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Resources Regarding Cults/Coercive Groups/New Religious Movements

Below are some resources for those detrimentally impacted by abusive leaders of cults/coercive groups/new religious movements and their followers that may be helpful.  This list is not comprehensive.  The inclusion of some of these resources does not necessarily indicate my complete agreement with every viewpoint expressed in these resources. For those who may struggle with […]

Related Issue to Abusive Litigation: The Need for Mental Health Reform Laws

A significant number of pro se litigants who weaponize our current permissive court system can exhibit clear, observable signs of having dangerous, severe and persistent pathological conditions and even dangerous, severe and persistent psychotic conditions.  There have been situations in which predatory, stalking pro se litigants use the court system to force their victims to […]

Articles Addressing Stalking

Author James Lasdun describes his experience with being stalked and publicly defamed by his stalker for many years: ; This website contains other helpful links.

Resources Addressing the Problem of Pro Se Litigants

Frivolous Pro Se Litigants: Who’s To Blame? “As in cases where lawyers are used, judges can and should play a big role in guarding against and penalizing frivolous claims.   As with federal cases, state judges have the power to act on their own (sua sponte) and need to do so.” R.I.P. Pro Se Litigants Before […]

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