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The Need for Sua Sponte Judicial Review Laws For Pro Se Litigants’ Lawsuits

Judicial reform is needed to require that judges instantly dismiss abusive, frivolous lawsuits, especially those filed by self-represented / pro se litigants, before financial harm is done to innocent defendants.

Cults and religious frauds use a variety of harmful tactics against their victims – including filing abusive, frivolous lawsuits.

The matters discussed in this website involve subjects which merit constitutionally protected public scrutiny, and this website provides documentation, commentary and opinion on matters of public concern.

Paulette Buchanan, M.A.

Lawsuits Filed & Won Against Ken “Pastor Max” Parks

Lawsuits Filed & Won Against Ken “Pastor Max” Parks

My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has a history of operating unregistered and unlicensed “businesses” (e.g., Weddings Thru the Lens, Fotos by Ken) and “ministries” (e.g., ETC Ministries and Simplicity of Christ / SOC Ministries) — unregistered and unlicensed because he has published online that he refuses to “follow the rules and doctrines of men.”  Also, we have documentation that shows my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has taken photos from other photographers websites and from the Internet and posted them on his own websites, etc., to pass them off as his own photos.

  1. The Georgia Revenue Department sued my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks in 2006 due to his “business” practices. The Georgia Revenue Department won a judgment against him in 2007, seized his bank account, and garnished his wages (when he was employed): Fulton County, Georgia docket number 07GC083840 and Dekalb County, Georgia docket number 07G09959
  2. The City of Johns Creek, Georgia, where my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks lives in the house owned by his wife Joni Parks, sued my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks for his failure to license one of his “businesses” which he operated in the house owned by his wife Joni Parks (Johns Creek Municipal Court case number 2011003041). Again, my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks also operates his unregistered “ministries” from that same house. My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ wife Joni Parks (married apparently in February, 2006) signed for the notice issued by the City of Johns Creek against her husband:
  3. Providian Bank in Florida also sued my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks and won a judgment against him (Orange County, Florida docket number: 2002-CC-009805-O)
  4. In 1990, while my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks was being investigated for child abuse and neglect against his own children, I (Paulette Buchanan) filed and won a small claims lawsuit against him for money — about $1,678 — he refused to repay to me after I had loaned him the money to try to help him.  My mother and I both tried to help my brother Ken after he claimed that he was so sorry for calling us “demon possessed” and promising to get counseling for his many problems.   Neither my mother nor I knew about his abuse of his children when we loaned him money (my mother loaned him over $15,000 of her retirement savings).  In short, he deceived both me and our mother.  I collected only about $25.00 from my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks before he fled Connecticut while under investigation for child abuse and child neglect.

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