences.  Lastly, for fellow authors like myself, podcast interviews provide an opportunity to promote our books and websites, which are, again, intended to be of benefit to others.  

I encourage other victim/survivors to seek out appropriate and professional podcasts so as to give yourself the opportunity to make your voices heard.  It’s important to let other victim/survivors know that they are not alone.  We have a right to speak the truth and to offer encouragement to others.    

In the last few weeks I have submitted and had published in newspapers around the country variations of what I’ve written below (usually a shortened version, depending on publishing requirements): 

Without exception, after yet more horrific massacres committed by the mentally unstable we hear that family members and others witnessed the mentally ill person making overt threats of violence.  Yet reports to authorities resulted in no actions to stop the mentally ill person.  If the mass murderer used a gun, then the anti-Second Amendment folks demand to stop the manufacture and sale of guns.  First, due to HIPAA laws, mental health records cannot be accessed by gun sellers, so background checks won’t reveal that the person buying a gun has severe mental illness.  Second, here in the U.S. and in gun-restricted countries the severely mentally ill have used cars, knives, or their bare hands to kill people.  Nobody screams about taking away cars, knives, or cutting off everyone’s hands after a mentally disturbed person murders people.

The problem isn’t guns, cars, knives, or bare hands.  The problem is that from the 1970s-1990s state-by-state our legislators fell for the lies of the ACLU and other left-leaning activists who pretended to be mental health experts and insisted that the mentally ill be given the “right” and “freedom” to be released from mental health facilities.  Mental health commitment laws were obliterated based on these lies.  Legislators believed the lie that it would be economically beneficial to shut down mental health facilities.  The severely mentally ill were quite literally shoved out onto the streets.  We’re all paying the costs.

I speak from personal experience.  I have severely mentally ill family members who have victimized me and others.  One of them has guns and has made threats of violence against me and others.  But no mental health laws exist to involuntarily commit these family members into permanent mental health treatment and monitoring despite their terminal and worsening mental health condition.  Psychiatrists and psychologists I’ve spoken to also express their frustration.  Their hands are tied because our current insane laws prevent any meaningful treatment for the severely mentally ill.  I’ve written about my experience in my book, Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order.

Our legislators need to follow the science on severe mental health issues, establish medically ethical privately-run, state-monitored mental health facilities (like nursing homes and hospitals), and enact sane involuntary long-term and permanent mental health commitment laws.  Until our legislators come to their senses, this bloodshed will continue.

In March, 2022, a person in Fulton County, Georgia emailed me to express concerns about former Fulton County Magistrate Judge Allyson Pitts running for a Fulton County Superior Court Judge position against incumbent Fulton County Superior Court Judge Paige Reese Whitaker.  This person had read my website which details how in 2015 Allyson Pitts, when she was a family court magistrate judge hearing protective order cases, behaved in a rude, unprofessional manner toward petitioners, their attorneys, and toward security staff in the courtroom, denying some petitioners protective orders despite overwhelming evidence, and issuing willy-nilly protective orders against others who were in fact the victims.  Our report of Judge Allyson Pitts’ reprehensible behavior to Georgia’s Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) resulted in their acknowledgement that Pitts did indeed violate Georgia state law regarding the time period that restricted the issuances of protective orders.  Unfortunately, the JQC did not acknowledge the fact that Pitts also broke the law governing the requirements of protective orders when she refused to issue an arrest warrant against my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks for his violations of the protective order my husband and I obtained against him.  My brother continued to possess firearms and he continued to publish alarming, threatening statements on his social media accounts against us — clear violations of the terms of the protective order we obtained against him.  More details about this 2015 incident are found at 

After I received the email from the Fulton County, Georgia resident, I searched online and found both Allyson Pitts’ campaign website and Judge Paige Reese Whitaker’s campaign website.  Pitts’ website used religious jargon and endorsements from religious leaders to promote herself as (somehow?!) qualified to be a superior court judge.  My husband and I read her religious jargon with utter disgust and we couldn’t help but find similarities between her and my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ use of religious jargon so as to play off of people’s religious sensitivities in order to falsely promote themselves, deliberately deceiving the public about who and what they really are.

In stark contrast, Judge Paige Reese Whitaker’s campaign website was professional and cited her actual accomplishments.   Her endorsers were fellow judges and attorneys, and non-attorneys who had their cases heard before Judge Reese Whitaker.    

After reviewing all this information, I emailed Judge Reese Whitaker’s campaign staff and I shared with them the Judicial Qualifications Commission’s letter that cited Pitts’ violation of law, and I expressed my concerns about Pitts abusing her power and damaging more innocent victims if she were to become a superior court judge.  A member of Judge Reese Whitaker’s campaign responded to my contact and assured me that Judge Reese Whitaker’s campaign staff would do all they could to inform the voters of Fulton County of the JQC’s determination against Pitts.  This member of Judge Reese Whitaker’s campaign also told me that for some years a number of people had raised concerns about Pitts’ behavior on the bench and that Pitts does not have a good reputation in the legal community.   

The attorney who presented our complaint to Judge Pitts in 2015 regarding my brother’s violation of the protective order we had against him also unexpectedly reached out to us to inform us that flyers were being sent to Fulton County voters that included the JQC’s letter regarding Allyson Pitts’ violation of state law and how it impacted us.  Our former attorney told us that the incumbent Fulton County Superior Court Judge Paige Reese Whitaker is “good people” and that she has a very good reputation as a fair, knowledgeable, and competent judge.

So we were very pleased when the Fulton County, Georgia May 24th election results showed that Judge Reese Whitaker had won about 65 per cent of the vote against Allyson Pitts.  My husband and I sent our congratulations to Judge Reese Whitaker’s campaign staff and we expressed our relief that Allyson Pitts was prevented from becoming a superior court judge who would, undoubtedly, detrimentally impact innocent victims like we were when we appeared before her in court in 2015. 

Our message to Allyson Pitts?  Is it possible for you to step back and recognize even in some small way the irreparable damage you’ve done to innocent people who have sought your help only to be met with your apathy, your unprofessionalism, and your unethical and blatantly unjust behavior on the bench?  Justice is a human need!  We fully recognize that being a judge in a large city like Atlanta is challenging to say the least, but this fact cannot excuse your troubling behavior.  In our 2015 case before you, you violated our most basic human rights to live in peace without fear of threats.  We saw you violate others’ rights to peace and safety too.  Our advice to you?  Take a sabbatical from the bench and from the legal profession.  Get some personal counseling to pinpoint why it is you could reduce yourself to behave in such a reprehensible, cold-hearted manner and denigrate the judicial profession in front of thousands of people who have needed your help to right the wrongs being done to them.  And spare people your religious jargon in your pathetic attempts to deceive people that you actually care about right and wrong and about the people you are supposed to be serving.  Your law degree has given you the ability to help people.  Your best course of action at this point for personal and professional redemption is to put yourself under accountability to your peers and seek ways to right the wrongs you’ve done thus far by helping the most desperate in our society.  Take some professional courses aimed at practicing ethical behavior and dealing appropriately with the stresses of the legal profession.  Join a low cost or free legal aid society to help victims of abuse and simultaneously answer to that society’s ethical standards of conduct.  Whatever you choose to do, you need to stop subjecting any more people to your abuse of judicial power.  And stop underestimating the power of victims you’ve wronged to speak the truth about what you did to them.  Whether or not any of my words matter to you, the fact is that it is power-abusing, unjust judges like you that are the reason so many people have zero trust in our judicial system, and why criminal abusers like my brother get a free pass and are empowered to continue their illegal behavior.  Let that sink in, and choose to reform yourself.  

On March 3rd, 2022, I was interviewed for a podcast.  Just before the podcast interview was recorded, the podcaster admitted that he had only read “a quarter to a third” of my book, Fighting for Justice:  Religious Fraud, Mental Illness, and the Collapse of Law & Order.  In retrospect, I should have refused to go through with the interview at that point because, as it became very obvious, the podcaster was not prepared to conduct a well-informed interview.  In short, the interview did not at all allow me to discuss adequately my book and the documentation that backs up my book, the successes my husband and I have had, and our ongoing legislative efforts.  Due to the failure of the podcaster to prepare sufficiently for the interview, there really wasn’t anything of value to offer to other crime victims/survivors listening to the podcast.  

After the interview, I emailed the podcaster to express my concerns about how he conducted the interview, and he offered to not air it on his podcast.  At first, I thought perhaps some of the interview may be of help to the podcaster’s listeners so I agreed to air the interview even though I was clear that the interview could have been much better.  But as I continued to speak with others about the interview, some of whom have also experienced abuse and survived crimes committed against them, they expressed concerns that the podcaster’s interview would not have been of any benefit to me or to others who have experienced familial abuse, stalking, and other crimes committed by estranged family members.  I also came to the same conclusion, and therefore I emailed the podcaster again to inform him that I had decided that I did not want the interview to air.

The primary lesson from this experience for anyone else interested in being interviewed by podcasters, journalists, or any other media figures, is to require these interviewers to be well-prepared.  Again, as soon as the podcaster admitted that he had read only a small portion of my book (he also gave every indication that he had not read the supporting documentation on my website), I should have chosen then and there not to go through with the interview.  

The other lesson gleaned from this experience is that I will not publicize any upcoming interviews with any media figures on my websites or anywhere else.  This is due to the fact that my stalking brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has a long history of interfering in many aspects of my life, and, of course, he does not want the truth to be told about him (the same applies for my other stalking, harassing brothers who still remain unnamed even though they’ve created their own public court records).  Did Ken, and/or my other brothers, contact the podcaster before the interview (the podcaster denied they did, but some of his questions, which he himself described as “devil’s advocate” questions, could have easily come from my brothers’ own mouths), or did the podcaster just do a poor job because he was not at all prepared to do a professional interview?  In any case, it’s best for all concerned that I protect myself and any interviewers from interference from my brothers, so it is just a wise course of action to not publicize any upcoming or past interviews I choose to do.       


On June 25th, 2021, in Georgia’s Northern District Federal Court Judge Eleanor Ross issued her ruling against my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks, deeming him an abusive litigant and placing pre-filing injunctions against him that require judicial review and approval of any lawsuit he attempts to file in that court.  These injunctions protect me and my husband — Paulette and Scott Buchanan —  and anyone connected to us from my brother Ken’s meritless, abusive lawsuits whether he files pro se or through an attorney.  Furthermore, Judge Ross’ ruling protects the general public in that she specifically warns Parks not to file any frivolous, meritless, abusive lawsuits against anyone, and that the court will conduct judicial review of any lawsuit he may file to ensure it is not frivolous, meritless, and/or abusive.   This federal court ruling provides additional protection to the October, 2020 Tennessee state court order that prohibits my brother from suing me and my husband pro se ever again.

As of January, 2021 the two bills my husband Scott Buchanan and I, Paulette Buchanan, crafted addressing the problem of abusive pro se plaintiffs have been proposed by our state representative Scotty Campbell for the 2021 legislative session in Tennessee.  The two bills are HB0337 (SB0866) and HB0186 (SB0865).  

We call on Tennessee residents, and especially victims of abusive pro se plaintiffs, to contact their state senators and representatives and urge them to support these two bills.  

As with any bill, the language can change as the bill is revised and edited in the legislative process.  Many good bills have taken years before they are passed by state legislatures and signed into law by governors.  We are working hard to ensure that these two bills are passed this year and enacted into law.   But if that doesn’t happen this year, we will continue to keep proposing these bills and rallying support for however long it takes to get good sensible laws enacted that stop abusive pro se litigants from weaponizing the courts against their victims.

First Proposed Bill:


Second Proposed Bill:

On February 2, 2021, a hearing was held in Georgia’s Northern District Bankruptcy court.  Ken “Pastor Max” Parks failed to appear.  After hearing our testimony and being presented with irrefutable evidence, Judge Sage Sigler ruled that the Connecticut vexatious litigant law applied to our claim in the Georgia Bankruptcy Court, and she awarded us treble (triple) the amount of the Connecticut attorney fees that we had spent to get my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ utterly meritless 2015 lawsuit against us dismissed (with prejudice).  Judge Sigler also ruled that Ken “Pastor Max” Parks had to pay additional attorney fees we incurred with our Georgia attorneys in my brother’s bankruptcy case.  The treble amount of Connecticut attorney fees awarded is $192, 444.21 and the Georgia attorney fees awarded is $25,591.30, for a total of $218,035.51.  

Prior to the February 2, 2021 Georgia Bankruptcy Court hearing, Ken “Pastor Max” Parks claimed in his filing with the court that he’s chronically ill, “frail and weakened” in “body and mind” and “virtually bed-ridden” and therefore he claimed he could not attend via video conferencing the scheduled hearing.  And yet, a few hours after the February 2, 2021 Bankruptcy Court hearing, we found out from our Tennessee attorney that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks spent the day calling law offices in our area trying to find an attorney to file yet another lawsuit against us (so much for being “frail and weakened” in “body and mind”).  One attorney reported that not only did he refuse to represent my brother, but he stated that Ken sounded “really crazy.”           

On February 9, 2021 Judge Sage Sigler issued her Final Judgment, consolidating the previous Orders regarding the awarding of attorney fees in the Tennessee and Connecticut cases and declaring those judgments non-dischargeable.



On October 5, 2020, in a hearing before Washington County, Tennessee Circuit Court Judge Jean Stanley, my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks was found to have committed multiple counts of contempt of the October, 2018 court order barring him from filing any additional legal actions against me, Paulette Buchanan, and/or my husband Scott Buchanan, and/or anyone else without first getting approval from the Washington County court.  We petitioned the court to have a permanent pre-filing restriction placed against him (instead of the 6 year injunction in the October, 2018 court order), and to order my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks to pay all of our attorney fees in all of the legal actions he took against us illegally in Connecticut and Georgia in defiance of the court order against him.  Our attorney fees also included the cost of the Tennessee case against him for his multiple counts of contempt of court.  Judge Stanley granted all our petitions, and she signed the Order October 23, 2020 in which my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks is: 

  1. permanently enjoined from filing any lawsuits against us without an attorney representing him, and that attorney must sign an affidavit confirming that he/she is aware of the permanent court order and swearing that any legal actions my brother — through his attorney — tries to bring against us are not meritless, abusive, or otherwise legally defective; 
  2. ordered to stop his current lawsuit that he illegally filed pro se against us in February, 2020 in Northern Georgia Federal District Court (Atlanta);
  3. found to be in multiple counts of contempt of court by defying the October, 2018 court order against him which barred him from filing pro se any additional lawsuits against us or anyone else for 6 years without judicial approval;
  4. ordered to be taken into custody and extradited to Washington County, Tennessee, and be required to answer the Washington County court to explain why he defied multiple times the court injunction against him barring him from pro se suing me, my husband and other people (this initial “Attachment” for civil contempt was set aside due to extradition costs, but criminal contempt charges are pending);
  5. ordered to pay us an additional $13,038.50 in attorney fees we accrued due to his illegal pro se legal actions against us in Connecticut and Georgia, and the Tennessee attorney fees we paid to bring his contempt of court issues before the Washington County court and our petition requesting a permanent injunction against him which bars him from filing any additional pro se legal actions against my husband and me.    

On September 25, 2020, Judge Sage Sigler ruled in the Georgia federal bankruptcy court that the judgment amount of $16,800 in attorney fees that in October, 2018 the Washington County, Tennessee court ordered my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks to pay my husband Scott Buchanan and me, Paulette Buchanan, is non-dischargeable.  This means that despite my brother filing for bankruptcy (presumably in an attempt to get out of paying us the judgment), the Federal Bankruptcy Court has ordered that he still has to pay us that judgment amount.