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The Need for Sua Sponte Judicial Review Laws For Pro Se Litigants’ Lawsuits

Judicial reform is needed to require that judges instantly dismiss abusive, frivolous lawsuits, especially those filed by self-represented / pro se litigants, before financial harm is done to innocent defendants needing to hire attorneys to get these abusive, frivolous lawsuits dismissed.

Cults and religious frauds use a variety of harmful tactics against their victims – including filing abusive, frivolous lawsuits.  This is one of the tactics used by Ken Parks (aka, Pastor Ken, Pastor Ken Parks, Pastor Ken Max Parks, Pastor Max, Ken Max Parks, Max Parks).  Ken Parks advertises on social media his unregistered, financially unaccountable ETC Ministries, Simplicity of Christ / SOC Ministries, and his unregistered “professional photographer” businesses.  He runs these activities from his apartment.  Despite calling himself “pastor”, Ken Parks is not an ordained minister.

The matters discussed in this website involve subjects which merit constitutionally protected public scrutiny, and this website provides documentation, commentary, and opinion on matters of public concern.

Paulette Buchanan, M.A.

Subpoenas and Abusive Pro Se Litigants

Subpoenas and Abusive Pro Se Litigants

Another danger caused by abusive / vexatious pro se litigants is their abuse of the subpoena process.  While most states require pro se litigants to submit an affidavit to a judge to seek judicial approval to obtain subpoenas (another form of judicial review), astoundingly there are some states that still allow pro se litigants to pay a small fee of $5.00 to $6.00 for each subpoena simply filed with the court clerk without demonstrating any valid legal need for those subpoenas.  With those subpoenas pro se litigants can abuse the subpoena process and obtain within a few days all kinds of personal information about their victims such as car registration, banking information, property information, employment information, etc., even though they have no need for this private information for their lawsuit.  For all intents and purposes this abuse of subpoenas is legalized identity theft and some state courts do not notify defendants of any subpoenas taken out by plaintiffs.  Very quick acting victims and their attorneys who keep a daily eye on court filings by a pro se litigant can request a judge to issue an immediate quashing of those subpoenas and request that the pro se litigant obtain judicial approval for any subsequent filings for subpoenas.   But every minute counts in order to get an immediate ruling by a judge to quash the subpoenas and notify the recipients of those subpoenas not to comply per order of the court.

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