The Overwhelming Problem of Pro Se Litigants

Statistically, the number of self-represented or pro se lawsuits has increased exponentially in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.  Some statistics show that cases in which one party is pro se / self-represented range up to nearly 90% of civil cases being brought in some state jurisdictions (e.g., National Association of […]

Florida’s Law – Leading the Way Toward a Judicial Review Law

In 2019 Florida passed a Vexatious Litigant bill into law aimed directly at decreasing the devastating financial damage and utter waste of time that abusive pro se litigants cause. California and Texas, for example, have similar laws, except that in those states an abusive litigant’s case may simply be dismissed instead of dismissed with prejudice, […]

Proposed Bill Requiring Sua Sponte Judicial Review Of Pro Se Litigants’ Lawsuits

In January, 2021 Tennessee State Representative Scotty Campbell formally proposed two bills crafted by my husband Scott Buchanan and I, Paulette Buchanan, to the Tennessee legislature.  Click on the below UPDATE button for details. Update! Bill for Sua Sponte Judicial Review of Complaints Filed by Self-Represented (Pro Se) Plaintiff in Civil Court; Fair and Expeditious […]