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The Need for Sua Sponte Judicial Review Laws For Pro Se Litigants’ Lawsuits

Judicial reform is needed to require that judges instantly dismiss abusive, frivolous lawsuits, especially those filed by self-represented / pro se litigants, before financial harm is done to innocent defendants.

Cults and religious frauds use a variety of harmful tactics against their victims – including filing abusive, frivolous lawsuits.

The matters discussed in this website involve subjects which merit constitutionally protected public scrutiny, and this website provides documentation, commentary and opinion on matters of public concern.

Paulette Buchanan, M.A.

October 1, 2020

October 1, 2020

On September 25, 2020, Judge Sage Sigler ruled in the Georgia federal bankruptcy court that the judgment amount of $16,800 in attorney fees that in October, 2018 the Washington County, Tennessee court ordered my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks to pay my husband Scott Buchanan and me, Paulette Buchanan, is non-dischargeable.  This means that despite my brother filing for bankruptcy (presumably in an attempt to get out of paying us the judgment), the Federal Bankruptcy Court has ordered that he still has to pay us that judgment amount. 

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