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The Need for Sua Sponte Judicial Review Laws For Pro Se Litigants’ Lawsuits

Judicial reform is needed to require that judges instantly dismiss abusive, frivolous lawsuits, especially those filed by self-represented / pro se litigants, before financial harm is done to innocent defendants needing to hire attorneys to get these abusive, frivolous lawsuits dismissed.

Cults and religious frauds use a variety of harmful tactics against their victims – including filing abusive, frivolous lawsuits.  This is one of the tactics used by Ken Parks (aka, Pastor Ken, Pastor Ken Parks, Pastor Ken Max Parks, Pastor Max, Ken Max Parks, Max Parks).  Ken Parks advertises on social media his unregistered, financially unaccountable ETC Ministries, Simplicity of Christ / SOC Ministries, and his unregistered “professional photographer” businesses.  He runs these activities from his apartment.  Despite calling himself “pastor”, Ken Parks is not an ordained minister.

The matters discussed in this website involve subjects which merit constitutionally protected public scrutiny, and this website provides documentation, commentary, and opinion on matters of public concern.

Paulette Buchanan, M.A.

Stop Abusive / Frivolous Lawsuits

Lawsuits are an important part of the judicial system.  Theoretically, lawsuits allow individuals to rectify losses and gain justice. But some people file lawsuits for no legitimate reason so they can weaponize the court system to abuse other individuals and attempt to silence victims. The goal of this Stop Abusive Lawsuits website is to inform the public about this problem and gain legislative and judicial support to stop abusive, frivolous lawsuits.

How Are Abusive Lawsuits Damaging?

Most pro se litigants (litigants without an attorney) who file abusive lawsuits lose their cases in court, but this does not mean the cases aren’t damaging to the victims. Abusive pro se litigants file meritless lawsuits against former spouses, estranged family members, neighbors, former employers, or business owners as a way to “punish” and harass these individuals. Leaders of cults or high-control religious groups are also known to file abusive lawsuits against their critics and former followers.

In most cases, the victim-defendants are then forced to hire a lawyer and attend a number of hearings and court dates to get the lawsuit dismissed. Victims lose significant amounts of money and time and have to deal with the emotional effects of the meritless and harassing lawsuit.

What Can You Do to Help?

Sua sponte judicial review laws would codify into law the right and responsibility that judges already have, but need to practice routinely, to dismiss frivolous or abusive lawsuits without action needed by the targeted victim-defendant. Sua sponte judicial review could dismiss easily and quickly most if not all abusive, meritless pro se lawsuits before these cases waste the court’s time and bring harm to the victims. We need to make our legislators aware of the financial damage abusive litigants do to individuals and to the tax-paying public and put pressure on judges to exercise their duty to practice sua sponte judicial review of lawsuits filed by pro se litigants.

If you want to join with us to stop abusive lawsuits, contact us and reach out to your legislator. 

What is a Sua Sponte Order?

What is a Sua Sponte Order?

An order made by a judge with no request by any party to the legal action.

There are a number of situations in which a court may make an order in a case that is not in response to a party’s request or motion, but of its own initiative. This is important to understand, as it is an exception to the basic principles of legal procedure in the U.S.: (1) the parties to the legal action will direct the litigation, and (2) the judge, or decision-maker, will remain impartial, as well as passive.

A court may step out of its normally passive role in the litigation process if it deems some issue not raised by the parties, which has relevance to the case itself, needs to be decided. Taking sua sponte action is not uncommon and is generally intended to help ensure the proceedings are fair and proper, and that there is no error in the proceedings which could give rise to a mistrial, or form grounds for an appeal. Such issues may include:

  • Dismissal of a case over which the court has no geographical or subject-matter jurisdiction

  • Removal of a case to another judge, if the current judge has a conflict of interest
  • Declare a mistrial
  • Bifurcate trial proceedings, even if against the will of the parties (this means splitting the proceedings, which were originally filed on multiple issues, into separate trial proceedings)
  • Dismissal of a case considered to be frivolous, not having enough evidence to move forward (emphasis added)

U.S. district and circuit courts and the Supreme Court have upheld lower court judges’ sua sponte dismissals of pro se litigants’ meritless lawsuits after those lower court judges exercised judicial review of those lawsuits (Paez v. Secretary, Florida Department of Corrections, 11th Circuit Court, 2020; Nezbeda v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Corp., 11th Circuit Court, 2019; Lodge v. Kondaur Capital Corp., 11th Circuit Court, 2014; Oliver v. Stufflebeam, Third District Court of Appeal, State of Florida, 2012; Davis v. Kvalheim. 11th Circuit Court, 2008; Day v. McDonough, U.S. Supreme Court, 2006; Apple v. Glenn, 6th Circuit Court, 1999; Allen v. Perini, 6th Circuit Court, 1970).  Courts are expected to show careful judicial review in the exercise of sua sponte dismissals, and in such cases justifiable sua sponte dismissals in lower courts have been upheld by higher courts.


The Blight of Frivolous Pro Se Lawsuits

Up until only a few decades ago many state and federal judges practiced sua sponte judicial review when dealing with lawsuits filed by self-represented / pro se litigants. Consequently, many of those pro se lawsuits were quickly and justifiably deemed meritless and summarily dismissed sua sponte.

The previous practice of sua sponte judicial review of pro se lawsuits needs to be codified into law NOW to put an end to the time consuming, expensive blight of meritless lawsuits filed by harassing, abusive pro se litigants that are flooding our courts. There is simply no good reason for the courts to participate in the deliberate and obvious intentions of abusive pro se litigants to weaponize the courts for the sole purpose of harassment and damaging innocent people’s finances and reputations.

The foundational principle of the U.S. Constitution and of state constitutions is fair and equal treatment under the law for everyone. As with any civil right, the 1st, 5th and 14th Amendments were never intended to empower abusive litigants to violate the actual civil rights of innocent people to life, liberty and property (14th Amendment). The current judicial practice enabling and empowering pro se litigants to weaponize the court system by filing abusive, frivolous lawsuits against innocent victims is unconstitutional in that it gives pro se litigants unbridled power – for no just cause – to do significant undeserved and unjust damage to innocent parties’ finances (property) and reputations, thereby depriving innocent victims from having undisturbed lives free of harassment, constraints, and threats to their livelihood. Sua sponte judicial review of pro se litigants’ lawsuits is completely constitutional because such a process ensures that no innocent party incurs undue and unjustified defense and financial burdens. Sua sponte judicial review also ensures that the court process is respected. Requiring all pro se litigants’ lawsuits to undergo good sense sua sponte judicial review would weed out frivolous, meritless, harassing lawsuits filed by many if not most pro se litigants.

Oftentimes abusive pro se litigants are vindictive, mentally unstable individuals, and increasingly more abusive pro se litigants are religious fanatics, leaders of cults/coercive groups/new religious movements or their followers. These harassing, frivolous lawsuits filed by abusive pro se litigants are clogging the courts and preventing legitimate cases from getting timely hearings. 

Lawsuits cannot be ignored.  If defendants do not respond to a lawsuit by filing an Appearance, an Answer, a Motion for Dismissal, etc., then a default judgment will be entered against the defendant for whatever monetary amounts, injunctions, etc. that the plaintiff requested.  At that point the defendant is notified that a default judgment has been entered and the defendant has a certain amount of time to respond to the court, such as asking the court to set aside the default judgment.  If a defendant is not notified of either a lawsuit or a default judgment or never responds to either the initial lawsuit notification or to the default judgment notification then the plaintiff can use that default judgment to seize the defendant’s assets, freeze bank accounts, and garnish wages.

Requiring preliminary sua sponte judicial review of all pro se litigants’ lawsuits would be very similar to the process that prosecutors’ offices have to take in order to obtain arrest warrants. State or district attorneys’ offices must present compelling proof before a judge in order to obtain arrest warrants. Yet in civil court pro se litigants (and sometimes unethical attorneys) can quite literally file preposterous claims – for example claiming that the defendants are aliens from another galaxy planting electrodes in the pro se litigants’ brains, or claiming that Jesus or some other supernatural entity commands them to “expose the wicked deeds of darkness” that they claim innocent defendants are committing against them – and those lawsuits are accepted by the court with no questions asked. For too many of these outrageous, baseless cases the court sets up hearings after time-consuming, costly hearings spanning not mere months but oftentimes years. In many cases the judges put pressure on the defendants to “settle” with the abusive, harassing pro se litigant, thereby actually putting pressure on innocent parties to reward the abusive litigant’s behavior. Could you imagine a prosecutor’s office being able to obtain instantaneous arrest warrants simply by accusing an innocent person – without one shred of proof – of being “demon possessed” or of being an alien from another galaxy intent on taking control of earth, or any number of other bizarre, completely unsubstantiated claims? Judicial review already exists for the issuance of arrest warrants, and judges are required to practice judicial review toward pro se litigants who have pre-filing injunctions and restrictions against them due to their previous attempts to bring meritless, abusive lawsuits against innocent parties. The same standard for sua sponte judicial review – which used to be practiced by many good sense judges in previous decades – needs to be codified into law for all civil cases filed by pro se litigants.

The tragic fact of the matter is that even when monetary judgments are finally imposed on abusive litigants there are either very little or no punitive consequences taken against them to provide real-world relief to their victims. The harsh reality of our present court system is that even when judges place monetary judgments against abusive litigants the victims can rarely collect on those judgments.

Support from Judges and Court Staff for a Judicial Review Bill

In efforts working alongside Tennessee legislators and obtaining facts for the publication of this website my husband and I discovered that a number of judges themselves want a judicial review law or other similar laws that will compel judges to screen pro se lawsuits so as to quickly dismiss meritless, harassing pro se lawsuits before these pro se litigants can do damage to their intended victims.  We also discovered that a number of court clerks reported feeling threatened or at least very uneasy around many pro se litigants.  Court clerks stated that it was their belief or that they witnessed firsthand that judges and other court staff have also felt threatened and uneasy around many pro se litigants. These court clerks also stated that whereas judges in courtrooms have security staff at the ready, court clerks have to call security to come to their aid.  One court clerk stated that he has been asking the judges in the court where he works to practice judicial review of pro se litigants’ lawsuits so as to summarily dismiss many of these lawsuits because of how often these meritless, abusive and time-consuming lawsuits are filed without any legal basis or legitimate claims.  Court clerks also expressed their belief that court filing fees are badly outdated and need to be raised to reflect actual current court costs and the overall increase in the general public’s income levels.  Court clerks unanimously reported wholehearted support for proposed legislation calling for judicial review of lawsuits filed by pro se / self-represented litigants.  Other states’ court staff most likely share the same observations and support for judicial review laws as their colleagues have in Tennessee.

Abusive In Forma Pauperis Pro Se Litigants Victimize Every Taxpayer

These draining, abusive pro se lawsuits damage innocent people’s reputations, often cause prolonged emotional trauma, and many times result in lifelong irreparable financial damage.  What is also damaging to our state and federal budget expenditures is the fact that many of these pro se litigants file their baseless, abusive lawsuits against their victims in forma pauperis in which case you, the taxpayer, foot the bill to pay all of the pro se litigants’ court filing fees when they claim that they are too poor to pay those fees out of their own pockets.  Every taxpayer should be outraged at this fact.  Every fiscally concerned governor and state and federal legislator should also be outraged and demonstrate that outrage by passing into law sua sponte judicial review requirements and security bond requirements for all pro se litigants’ lawsuits with the necessary injunctions in place to put a stop to this financially damaging abuse of our courts.  Pro se litigants, especially those filing in forma pauperis, who file meritless, abusive, frivolous lawsuits victimize everyone!  Again, there is simply no constitutional justification for allowing this very lopsided judicial process that completely favors the pro se litigant to the extreme detriment of innocent defendants and court staff safety, and of every taxpayer whether or not a pro se litigant files in forma pauperis.  Taxpayer resources are being expended unnecessarily for every frivolous, abusive lawsuit that is not quickly dismissed by sua sponte judicial review. 

This website is published with the intent to urge victims of abusive litigants, victims’ supporters, attorneys and court staff, and every taxpayer to contact their state’s senators and representatives, especially the members of their state’s judiciary committees, to urge them to enact into law the proposed bill found in this website or a similar bill aimed at codifying the earlier common practice of sua sponte judicial review of lawsuits filed by pro se litigants.  (Federal courts generally follow the laws enacted in the state in which they exist.)  Laws need to be enacted that prevent damage being done to innocent victims of abusive / vexatious lawsuits filed by pro se litigants.  Preventative laws, such as the bill proposed in this website, would wrest power away from stalkers-through-the-courts and prevent the financial damage that innocent victims incur from having to pay expensive legal fees to defend their innocence.

Proposed Bill Requiring Sua Sponte Judicial Review Of Pro Se Litigants’ Lawsuits

Bill for Sua Sponte Judicial Review of Complaints Filed by Self-Represented (Pro Se) Plaintiff in Civil Court; Fair and Expeditious Handling of In Forma Pauperis Pro Se Plaintiff

Every Complaint filed by a Self-Represented (Pro Se) Plaintiff in civil court must be sworn to under penalty of perjury and undergo stringent Sua Sponte Judicial Review by a judge, or by a court appointed attorney in good standing in the jurisdiction where the Complaint is filed.  Sua Sponte Judicial Review shall include reviewing and confirming evidence presented and a strictly enforced practice of requiring a Pro Se Plaintiff to abide by the same laws, rules and conduct which attorneys are required to uphold and practice.  A docket case number shall NOT be assigned to a Complaint filed by a Pro Se Plaintiff until the court, acting Sua Sponte, renders a preliminary decision on the validity of that Complaint.  The following information will be given in writing to every Pro Se Plaintiff before filing a Complaint with the court clerk:

1)  The Pro Se Plaintiff must pay a $500.00 fee for the filing of the Complaint, with each additional Defendant costing a fee of $350.00.

2)  The Pro Se Plaintiff must list all previous lawsuits filed Pro Se, in all states and U.S. territories, and provide official court documentation as to the outcomes of those previous lawsuits filed Pro Se.

3) The Pro Se Plaintiff’s Complaint must undergo Sua Sponte Judicial Review by a judge or a court appointed attorney in good standing:

a) Sua Sponte Judicial Review shall examine verifiable documentation presented by the Pro Se Plaintiff and determine preliminarily if sufficient proof exists, that there are valid and verifiable claims for which relief can be granted, that the substance of the Complaint in whole or in part is covered by existing law, that the named Defendant(s) is/are in the court’s jurisdiction, and that the substance of the Complaint in whole or in part has not exceeded the time limit set by any and all statutes of limitations;

b) Sua Sponte Judicial Review and decision by the court regarding whether the Complaint filed by the Pro Se Plaintiff can proceed and be assigned a docket case number shall be rendered within 120 days;

c) The Complaint filing fee is non-refundable. After the court has denied a Complaint, if the Pro Se Plaintiff files a subsequent Complaint, each subsequent Complaint will require a new $500.00 filing fee, plus a new $350.00 fee per additional Defendant;

d) Upon three (3) Sua Sponte Judicial Review rejections of Complaint by a Pro Se Plaintiff, the Pro Se Plaintiff will no longer be allowed to file Complaints Pro Se in any of the state’s civil courts.

4)  Upon Sua Sponte Judicial Review approval that a Pro Se Plaintiff’s Complaint can proceed the Pro Se Plaintiff must post a security bond determined by the court not to exceed $100,000.00.  The Pro Se Plaintiff’s Complaint CANNOT be given a case number, nor can a court server be hired to serve notification of lawsuit, nor can an Order of Notice be issued by the court, nor can subpoenas be issued, until Pro Se Plaintiff posts a security bond:

a) From that security bond the Defendant(s) shall receive financial compensation for all expenses incurred by the Defendant(s) in the event the Pro Se Plaintiff’s case is dismissed by Pro Se Plaintiff or by the court or a judgment is rendered against or appeal denied against Pro Se Plaintiff;

b) If the Pro Se Plaintiff cannot post security bond within 30 days then the Pro Se Plaintiff’s lawsuit shall be dismissed with prejudice.

5)   All Pro Se Plaintiffs are required to obtain the presiding judge’s approval for any application for subpoenas; Pro Se Plaintiffs must provide to the presiding judge their reasons for requesting subpoenas including supporting evidence with sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury.

6)   In the event that a Pro Se Plaintiff has either a case dismissed or a judgment rendered against their case or appeal denied against their case, an automatic injunction will be issued against the Pro Se Plaintiff to prohibit that individual from filing any subsequent Pro Se actions in any of the state’s courts.

7)   In the event a dismissal occurs or a judgment is rendered against or appeal denied against the Pro Se Plaintiff, the Pro Se Plaintiff may face appropriate criminal charges and/or contempt of court fines due to the court finding that the Pro Se Plaintiff acted in a malicious and/or harassing manner and/or presented fraudulent, false and misleading statements and/or documentation (e.g., perjury); the payment of fines may involve seizure of assets; in lieu of imposed fines due to lack of means or assets to pay fines the court may order appropriate incarceration and/or community service.

8)    In the event a dismissal occurs or a judgment is rendered against or appeal denied against the Pro Se Plaintiff the court may order Pro Se Plaintiff into mental health evaluation.

9)   In the event a dismissal occurs or a judgment is rendered against or appeal denied against the Pro Se Plaintiff, Defendant(s) may be granted a permanent Protective Order/No Contact Order against the Pro Se Plaintiff; ALL Protective Orders/No Contact Orders against the Pro Se Plaintiff must require state seizure of all guns owned by the Pro Se Plaintiff and be disposed or sold by the state.  Proceeds of the sale of those guns can be ordered by the court to go to the victims and/or to the state to pay legal expenses and/or court fines.

10)  All name(s), official and aliases, known to the court that have been used by Pro Se Plaintiffs who have pre-filing injunctions ordered against them shall be registered and recorded on all counties’ court clerk databases and be recorded on the state’s judicial web site as part of easily accessible public information.

In Forma Pauperis Pro Se Plaintiff

11)  The In Forma Pauperis Pro Se Plaintiff must demonstrate with verifiable documentation the lack of sufficient funds to pay for all costs associated with court action in filing for In Forma Pauperis status.

12)   All of the requirements of 2, 3a, b and d apply equally to In Forma Pauperis Pro Se Plaintiffs.

13)   Payment for all court fees and Officer of the Court fees shall come from the state’s funds.

14)   Upon Sua Sponte Judicial Review approval that In Forma Pauperis Pro Se Plaintiff’s Complaint can proceed, payment for a security bond shall come from the state’s funds before the Complaint can receive a case number and official notification to Defendant(s) can be granted:

a) In the event a dismissal occurs or a judgment is rendered against or appeal denied against an In Forma Pauperis Pro Se Plaintiff, Defendant(s) shall receive financial compensation up to the security bond amount from state funds for legal expenses incurred by the Defendant(s).

15)   All of 5-10 apply equally to In Forma Pauperis Pro Se Plaintiffs.

This proposed bill does not in any way deny anyone acting pro se the right of access to the courts for filing legitimate lawsuits.  Nor does this proposed bill violate any state or federal constitutional rights.  Rather, this proposed bill seeks fair and equitable treatment of all parties – which is supposed to be the constitutional basis for all state and federal laws.

This proposed bill gives all pro se litigants the benefit of review of their lawsuit by a judge or court appointed attorney for only the few hundred dollars required in typical court filing fees. This proposed bill also ensures that innocent parties that are the intended defendants are financially protected from having to spend multiple tens of thousands of dollars to simply defend and prove their innocence in meritless lawsuits filed by pro se litigants for the sole purpose of harassing, defaming and causing financial damage to their intended victims. This proposed sua sponte judicial review bill protects victims from the psychological harm, harm to reputation, harm to finances, and potential harm to employment that stalkers-through-the-courts typically cause to their victims.

The reader should keep in mind that when this bill or any other bill is proposed to legislators that the typical process is for all proposed bills to undergo legal scrutiny according to state and federal constitutional law. Once a bill passes legal muster, that bill will then most likely undergo revisions as the bill goes before various committees until the revised bill comes to a final vote and awaits the governor’s signature or veto.

Florida’s Law – Leading the Way Toward a Judicial Review Law

In 2019 Florida passed a Vexatious Litigant bill into law aimed directly at decreasing the devastating financial damage and utter waste of time that abusive pro se litigants cause. California and Texas, for example, have similar laws, except that in those states an abusive litigant’s case may simply be dismissed instead of dismissed with prejudice, as the Florida law requires (dismissal of a case with prejudice means that the litigant is barred from filing a new lawsuit making the same claims that were dismissed). The Florida law calls for the imposition of bond that the pro se litigant can be required to pay before proceeding any further with the lawsuit, as can be found, for example, in California and Texas laws. Every state and federal court needs to enact a very similar law as Florida has enacted – at least until a Judicial Review Law is passed so as to provide some stop gap measure to prevent the abuse of court process and the extensive damage committed against innocent people by abusive / vexatious pro se litigants. All the same, it must be pointed out that the tragedy with Florida and other states’ similar Vexatious Litigant laws is that they do not prevent innocent defendants from having to expend their finances and time to hire attorneys to respond with appropriate motions using the provisions of this law. Even if defendants choose to fight pro se against the lawsuit of an abusive pro se litigant and file motions citing this law they still have to take time away from work and their lives to respond to the abusive pro se litigant. The only real solution is to pass a Judicial Review Law that requires judges to exercise the sua sponte power they already possess so as to stop abusive pro se litigants from causing any expense in money or time to their victims.

68.093Florida Vexatious Litigant Law.

(1) This section may be cited as the “Florida Vexatious Litigant Law.”

(2) As used in section, the term:

(a) “Action” means a civil action governed by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure and proceedings governed by the Florida Probate Rules, but does not include actions concerning family law matters governed by the Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure or any action in which the Florida Small Claims Rules apply.

(b) “Defendant” means any person or entity, including a corporation, association, partnership, firm, or governmental entity, against whom an action is or was commenced or is sought to be commenced.

(c) “Security” means an undertaking by a vexatious litigant to ensure payment to a defendant in an amount reasonably sufficient to cover the defendant’s anticipated, reasonable expenses of litigation, including attorney’s fees and taxable costs.

(d) “Vexatious litigant” means:

1. A person as defined in s. 1.01(3) who, in the immediately preceding 5-year period, has commenced, prosecuted, or maintained, pro se, five or more civil actions in any court in this state, except an action governed by the Florida Small Claims Rules, which actions have been finally and adversely determined against such person or entity; or

2. Any person or entity previously found to be a vexatious litigant pursuant to this section.

An action is not deemed to be “finally and adversely determined” if an appeal in that action is pending. If an action has been commenced on behalf of a party by an attorney licensed to practice law in this state, that action is not deemed to be pro se even if the attorney later withdraws from the representation and the party does not retain new counsel.

(3)(a) In any action pending in any court of this state, including actions governed by the Florida Small Claims Rules, any defendant may move the court, upon notice and hearing, for an order requiring the plaintiff to furnish security. The motion shall be based on the grounds, and supported by a showing, that the plaintiff is a vexatious litigant and is not reasonably likely to prevail on the merits of the action against the moving defendant.

(b) At the hearing upon any defendant’s motion for an order to post security, the court shall consider any evidence, written or oral, by witness or affidavit, which may be relevant to the consideration of the motion. No determination made by the court in such a hearing shall be admissible on the merits of the action or deemed to be a determination of any issue in the action. If, after hearing the evidence, the court determines that the plaintiff is a vexatious litigant and is not reasonably likely to prevail on the merits of the action against the moving defendant, the court shall order the plaintiff to furnish security to the moving defendant in an amount and within such time as the court deems appropriate.

(c) If the plaintiff fails to post security required by an order of the court under this section, the court shall immediately issue an order dismissing the action with prejudice as to the defendant for whose benefit the security was ordered.

(d) If a motion for an order to post security is filed prior to the trial in an action, the action shall be automatically stayed and the moving defendant need not plead or otherwise respond to the complaint until 10 days after the motion is denied. If the motion is granted, the moving defendant shall respond or plead no later than 10 days after the required security has been furnished.

(4) In addition to any other relief provided in this section, the court in any judicial circuit may, on its own motion or on the motion of any party, enter a pre-filing order prohibiting a vexatious litigant from commencing, pro se, any new action in the courts of that circuit without first obtaining leave of the administrative judge of that circuit. Disobedience of such an order may be punished as contempt of court by the administrative judge of that circuit. Leave of court shall be granted by the administrative judge only upon a showing that the proposed action is meritorious and is not being filed for the purpose of delay or harassment. The administrative judge may condition the filing of the proposed action upon the furnishing of security as provided in this section.

(5) The clerk of the court shall not file any new action by a vexatious litigant pro se unless the vexatious litigant has obtained an order from the administrative judge permitting such filing. If the clerk of the court mistakenly permits a vexatious litigant to file an action pro se in contravention of a pre-filing order, any party to that action may file with the clerk and serve on the plaintiff and all other defendants a notice stating that the plaintiff is a pro se vexatious litigant subject to a pre-filing order. The filing of such a notice shall automatically stay the litigation against all defendants to the action. The administrative judge shall automatically dismiss the action with prejudice within 10 days after the filing of such notice unless the plaintiff files a motion for leave to file the action. If the administrative judge issues an order permitting the action to be filed, the defendants need not plead or otherwise respond to the complaint until 10 days after the date of service by the plaintiff, by United States mail, of a copy of the order granting leave to file the action.

(6) The clerk of a court shall provide copies of all pre-filing orders to the Clerk of the Florida Supreme Court, who shall maintain a registry of all vexatious litigants.

(7) The relief provided under this section shall be cumulative to any other relief or remedy available to a defendant under the laws of this state and the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, including, but not limited to, the relief provided under s. 57.105.

History.—s. 1, ch. 2000-314.

The Overwhelming Problem of Pro Se Litigants

Statistically, the number of self-represented or pro se lawsuits has increased exponentially in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.  Some statistics show that cases in which one party is pro se / self-represented range up to nearly 90% of civil cases being brought in some state jurisdictions.  In some states, there is such an abundance of cases filed by pro se litigants that courts have designated certain days out of each week as “Pro Se Day” in which they hear only pro se cases.  Statistically, if abusive / vexatious lawsuits filed by self-represented / pro se litigants were a disease it would be an epidemic.

Although not all pro se litigants are abusive / vexatious, the vast majority of lawsuits brought by pro se litigants are in fact demonstrated to be meritless and abusive / vexatious, and a high percentage of ALL pro se / self-represented lawsuits fail to receive any favorable ruling.

Study: unrepresented civil litigants lose more often.

Are there been any cases that a Pro-Se has won ?

Abusive pro se litigants can often create a snowball effect of other extremely damaging events for innocent defendants.  The first problem that arises is the great difficulty in finding an attorney willing to take a case in which the plaintiff is a pro se litigant, especially an aggressive pro se litigant with a history of filing baseless lawsuits.  Innocent victims seeking legal representation against pro se litigants will often hear from attorneys (if they hear anything back at all after leaving messages) that:

  1. “Pro se litigants are a pain in the ass because they file countless motions and judges bend over backwards for them.”
  2. “What if the pro se litigant comes after me and my family? I can’t risk getting involved.”
  3. “We never take cases dealing with pro se litigants.”
  4. “The only way we’ll take your case is if you pay us $50,000 up front because pro se litigants always drag out their cases by filing for continuances after continuances and other time-wasting motions.”

Another problem that can be incurred by innocent defendants of an abusive pro se litigant when they are finally able to find an attorney to defend them is when the attorney promises to “fight aggressively” for the victim-defendants.  Yet, in reality, these opportunistic attorneys equate the innocent defendants’ desperation with dollar signs.  These kinds of unscrupulous attorneys realize that abusive pro se litigants know all the tricks in the book and the attorneys just allow them to play their games, taking years in court hearings and continuances in which nothing is really accomplished.  Unethical attorneys like this often tell the innocent defendant shelling out tens of thousands of dollars such statements as, “really, I’ve got this.  You just need to trust me.  These cases just always take a long time.  I’m the attorney and I know what I’m doing.  By the way, I’ll need another $2,000 from you.”  It’s horrible enough for innocent people to have a meritless, harassing, defamatory lawsuit filed against them by an abusive pro se litigant, but then to find themselves taken advantage of by an unethical, unprofessional attorney makes the ordeal that much worse.

Yet another difficulty innocent defendants face in meritless, harassing, defamatory lawsuits filed by abusive pro se litigants comes from the bench itself.  Many times judges themselves can feel threatened by the courtroom antics of pro se litigants or just grow weary of the endless stream of lengthy rambling motions that pro se litigants are infamous for filing.  They will then “suggest” to innocent defendants, “why don’t you just settle this to put an end to it.”  In other words, the innocent victim is pressured by the judge to reward the abusive pro se litigant just so the judge is no longer inconvenienced. This is nothing short of extortion.

For innocent defendants who are homeowners, homeowner insurance companies oftentimes find every excuse imaginable to breach their contract and refuse to provide promised representation to the policy holder, even when specific umbrella policies promise to defend policy holders against defamation lawsuits.  If a homeowner can actually succeed in getting their homeowner insurance company to agree to uphold its contractual duties and obtain legal representation for their policy holder, more often than not the homeowner insurance company will reward the abusive litigant (whether pro se or represented by an attorney) by offering to settle rather than “put out the money” to defend the innocence of the defendant.  Many abusive litigants – pro se or represented by an attorney – know that more often than not they can be rewarded for filing meritless, harassing lawsuits if a defendant’s insurance company gets involved.  It’s a horrible scam and again this practice is nothing short of extortion.

Subpoenas and Abusive Pro Se Litigants

Another danger caused by abusive / vexatious pro se litigants is their abuse of the subpoena process.  While most states require pro se litigants to submit an affidavit to a judge to seek judicial approval to obtain subpoenas (another form of judicial review), astoundingly there are some states that still allow pro se litigants to pay a small fee of $5.00 to $6.00 for each subpoena simply filed with the court clerk without demonstrating any valid legal need for those subpoenas.  With those subpoenas pro se litigants can abuse the subpoena process and obtain within a few days all kinds of personal information about their victims such as car registration, banking information, property information, employment information, etc., even though they have no need for this private information for their lawsuit.  For all intents and purposes this abuse of subpoenas is legalized identity theft and some state courts do not notify defendants of any subpoenas taken out by plaintiffs.  Very quick acting victims and their attorneys who keep a daily eye on court filings by a pro se litigant can request a judge to issue an immediate quashing of those subpoenas and request that the pro se litigant obtain judicial approval for any subsequent filings for subpoenas.   But every minute counts in order to get an immediate ruling by a judge to quash the subpoenas and notify the recipients of those subpoenas not to comply per order of the court.

All States Need to Publish the Names of Abusive Pro Se Litigants

Some states – Texas, California, Idaho and Nevada, for example – have enacted laws that have created publicly accessible lists of pro se litigants who have been determined by the courts to be abusive / vexatious and who have pre-filing restrictions or injunctions placed against them in which sua sponte judicial review is required before those litigants can file any additional pro se lawsuits.  These lists are accessible not only to the public but for the court clerks to access.  Once an abusive / vexatious pro se litigant is placed on such a list it is very difficult, if not impossible, for them to obtain permission from a judge to file pro se any additional lawsuits.

Every state should enact laws requiring state-run websites to publish publicly accessible lists of abusive / vexatious litigants that have pre-filing restrictions ordered against them, whether such litigants were pro se or were represented by attorneys.  The federal court system should also be mandated by Congress to publish a website that has state and federal lists of every abusive / vexatious litigant in every state and U.S. territory – again, whether litigants deemed abusive / vexatious filed their lawsuits with or without an attorney.  State and federal court clerks should then be required as part of their duties to confirm whether any plaintiff – pro se or represented by an attorney – is on such a list so as to require the abusive / vexatious litigant to obtain sua sponte judicial approval/review of any intended lawsuits before such lawsuits can be given case numbers and before defendants are notified or served.

Resources Addressing the Problem of Pro Se Litigants

“As in cases where lawyers are used, judges can and should play a big role in guarding against and penalizing frivolous claims.   As with federal cases, state judges have the power to act on their own (sua sponte) and need to do so.”

Unrepresented Civil Litigants Lose More Often. (Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, “I’ll See You in Court…Again: Psychopathology and Hyperlitigious Litigants”)

Articles Addressing Stalking

There’s a reason why abusive pro se litigants are called “court stalkers” or who engage in what is commonly called “stalking through the courts.”

Author James Lasdun describes his experience with being stalked and publicly defamed by his stalker for many years — a woman who threatened to sue him and who did file abusive lawsuits against her other victims: ; This website contains other helpful links.

Related Issue to Abusive Litigation: The Need for Mental Health Reform Laws

A significant number of pro se litigants who weaponize our current permissive court system can exhibit clear, observable signs of having dangerous, severe and persistent pathological or psychotic conditions.  There have been situations in which predatory, stalking pro se litigants use the court system to force their victims to be in their presence at a given place and time so they can either murder their victims or further threaten them.  As stated elsewhere in this website, judges, court clerks and court staff have expressed that some pro se litigants intimidate them because of those litigants’ observed alarming speech and mannerisms, and the rambling, inflammatory, nonsensical contents of their court filings.

Since our mental health system is at best broken and at worst virtually non-existent, our state and federal legislators need to enact good sense mental health reform laws that are preventative not reactionary.  Some severe mental health conditions, whether severe psychopathy, sociopathy, or severe psychotic conditions (e.g., schizophrenia) are genetic and/or organic and as such are persistent, degenerative, and terminal, just like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and dementia are terminal conditions. The sad reality is that, as yet, there is no recovery possible for severely mentally disturbed individuals.  Consistent, monitored treatment can at best lessen the symptoms in some cases.  A significant part of any mental health reform law must create easier long-term and permanent commitment processes for severely, persistently mentally disturbed individuals – dangerous psychopaths, sociopaths and psychotics – to be placed into competent and compassionate private mental health treatment facilities overseen by the state in which they operate (just as private nursing homes currently operate under state oversight). 

As a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights I just as strongly support the enactment of sane gun laws to prohibit anyone diagnosed with dangerous, severe and persistent mental health conditions from obtaining guns.

The following resources offer more information on mental health issues and provide viable solutions that legislators can use to propose bills and get good sense, compassionate mental health reform laws enacted:

  • Insane Consequences, How the Mental Health Industry Fails the Mentally Ill, D. J. Jaffe, Prometheus Books, 2017.
  • “Involuntary treatment and involuntary commitment laws: basis in law and history,” D.J. Jaffe,
  • “Toward rational commitment laws: Committed to help,” Rael Jean Isaac and D.J. Jaffe,
  • Madness in the Streets, How Psychiatry and the Law Abandoned the Mentally Ill, Rael Jean Isaac and Virginia Armat, Treatment Advocacy Center, 1990.
  • American Psychosis, How the Federal Government Destroyed the Mental Illness Treatment System, E. Fuller Torrey, M.D., 2014.
  • “Recovering from a Narcissist,” Shahida Arabi, M.A.,

They can even infiltrate fields like counseling or religious and spiritual leadership in order to access a greater supply of victims, disguising themselves as competent professionals or “gurus” all while hunting for prey.”

Victims Speak Out – Being Stalked, Defamed, & Vexatiously Sued by Ken Parks

I have published this website due to my estranged older brother Ken Parks repeatedly weaponizing the courts to file pro se meritless, defamatory, and abusive lawsuits against my husband Scott L. Buchanan and me, and many other people.  My brother Ken Parks has also used the names Pastor Ken Parks, Pastor Max Parks, Pastor Ken Max Parks, Ken Max Parks, and Max Parks.  It appears he has numerous false identities on social media accounts (Robert Jones, Zack Abrams, Sathya John, Johns Creek Baptist Apostasy, Billy Dee, to name a few).  Since late 2000, my brother Ken Parks has been aggressively stalking and harassing me, my husband, our other family members, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers and employers, his neighbors, dozens of his former friends, and those he encounters on social media.  He has incited his followers of his financially unaccountable “ministry” — ETC Ministries — to likewise stalk and harass us.  My brother Ken Parks’ publicized defamation, libel, and slander online and in his abusive, meritless lawsuits has included accusing me and my husband of being “domestic terrorists,” “convicted child abusers,” “convicted criminals,” and “wanted fugitives.”  None of Ken’s accusations has the least bit of truth to them; rather, some of these statements have been true of my brother Ken Parks.  

My brother Ken has lost every pro se lawsuit he has filed against me and others.  Ken’s meritless, abusive pro se lawsuits have forced my husband and me, and my brother’s other victims, to spend multiple tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees simply to defend our innocence to get his lawsuits dismissed.   All the while my brother Ken “Pastor Max” has falsely publicized on various sites on the Internet that he has “won!” his lawsuits against us and his other victims that he sues pro se, and has falsely claimed that my husband and I have been “ordered to pay!” either court fines or judgments to him.  Ken’s other libelous statements include that we’ve committed perjury, which is verifiably untrue of us but verifiably very true of his statements and filings in the courts.

This website with all its verifiable documentation serves as our affidavit; my husband and I have already sworn under oath that many of the facts and statements published in this website (and in two previous websites) are true and accurate.  Furthermore, most of the detailed facts and reasonable commentary in this website have already been included in or alluded to in public court documents. 

Since late 2000 – without any provocation or contact from us or many of his other victims – my brother Ken Parks has published multiple social media posts and dozens of websites defaming, libeling, and inciting others against us and his other victims.  We and his other victims were able to get web host companies and social media companies to remove many of his websites and social media posts due to his violations of their terms of service agreements.  Yet in every single one of the meritless, abusive lawsuits my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has filed pro se against my husband and me he has knowingly and deliberately accused us of doing the exact offenses he has actually committed against us, without once mentioning in the hundreds of pages of his court filings that he has been publishing multiple defamatory, libelous websites and social media posts against us and many other innocent victims since at least 2000.  In legal terms these kinds of abusive litigants are defined as having “unclean hands,” meaning that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks is actually guilty of the very things that he falsely accuses us of doing and has deliberately attempted to deceive courts about these facts.

Below are examples of my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ Internet published statements boasting about “winning” the first pro se lawsuit he filed against me in 2004, openly admitting to the fact that he filed his meritless, defamatory lawsuits for the sole purpose of costing us attorney fees.  He also libelously claimed that the courts ordered us to pay fees.  These posts were used in evidence against my brother Ken Parks in courts that dismissed his meritless lawsuits, determined him to be an abusive litigant, issued monetary judgments against him (which he has thus far refused to pay), and placed permanent pre-filing injunctions against him.  Ken published some of his posts using the name “Churchill.”  In Ken’s article in one of his previous websites, “Paulette Buchanan Losses (sic) In Civil Suit,” he bizarrely wrote it in third person, as if someone else interviewed him.   


Paulette Buchanan Losses In Civil Suit

Paulette Buchanan, one of the defendants in a civil law suit filed by Ken Parks for her libelous and defamatory web site, was Court ordered to pay her legal fees of more than $4,800.00. Ken proved that his filing was not “frivolous” as purported by the defendants, Paulette Buchanan and her second husband, Scott Buchanan.

In late July of 2004, Paulette Buchanan and Scott Buchanan produced a libelous fool-hearted website. Ken Parks was the primary target, and its content went well beyond the protection of the U.S. Constitution’s first amendment.

Their maliciously outrageous website contained 20 pages (MS-Word document file size) of blatant lies, fabrications, and half-truths with the sole intent to defame and cause personal injury to Ken Parks and his profession.

At first the libelous website was hosted by a Connecticut Internet Service Provider (ISP). After Ken filed a complaint, the website was taken down. Within 24 hours, the same libelous website appeared to be republished and this time hosted by Interland, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia. Again, a complaint was filed and their hateful website was short lived.

Ken realized that their bizarre obsession was not going to end. Therefore, he sought counsel from an attorney friend and several others. The general consensus was to take them to Court. Ken filed the Court documents along with a letter, asking Paulette Buchanan and Scott Buchanan, henceforth “the defendants,” to retract their lies and apologize. Instead of responding to the letter, they decided to hire your everyday standard liar… er… lawyer, henceforth called “Waterboy.”

Ken prepared with the same eagerness, fortitude to win, and caution as he had done in previous Pro Se cases. Ken warns other men, “I was up against the biased Gwinnett County Court system (biased against men) and their hard-nosed judges. I prepared overwhelming evidence to show that my libel suit against the defendants was not the purported and claimed ‘frivolous” case.’ Furthermore, it was my plan to show the Court how the defendants have acted in a manner that is considered malicious and obsessive disorder in their several attempts to cause personal injury, disrupt my life, and try to defame my character.”
Ken rebutted “Your honor”… I thought this to be a contradictory title and I continued… “I’m here to answer to the allegations which was filed to this Court and I received in the defendant’s ‘Motion for Attorney Fees.’ I am not prepared nor will I answer to the defendant’s newly unfounded accusations.”
The libelous website was rather expensive, costing the defendants, Paulette Buchanan and Scott Buchanan, $4,868.38 USD.

In the February 2019 deposition by Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ then-second wife (divorced in 2023), taken while she was under oath, she falsely claimed that in 2004 a judge ordered our previous well-documented website, (what Ken falsely called “libelous”), to be taken down. That website wasn’t published until late 2005. In reality, there has never been any judge anywhere at any time who verbally or in writing banned us from exercising our free speech right to publish either our 2004 website, or our 2005 website, and same content website My husband and I were advised by attorneys to publish those websites and those websites were reviewed by attorneys to ensure they conformed with protected free speech laws. This current website has also been reviewed by an attorney, and, as with our previous websites, details our verifiable and well-documented accounts of all that my brother Ken Parks has done to us and to many other people.

Since the early 2000s my brother Ken Parks has been promoting and advertising his unregistered “ETC Ministries,” his unregistered “Simplicity of Christ Ministries” (“SOC Ministries”), and his unregistered and unlicensed photography and computer “businesses” (such as “Weddings Thru the Lens” and “Fotos by Ken”).  Both his unregistered “ministries” and “businesses” were operated in the house deeded to his then-second wife with her full knowledge and support, prior to Ken’s divorce filings in late 2022 (finalized in 2023). Since my brother Ken Parks’ “ETC Ministries” and “Simplicity of Christ Ministries” are not registered with the state of Georgia nor with the IRS there is therefore no financial accountability or financial transparency associated with these unregistered “ministries” to make record of how much my brother Ken may receive in donations from those taken in and deceived by his deliberate misrepresentations about himself and his lies about the innocent victims that he is obsessed with defaming, apparently to obtain sympathy and financial gain. The same holds true for his unregistered and unlicensed “businesses” which, prior to his divorce filings in late 2022, he operated in the house owned by his then-second wife.  As of this writing, Ken Parks now resides in an apartment in Sugar Hill, Georgia, Gwinnett County.

When Ken Parks was still married to his second wife, she confirmed in a phone conversation with my mother, which I witnessed, that she believed her husband is a “prophet of Jesus,” and that she refused to believe the public court and police records against her husband. She repeatedly stated and demonstrated that she believed all of her husband Ken Parks’ libelous, defamatory statements against innocent people and affirmed her full support of him publishing his libelous statements. In her 2019 deposition, Ken’s then-second wife also admitted to supporting her husband’s actions of filing his pro se lawsuits.

My husband and I voluntarily stopped publishing our website and same content website in March, 2013. The verifiable truth of our websites seemed to be working in warning the public about my brother Ken Parks, who has made himself a limited-purpose public figure. We had noticed a significant decrease in my brother Ken Parks’ fraudulent, libelous, and defamatory activities online over time and consequently we also noticed over time low viewing traffic on our website. Soon after we voluntarily stopped publishing our website in March of 2013 the defamation and libel that my brother Ken Parks has published online and in public court filings in his meritless pro se lawsuits (all dismissed) – as well as his incitement of others against us – increased significantly, worse than ever before. Consequently, it became necessary to publish well-documented truth about my brother Ken Parks so as to responsibly exercise our Constitutionally protected free speech right to:

  1. Set up a network of support consisting of other victims of abusive pro se litigants for the purpose of working with our state and federal representatives to enact laws requiring sua sponte judicial review of pro se litigants’ lawsuits;
  2. Warn the public that my brother Kenneth Floyd Parks – a limited-purpose public figure – has been judged by state and federal courts to be an abusive litigant and by court order has pre-filing restrictions against him;
  3. Warn the public that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks publishes false, deceptive statements to promote himself as a limited-purpose public figure seeking “public trust” (his words as found in public court records) as a “ministries” leader and “business” operator, and that he publicly and most likely privately libels and slanders many innocent private and public figures apparently to gain public sympathy and most likely financial support;
  4. Defend our names and reputations from the alarming sensationalist lies my brother Ken Parks has published and spoken since late 2000 apparently in order to incite his cult followers and others in the general public to harass us and/or, without actual cause in reality, be alarmed about us due to his false statements against us.                                                                                                          This website is therefore posted for public interest purposes as both a consumer issue and a public warning issue due to our valid concern, and the valid concern of others, that my brother Ken Parks may have filed or will file more of his abusive pro se lawsuits against any number of other victims for the purposes of trying to intimidate people into silence and thereby violate their free speech rights, publicly defame people online and in court filings (court records are public records), and cause financial and psychological harm to those he targets as his “enemies” and “opposed” to him (his own words and implications). Weaponizing the court system to file meritless, harassing lawsuits – filed either pro se or with an attorney – is an infamously common tactic used by cult figures, such as my brother Ken Parks is, to attempt to silence the responsible free speech rights of their former followers or anyone in the general public with concerns about their claims, credibility, and moral, civil, or criminal actions.

My husband and I are apparently not the only ones getting the word of warning out about my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks. It seems apparent that my brother’s own aggressive, defamatory, and harassing words and actions against so many private and public citizens, as well as his own self-aggrandizing statements – including in his own published references to public court cases involving him – are the most likely reasons he apparently provokes some people in the general public to research public records – some of which can be found easily online – and confront him about who he really is, and apparently warn others. If people are actually warning others about my brother Ken Parks it seems apparent he has only himself to blame based on his own public Internet posts and his own public civil and criminal records.

My husband and I wish to make very clear that we in no way encourage or approve of anyone harassing or committing any other crimes against my brother Ken Parks or his second ex-wife. Nor do we encourage or approve of anyone harassing or committing any other crimes against any of my three other brothers who have also demonstrated support for his disturbing public and private actions and words (my brother Ken Parks has named my three other brothers in public court documents and possibly named them in private social media posts, and they joined him in a 2018-2019 probate court action against me which was dismissed against them).

If my three other brothers, together or singly, on their own behalf or on the behalf of our brother Ken Parks, begin to file pro se lawsuits against me and/or my husband, or engage in any public defamation, harassment, or incitement against us, then they will be named in this website and elsewhere, using the public records they have initiated. This will be done for two reasons: to publish documented facts so as to clear our names of any libel and defamation, and to warn the public about their pro se suing tactics (one other brother also has a long history of filing pro se meritless, abusive lawsuits against many other people).

2019 Tennessee Public Participation Act

In 2019 my husband and I worked with our Tennessee legislators to encourage their support of the 2019 Tennessee Public Participation Act, which was signed into law by Governor Bill Lee and went into effect July 1, 2019.  This law is also referred to as an anti-SLAPP law (short for anti-Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation).  This law provides judges the power to dismiss with prejudice very quickly in one single hearing any meritless lawsuit, whether filed by a pro se litigant or by a litigant with an attorney, that violates a defendant’s responsible free speech right or other Constitutionally protected rights.  This law also provides for a judge to award attorney fees and court costs against a plaintiff who tries to silence any person’s responsible free speech right or prevent the free exercise of any other Constitutionally protected right.  We are continuing to work with our Tennessee legislators to propose and enact more constitutional bills aimed at protecting victims.

List of Ken Parks’ Dismissed Pro Se Lawsuits

Below is a list of abusive / vexatious pro se lawsuits my brother Ken Parks filed against my husband and me in 2004, 2013, 2015, 2018, 2019, and 2020.  He lost all these lawsuits:

  1. 2004 Gwinnett County, Georgia case number 04-A-08311-6.
  2. 2013 Fulton County, Georgia Superior Court case number 2013CV226028.
  3. 2015-2018 New London, Connecticut Kenneth Parks v. Buchanan case number KNL-CV15-5014893-S:
    My brother Ken Parks withdrew his pro se lawsuit and the court granted a dismissal with prejudice against his lawsuit soon after our attorney had filed a hard-hitting motion for Summary Judgment and a motion for Judgment for Non-Suit and just before a judge could grant our motions. The Summary Judgment and Judgment for Non-Suit were filed by our attorney right after my brother Ken Parks had defied a judge’s court order to provide employment records, tax returns, and medical records directly related to his claims against us.  In the last few filings my brother Ken Parks made with the court he went on a defamatory tirade against the judges and against our attorney.
  4. 2018 Washington County, Tennessee case number 90CC1-2018-CV-37362:
    The 2018 Tennessee judgment and injunctions my husband and I won against my brother Ken Parks (who filed as Pastor Kenneth F. Parks) for his fourth meritless pro se lawsuit finally resulted in him being declared an abusive litigant, as per the 2018 Tennessee Abuse of Civil Action law.  The judgment and injunctions we won against my brother Ken were domesticated in Fulton County, Georgia State Court (the county in which Ken lived at the time), case number 18EV006083 (the Tennessee judgment and injunctions were also domesticated in Connecticut state court and the Eastern District Tennessee federal court).
  5. 2019, New London, Connecticut case number KNL-CV-18-6035342-S. We filed a claim of vexatious litigation and conspiracy against my brother Ken Parks and his then-second wife (divorced in 2023) in May, 2018.  My brother Ken Parks filed in February, 2019 a completely defamatory and meritless countersuit against us in this case, which was his fifth pro se lawsuit against us, which was in direct contempt of the Tennessee court orders.  My brother Ken Parks’ countersuit was quickly dismissed based upon the Connecticut court granting full faith and credit to the Tennessee judgment deeming Parks an abusive litigant and placing a six-year injunction against him making any additional lawsuits he tries to file subject to judicial review.  In June, 2019 my husband and I withdrew our Connecticut case against Ken Parks and his then-second wife without prejudice and with the possibility of later refiling due in large part to my brother Ken filing for bankruptcy in response to our legal collection efforts for the Tennessee judgment we obtained against him.   We also anticipated his then-second wife would likewise use the same bankruptcy tactic as her husband.  Legally, court cases cannot proceed if defendants file for bankruptcy and their bankruptcy petition is pending.  In the end, there is currently no way to force abusive pro se litigants to pay for the financial damage they intentionally cause to their innocent victims, whether or not they file for bankruptcy.  As a final filing in our case against my brother Ken Parks and his then-second wife, he filed a Cease and Desist letter that baselessly accused us and our attorney(s) of committing crimes against him in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting.  The court ignored his filing.  This is yet another instance of my brother Ken Parks’ abuse of the courts to commit defamation per se against us and others.

Our 2018 Connecticut lawsuit against Ken Parks requesting attorney fees and that Parks be deemed a vexatious litigant is now closed because the Georgia Northern District Bankruptcy Court awarded us treble attorney fees for the Connecticut cases based on Connecticut’s vexatious litigant statute.  Click on the below UPDATE button for details.

  1. 2018, Groton, Connecticut Probate Court case number 18-00662. Ken and my three other brothers unsuccessfully sought to gain custody of my mother’s remains (but not my father’s remains) in the cemetery where they are buried together in Mystic, Connecticut.  My four brothers’ court action was dismissed.
  2. 2019, Atlanta, Georgia Northern District Federal Bankruptcy Court case number 19-56235-SMS:
    My brother Ken Parks filed for bankruptcy on April 22, 2019 to try to escape paying the debt he owed us from the attorney fee judgment in the October, 2018 Tennessee court judgment against him.  Due to numerous demonstrably false statements he made on his bankruptcy petition form, our attorneys filed an adversary complaint arguing that my brother’s debt not be discharged due to his many false statements and due to the fact that court judgments are by-and-large non-dischargeable.  In response, my brother Ken Parks filed yet another countersuit against my husband and me – in direct violation of the Tennessee court’s injunctions.  His countersuit was dismissed with prejudice in the Georgia Federal Bankruptcy Court on December 19, 2019.  We also obtained a Relief from Stay so that we could pursue both civil and criminal complaints against my brother Ken Parks, and any associated costs, for his contempt of the Tennessee court orders.  In the end, because extraditing my brother from Georgia to Tennessee would never be granted, our Georgia attorneys have warned my brother that since the Tennessee judgment and injunctions are domesticated in Georgia, he will face contempt of court charges there if he continues to violate the court orders.
  3. 2019, Groton, Connecticut Probate Court case number 18-00662. My brother Ken Parks and my three other brothers re-filed their 2018 probate action and yet again unsuccessfully sought to gain custody of my mother’s remains (again, not my father’s remains), and they argued additionally that the valid Will my mother made was “forged.”  My four brothers’ court action was again dismissed and the estate was closed.
  4. February, 2020, Atlanta, Georgia Northern District Federal Court case number 20-CV-0598.  In yet another instance of defiance against the Washington County, TN state court judgment and injunction prohibiting my brother Ken Parks from filing any additional lawsuits against us or anyone else without approval from the Washington County, TN court, he filed this lawsuit against my husband and me, our Georgia attorneys and their law firm, the bankruptcy judge and the bankruptcy court, our Tennessee attorney and his law firm, the Washington County, Tennessee judge and the Washington County court system, our Connecticut attorney and his law firm, the New London, Connecticut Superior Court judge who granted full faith and credit to our Tennessee injunction against him to dismiss his fifth pro se lawsuit against us, as well as the entire New London Superior Court system.  We sought full faith and credit be given to our Tennessee state injunction against my brother Ken Parks, and we additionally sought that a permanent pre-filing injunction be placed against my brother that prohibits him from ever again filing pro se lawsuits against us or anyone else.  This lawsuit is the ninth legal action my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks filed against us, and it is the fifth legal action he has filed pro se against us since the October, 2018 judgment and pre-filing injunction was placed against him.  In other words, my brother Ken Parks has filed pro se legal actions more times against us between October, 2018 and February, 2020 when the judgments and pre-filing injunctions were placed against him than he did in all the years between 2004 and 2018 when there were as yet no pre-filing injunctions against him.
Since the 1980s my brother Ken Parks has filed pro se lawsuits in Gwinnett County, Georgia against his ex-wife, the former church he belonged to, against his ex-wife’s husband, and against us.  To the best of our knowledge he never won any of those cases against his ex-wife and her husband, nor against his former church.  In fact we have court documentation that demonstrates he was warned by one presiding judge of being arrested for his refusal to comply with court orders.  Again, my brother Ken Parks has published lies on his dozens of websites and in various Internet forums boasting that he has “won” his baseless pro se lawsuits.  Below are the case numbers for my brother Ken Parks’ court actions involving us, his ex-wife and her husband, and the church of which he was a member:

We reasonably suspect that my brother Ken Parks has filed pro se or threatened to file pro se other meritless, abusive lawsuits against other innocent victims, but as yet we do not have any concrete proof.

Injunction & Judgment We Won Against Ken Parks After His 4th Meritless, Defamatory Pro Se Lawsuit – Repeated Warning About Abuse of Subpoenas

As mentioned previously in this website, my brother Ken Parks filed his fourth meritless, abusive pro se lawsuit against my husband and me in Washington County, Tennessee in January, 2018 (Civil Action: 37362) while he still had his third meritless lawsuit against us pending in New London, Connecticut for virtually the same claims (KNL-CV15-5014893-S). He also paid a mere $6.00 each for subpoenas to try to get at our private information, which he had absolutely no legal need to obtain. Our daily monitoring of my brother’s court filings made us aware of this abuse-of-subpoena tactic; again, some state courts do not notify defendants of subpoena filings against them. We immediately notified our attorney, who immediately filed a motion with the court to quash my brother’s meritless subpoenas. We and our attorney also contacted the recipients of those subpoenas and gave evidence of our attorney’s motion to quash my brother’s subpoenas. Two of the recipients helped us and did not provide my brother Ken Parks with any information. But we missed by one day notifying another recipient — the Tennessee Revenue Department — to not provide my brother with any of our personal information since our attorney had filed to quash my brother’s subpoenas. The woman we spoke to at the Tennessee Revenue Department was deeply apologetic and told us that if we had contacted her the day before she would not have sent my brother Ken Parks all kinds of personal information the Revenue Department has on us, such as the make and model of our vehicles and our banking information.

At the first court hearing the judge expressed shock and outrage at my brother Ken Parks’ abuse of the subpoena process and recognized his filing for subpoenas as a completely unjustified tactic to get at our personal information. She ordered my brother to turn over the documents he obtained from the Tennessee Revenue Department containing our personal information, but we all recognized it was too late. She also ordered that she would review any of my brother’s future filings for subpoenas and that he was required to provide her with an affidavit for any future subpoena requests explaining specifically why he believed he needed more of our personal information. He never sought any additional subpoenas in that case.

 Very quickly, my brother Ken Parks abused some of our personal information which he obtained from the subpoena he sent to the Tennessee Revenue Department by libelously claiming in his next filing with the court, a few weeks after the first hearing, that he had recently “witnessed” the make and model of one of our vehicles circling around his house and he falsely claimed that we put a package in his mailbox.  He had made a similar (yet contradictory) accusation against us in his third pro se lawsuit which he filed in Connecticut in 2015 but in that case he gave a December 2014 date as to when he claimed that he received by mail a package that he claimed was sent by us (there was no postmark on the package).  In previous statements made in court in 2004 and in his online statements, he claimed we placed dead birds with roses in their beaks in his mailboxes at his various residences.  In reality, we’ve never traveled 5 to 5 1/2 hours from where we live in Tennessee or approximately 17-18 hours from where we once lived in Connecticut to either circle around his neighborhood or any of his residences at any time nor have we ever put anything in any of his mailboxes at any of his residences at any place or time.  My brother’s outrageous court filing against us was demonstrated to be a lie in our court filings against him in the Tennessee case.  The only thing we’ve ever mailed to my brother Ken Parks were cease and desist letters, oftentimes certified, signed by us (sometimes notarized) telling him to stop stalking, defaming, threatening, and harassing us.

After my brother Ken Parks filed his fourth meritless pro se lawsuit against us in January, 2018, we contacted our Tennessee legislators and found out that other victims of abusive pro se litigants had also contacted their legislators.  An abusive civil litigant bill was proposed in the 2018 Tennessee legislative session, the bill was passed by the legislature, and the abusive civil litigant bill was signed into law by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam in May, 2018.  That Abuse of Civil Action law went into effect July 1, 2018, with retroactive powers to assist victims who were currently being sued by an abusive litigant. 

Our attorney used the new abusive civil litigant law in his filings against my brother Ken Parks.  As a result, in October, 2018 the Washington County, Tennessee state court dismissed with prejudice my brother Ken Parks’ meritless lawsuit against us and judged him to be an abusive litigant.  My brother Ken Parks failed to attend the final hearing.  The judge ordered that my brother Ken Parks pay our attorney fees and she placed injunctions against him preventing him for six years from filing any additional lawsuits in any U.S. state or U.S. territory — whether as pro se or through an attorney — against us or anyone else without first receiving approval from the Washington County, TN court.

Up until this Tennessee state court injunction expires in 2024, these court orders can be presented to any court in the U.S. state or U.S. territory by anyone so as to receive full faith and credit in case my brother Ken Parks tries to file, with or without an attorney, any meritless lawsuit or meritless protective order petitions (which are civil actions).



Our judgment with injunctions against my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has been domesticated and/or granted full faith and credit in:

—All Georgia state courts (case 18EV006083):


—Tennessee Federal Court, Eastern District, per order of Chief Judge Thomas A. Varlan Standing Order No. SO-18-04:


We sent a copy of the Tennessee judgment declaring my brother Ken Parks to be an abusive litigant to Judge Thomas Varlan.  His secretary forwarded it on to the federal court’s clerk’s office, who called us to confirm that my brother Ken Parks has been added to the Eastern District Tennessee federal court’s vexatious litigant list.


—All Connecticut state courts:

Brandon Marley & Gregory Benoit: Ethics Complaint & Problems Regarding These Connecticut Attorneys

In April, 2015 my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks filed pro se his third lawsuit against us in Connecticut, where my husband and I had not lived since September, 2013.  We had not published our website since March, 2013 so any claims my brother made were past the two-year statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit.  After multiple phone calls to attorneys who used the standard statements that they will not take cases involving a pro se plaintiff, we were finally able to find a young attorney named Brandon Marley who promised to fight our case aggressively.  As events unfolded we have every reason to believe that Attorney Marley equated our desperation with dollar signs.  Despite our insistence, Attorney Marley failed to cite Connecticut’s statute of limitations prohibiting my brother Ken Parks from filing pro se his baseless lawsuit against us, failed to cite that most of my brother Ken’s Complaint didn’t state a claim for which relief could be granted, and he failed to properly cite other precedent cases.  Consequently, although most of my brother Ken’s baseless pro se lawsuit was dismissed, one part remained undismissed.  

Public court records bear out the fact that after two and a half years of unethical delay tactics over our protests, Attorney Marley failed to obey the court’s scheduling order date for filing a Summary Judgment near the end of 2017.  We contacted a number of other attorneys who confirmed this was a very serious issue and they advised us to contact the senior attorney where Attorney Marley worked.  We contacted the senior attorney in the firm and asked him to “light a fire” under Attorney Marley to just do his job.  Instead, after reviewing our case, the senior attorney took over our case, had to refile motions that Attorney Marley had done poorly, and filed a hard-hitting Summary Judgment and Motion for Non-Suit against my brother Ken Parks.  Due to motions filed by the senior attorney the court also ordered my brother Ken to produce tax records, medical records and other documents that my brother claimed he had, but he failed to obey that order.  My brother Ken Parks, filing as Pastor Kenneth Parks, then filed pro se his fourth lawsuit against us in Washington County, Tennessee in 2018 while virtually the same lawsuit was still pending in New London, Connecticut court and while he was refusing to comply with the Connecticut court’s orders.  Very shortly after the senior attorney filed the Summary Judgment and Motion for Non-Suit, my brother Ken Parks apparently recognized that a judgment was impending against him and withdrew his Connecticut lawsuit with prejudice, even though he had filed virtually the same lawsuit against us in Tennessee.  My brother Ken Parks also filed a rambling screed against the New London, Connecticut judges and the senior attorney, claiming he was exposing their “wicked deeds of darkness.”  Whereas Attorney Brandon Marley had taken two and a half years to do virtually nothing for us to end my brother’s baseless, defamatory, libelous lawsuit (which was beyond the statute of limitations), the senior attorney shut down my brother Ken lawsuit in about three months.  As of early January, 2018, Attorney Brandon Marley was no longer employed at the senior attorney’s law firm (apparently fired?).  Attorney Brandon Marley’s very poor handling of our case – as demonstrated in his own public court filings in our case – is public record.  The senior attorney gave us some monetary compensation for Attorney Brandon Marley’s poor handling of our case.

We reported irrefutable proof of Attorney Brandon Marley’s violations of various codes of professional conduct to Connecticut’s Statewide Grievance Committee (again, court records are public records).  In his response Attorney Marley contradicted himself, bragging about his experience and accomplishments, yet then claimed that because he was only a junior attorney any mistakes he made were all the senior attorney’s fault.  Interestingly, Attorney Marley admitted that there was an “acrimonious departure” from the senior attorney’s law firm.  Yet Attorney Gregory Benoit, who heads Connecticut’s Statewide Grievance Committee’s review panel for New London County, used a wrong address to mail to us one of the Committee’s notices, and Attorney Benoit ignored the documentation and facts we presented (if he and the review panel even read our complaint) and he ignored what appear to be at least partial self-incriminating statements made by Attorney Marley.  Attorney Benoit made glaring factual errors (such as dates and other factual details found in the public record) in his short explanation dismissing our complaint against Attorney Brandon Marley.  Legal malpractice attorneys we spoke with confirmed to us that Attorney Marley did indeed violate the professional codes of conduct and should have been disciplined.  Those attorneys also told us that they believe that Connecticut’s Statewide Grievance Committee falls short too many times in failing to discipline offending attorneys, especially young attorneys, who clearly violate the professional codes of conduct.  We found one case that highlights how questionably the Statewide Grievance Committee operates, yet without any consequences for that, at best, questionable behavior:  Read about it here.

Lawsuits Filed & Won Against Ken Parks

My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has a history of operating unregistered and unlicensed “businesses” (e.g., Weddings Thru the Lens, Fotos by Ken) and “ministries” (e.g., ETC Ministries and Simplicity of Christ / SOC Ministries) — unregistered and unlicensed because he has published online that he refuses to “follow the rules and doctrines of men.”  Also, we have documentation that shows my brother Ken Parks has stolen photos from other photographers websites and from the Internet and posted them on his own websites, etc., to pass them off as his own photos.

  1. The Georgia Revenue Department sued my brother Ken Parks in 2006 due to his “business” practices. The Georgia Revenue Department won a judgment against him in 2007, seized his bank account, and garnished his wages (when he was employed): Fulton County, Georgia docket number 07GC083840 and Dekalb County, Georgia docket number 07G09959
  2. The City of Johns Creek, Georgia, where my brother Ken Parks lived in the house owned by his then-second wife (divorced in 2023), sued my brother Ken Parks for his failure to license one of his “businesses” which he operated in the house owned by his then-wife (Johns Creek Municipal Court case number 2011003041). Again, my brother Ken Parks also operated his unregistered “ministries” from that same house. My brother Ken Parks’ then-wife signed for the notice issued by the City of Johns Creek against her husband Ken Parks:
  3. Providian Bank in Florida also sued my brother Ken Parks and won a judgment against him (Orange County, Florida docket number: 2002-CC-009805-O)
  4. In 1990, while my brother Ken Parks was being investigated for child abuse and neglect against his own children, I (Paulette Buchanan) filed and won a small claims lawsuit against him for about $1,678 after Ken refused to repay me for money I loaned him to try to help him get counseling.  My mother and I both tried to help my brother Ken after he claimed that he was so sorry for calling us “demon possessed” and he promised to get counseling for his many problems.   Neither my mother nor I knew about his abuse of his children when we loaned him money (my mother loaned him over $15,000 of her retirement savings).  In short, he deliberately lied to both me and our mother.  I collected only about $25.00 from my brother Ken Parks before he fled Connecticut while under investigation for child abuse and child neglect.

Ken Parks’ Bankruptcy Tactic & Deceptive Hypocrisy

In response to our judgment collection efforts from the 2018 Tennessee judgment my husband and I won against my brother Ken Parks (filed as Pastor Kenneth F. Parks), he filed for bankruptcy on April 22, 2019 – federal case number 19-56235-SMS.  We are not my brother Ken Parks’ only creditors – there are eight other creditors he listed in his bankruptcy petition.  Filing for bankruptcy is another common tactic used by those with monetary judgments against them to avoid paying their victims’ court ordered judgments.  There are several very questionable and verifiably false statements in my brother Ken Parks’ bankruptcy petition.

Just in case clarification is needed due to the possibility of any false statement published or spoken publicly or privately by my brother Ken Parks, my husband and I have never filed for bankruptcy either singly or as a couple.

Two days after my brother Ken Parks / “Pastor Kenneth F. Parks” filed for bankruptcy, in an apparent brazenly hypocritical attempt to deceive people, he published on his public Facebook account a post stating “personal bankruptcy is not an option for Christians” and “true salvation involves paying back everything you owe.” 

My brother Ken Parks has since around 1975 claimed to be a very religious Christian, and since the early 2000s he has claimed he’s a “ministries” leader.  Since 2017 he’s been claiming he’s an “ordained pastor” and a “Stephen Minister.”  Anyone reading his public social media posts since the early 2000s can easily take note of his deluge of scathing attacks on Christian individuals, Christian pastors, and churches, making such claims, for example, that people are “fake Christians” and that he receives special dreams and visions from his god.  My husband and I therefore very reasonably believe that my brother Ken’s publicly published statement claiming that “personal bankruptcy is not an option for Christians” – which he posted a mere two days after he filed for bankruptcy – is a deliberate act of outright lying to the public and to his followers about who he really is and all the damage he’s done to innocent people.  We also have every reason to believe that my brother Ken Parks finds perverse pleasure in targeting especially religious people and financially damaging people in general (starting with his own family) and that duping anyone in the public by using religious jargon to portray himself as a morally upright, even morally superior, public religious figure is an amusing con game for him.

Ken Parks

The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. (Proverbs 22:7)


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Ken Parks Money is power. Those who have it, rule. Those who do not have it, serve. Solomon saw this fact by observing human society (Eccl. 1:12-18). The proverb is an observation: you are to find the lessons. Solomon did not teach the rich to oppress, nor did he teach the poor to revolt. The Bible condemns both errors. God made the rich and poor, for each other (Proverbs 22:2). The financial wisdom of this proverb is slightly hid for the diligent to find (Proverbs 1:6).

Money corrupts. Those with it are often blind to wisdom (Proverbs 18:11; 28:11), to religion (Proverbs 30:9; Matt 19:24), and to others (Proverbs 18:23). Those wanting it are blind to its vanity (Proverbs 23:5; Eccl. 5:10), temptation (Pr 28:20,22), and danger (I Tim 6:9-10). Money itself is no measure of character, because God sends prosperity to fools (Proverbs 1:32; Psalm 49:6-20). It can corrupt both master and servant, but both are accountable to Christ Himself (Ephesians 6:5-9).
Money is leverage. It can buy you out of trouble (Eccl. 7:12; 10:19). It can be loaned to others, which makes them servants. God protected the poor in Israel – interest or terms favoring the creditor could not be used (Proverbs 14:31; 22:16,22; Exodus 22:25; Leviticus 25:36-37; Deut. 15:1-11). Interest was charged only to unbelievers (Deut. 23:19-20). Men who did not work were rejected, since hunger is the best teacher (Proverbs 16:26; 20:4; 2 Thes. 3:10).
God wanted Israel to be a creditor nation – loaning money (Deut. 28:12-13,43-44). Lenders are the head, and borrowers the tail. The creditor wags the debtor. If Israel obeyed Him, He promised to make them creditors; if they disobeyed Him, He promised to make them debtors. God has better things in store for His people than being servants through financial debt. You should work and save to avoid debt (Romans 13:8; 1 Cor. 7:21).
Godly ambition avoids foolish or unnecessary debt (`1 Cor .7:32). Obligations are paid on time (Proverbs 3:27-28; Romans 12:17). Personal bankruptcy is not an option for Christians (Psalm 37:21; 1 Peter 4:15). Good men pray for moderate income and wealth (Proverbs 30:7-9). Every believer should have enough for himself and also be able to help others (1 Thes. 4:11-12; Ephesians 4:28). True salvation involves paying back everything you owe (Luke 19:8-9).
Minimizing debt is a rule of Bible economics. Both nations and citizens are in debt today; advertising promotes it; easy credit funds it; tax laws encourage it; bankruptcy courts protect it. God considers it folly and servitude (Deut. 15:6; Neh. 5:1-13). America is a tail! A slave nation! Regardless of what they think! It has built a house of cards on a pyramid of debt. Zero-down mortgages and interest-only loans? God forbid! The head will soon wag the tail, and the house of cards will be swept away in financial panic and ruin.
Only fools love leverage, because it cuts both ways. Solomon warned often against financial risks (Proverbs 6:1-5; 11:15; 17:18; 20:16; 22:26-27; 27:13). The poor should never borrow, because interest is higher for them, and they have no assets to pay off debts. The poor stay poor due to their foolish spending and borrowing habits. Credit cards are a curse to all but the very wise – the easier the credit, the higher the charge.
A godly man has perfect credit, because he always pays on time (Luke 16:10-12; 1 Cor. 10:32; 1 Thes. 4:12). He wants borrowing power, if he ever needs it (Proverbs 22:3). He is a lender and a giver, ready to help those in need, laying hold of eternal life (Proverbs 28:8; Psalm 112:9; 1 Timothy 6:17-19). He knows liquidity is a secret of wise men (Proverbs 21:20; Ephesians 4:28).
If you are justly poor, do not be dismayed. It is a good sign, for God’s election is stacked with the poor (Luke 1:53; 1 Cor. 1:26-29; James 2:5). You might even be the slave of a rich tyrant on earth, but you are the Lord’s freeman. And if you are a freeman on earth, you are the Lord’s servant (1 Cor. 7:22). God made both for better things (Proverbs 22:2). Rejoice!
There is a story of rich and poor that blesses saints. Jesus Christ was rich as God Himself (Phil. 2:5-6). He became the poor carpenter’s son of Nazareth and died on a cross (Phil. 2:7-8). Why? That God’s elect, who were condemned to wages of eternal torment for their sins, through His poverty would be the rich inheritors of eternal life and heaven itself (2 Cor. 8:9). How did God reward His deed? He is exalted forever (Phil. 2:9-11).

My brother Ken Parks had previously filed for bankruptcy in 1985. I very clearly remember my brother Ken boasting to me in the early 1980s that part of the apparent belief system he wholeheartedly adopted from the “health and prosperity” church he joined in Georgia was that he claimed they taught their followers to charge up as many credit cards as possible. This practice, as was claimed by my brother Ken Parks, was because their god wanted them to have prosperity, demonstrated by having many possessions. I was informed by my brother Ken that the church he belonged to also taught their followers to refuse to pay their debts and then file for bankruptcy as a form of, as my brother claimed, “taking the spoils” from “godless” businesses, banks, and the government. Whether the church he attended at this time actually taught these things is unknown to me; I can only speak to what my brother told me his church taught.

Police Warnings, Arrests & Conviction Records Against Ken Parks

My brother Ken Parks has a lengthy history of police records of warning, an arrest warrant, protective orders, arrests and convictions:

May, 2019 Sullivan County, TN police report of my brother Ken Parks’ threat against us:

April, 2018 Johns Creek Police report against Ken Parks of neighbors’ complaint regarding their concerns “over the years” about his alarming use of his cameras and/or drone to video/photograph their children, and their concern about his guns:

In early 2019 our Georgia judgment collection attorney found for us a listing of Ken Parks’ email addresses, many of which include variations of the email address “kids_x” or “kidsx”. We cannot state conclusively that all of these email accounts actually belong to my brother Ken Parks, or that the “kidsx” email accounts indicate that he’s involved in child pornography, but my husband and I believe – and others concur – that the names of these email accounts are nonetheless very disturbing, if they do in fact belong to my brother. The April, 2018 Johns Creek, GA police complaint taken against my brother Ken Parks reports his neighbor’s claim that he has a history of stalking and taking photographs and videos of children in his neighborhood. (Notice also one of his email addresses is “billydec2” possibly in reference to his apparent “Billy Dee” Facebook identity, as can be found in the 2015 Facebook posts regarding his filing of his third pro se lawsuit against us, which appear elsewhere in this website.)

September, 2015 Georgia protective orders against my brother Ken Parks:

2013-14 Groton, Connecticut police record of trespass warning against my brother Ken Parks:

2004-2011 CT harassment arrest warrant against my brother Ken Parks for publishing defamatory and harassing statements on the Internet against me and making unprovoked and unwanted contact with me:



1995 Gwinnett County, Georgia police record for theft against my brother Ken Parks for obtaining through one of his teenage sons the personal financial records stolen from Ken Parks’ first wife. My brother wasn’t convicted because his teenage son failed to testify against him:


November, 1992 Florida gun incident recorded by police against my brother Ken Parks because of his threats against his first wife:

1989 Gwinnett County, Georgia Battery and Criminal Trespass conviction record against my brother Ken Parks after he attacked his first wife and a female neighbor who tried to help his ex-wife:

There is an Alabama 1984 arrest record against my brother Ken Parks for theft (he was arrested in Georgia and extradited to Alabama); I have paperwork from this time period that demonstrates my brother Ken Parks also intended, but apparently never carried through, to file a lawsuit against the people who filed the complaint of theft against him. The charge of theft was dismissed, and my best memory of what my brother Ken admitted to me in the 1980s is that the charge was dismissed because he returned the item(s) he stole:

News Article of Warning About Ken Parks

In 2005 my husband and I contacted an independent investigative journalist, Michael Barrick. Mr. Barrick wrote two articles of public warning about my brother Ken Parks due to him advertising himself as a limited-purpose public figure – a “ministries leader” of his ETC Ministries (and his later Simplicity of Christ / SOC Ministries), although his “ministries” have never been registered with the state of Georgia or with the IRS so therefore there has never been any kind of financial transparency or accountability for whatever funds/donations my brother Ken Parks may receive from these unregistered “ministries.” Mr. Barrick at that time (2005) worked for Ministry Watch/Wall Watchers, a Christian charity investigative organization helping donors make wise decisions in their donations to religious charities and ministries. Forbes magazine gave Ministry Watch/Wall Watchers a high rating:

Below is the email exchange that Michael Barrick and Rod Pitzer at Ministry Watch/Wall Watchers had with my brother Ken Parks in 2005:

Michael Barrick published his first article of public warning in 2005 about my brother Ken Parks and his unregistered “ministries” after the email exchange he and Rod Pitzer had with my brother Ken Parks:

Opinion / Editorials : The Harm that Even One Can Do
Posted by admin on 2005/10/31 16:50:00

Use of Internet by Georgia man to establish ‘ministry’ and launch verbal attacks raises questions about modern ministry, the Internet, and donors that fall prey to anything labeled ‘Christian’

By Michael Barrick

Compared to the extravagant lifestyles and the mammoth media empires of televangelists like Benny Hinn and Paul and Jan Crouch of Trinity Broadcasting Network, or to the tactics of itinerant “preacher” Leroy Jenkins, who peddles miracle water at his crusades, Ken Parks — last known address, Duluth, Ga. — is, well, insignificant.

But that does not mean he should be ignored. Parks, who markets himself on the Internet as a photographer but has also established an ostensibly Christian apologetics and teaching website — (complete with links to well-known Christian retailers), and in chat rooms has labeled himself “a teacher of the word” — does indeed have a history of alleged harassment and numerous run-ins with local, state and federal law enforcement officials.

His “ministry” is not registered with the IRS as a tax-exempt entity, and there is no record of application. He has been allegedly questioned by federal officials for making threats to assassinate then-President Ronald Reagan. He has been arrested for crimes ranging from theft to assault, has a conviction for criminal trespass, and there is an outstanding fugitive status arrest warrant against him for harassment in Connecticut.

Parks replied to initial emails, stating that he would not answer questions. He has not returned numerous emails or calls in the past several months.

Consequently, it seems clear that the use of the Internet by Parks to market his ministry, which could be potentially done for personal gain if he refuses to be transparent, and to launch verbal assaults upon his critics including his own sister, raises questions about what is a ministry, the use of the Internet, and potential donors that could fall prey to anything labeled Christian.

And, because Parks refuses to return calls or emails, it calls into question Parks himself, who ironically, had at one time posted Ephesians 5:11 on his website — “Silence gives sanction to sin.”

Additionally, on his websites and numerous chat rooms, Parks has written articles that include disrespectful comments of local law enforcement and court officials, and uses avatars on numerous websites to seemingly launch vicious verbal attacks and even threats on anyone that subjects him to scrutiny.

Indeed, his sister, Paulette Buchanan, says she lives in constant fear that Parks will return to Connecticut to harm her and her family.

Yet, this is no mere family feud insists Buchanan, who acknowledges that she and her brother have been estranged for about two decades. Buchanan and her husband, Scott, say that Parks’ website and related chat rooms should cause potential donors of Christian ministries to carefully scrutinize Internet-based “ministries” because of their relative low cost, the ease by which they can be constructed and posted, and lack of accountability. They also point to numerous facts and allegations regarding Parks himself that they believe donors should be aware of should Parks ever start soliciting funds for his “ministry.”

Parks is the subject of a fugitive status arrest warrant in Connecticut, meaning that if he should return to the state, he is subject to arrest by law enforcement authorities for charges that include making threatening and harassing remarks through the Internet (via websites and chat rooms) and through email. And, he has had at least one web hosting company remove his website because he did not abide by its terms and conditions after the co-owner of the company was questioned by a journalist. Also, about another 10 domestic and foreign web hosts have taken down Parks sites after family members complained, said Paulette Buchanan.

Yet, he still has a ministry website. The ministry, however, is not registered with the state of Georgia. And questions remain about his resume, which at least one church in the Atlanta area no longer has posted after questions of discrepancies in the resume were allegedly reported.

Indeed, the Buchanans have established their own website, They explain its purpose, saying, “This website is posted as a public service warning. The purpose of this website is to give readers factual information so they can make an informed decision about U.S. citizen Ken Parks (aka, Kenneth Floyd Parks) . . . and ETC Ministries ( Because of documented evidence of harm already committed by Ken Parks against numerous people, and his claims to be a Christian ‘ministry leader,’ the information herein is pertinent to public interest and is therefore newsworthy.”

They continue, “As of this writing, Parks runs his ETC Ministries from his rented residence in Duluth, Georgia. Parks has no seminary or Bible school training. Parks’ ETC Ministries gives no indication that it has any board of directors nor any form of financial or administrative oversight, nor any staff members. As of this writing, Parks’ ETC Ministries has not been registered with either the IRS or with the state of Georgia. The Atlanta IRS office and the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs in Georgia have on record the documents provided to them against Parks and his ETC Ministries.”

The website also includes numerous links to public documents citing Parks’ arrest record, conviction, statements the Buchanans consider to be at least slanderous and malicious and at worst, life-threatening. Indeed, the avatars Parks uses and the comments he has made apparently continue to draw the attention of federal officials. According to the Buchanan’s website, “In early September, 2005, an agent from the Cyber Crimes department of the Atlanta FBI again confronted Ken Parks about his Internet libel and threats against Scott and Paulette Buchanan specifically and against others generally. Ken Parks was again informed that he is committing very serious libel in that he accuses his victims of crimes they have not committed (e.g., abusing children, filing false police and FBI statements, advocating the murder of abortion doctors). Ken Parks was warned by the FBI agent that his Internet threats are “dangerously close” to getting him arrested under federal law. As a result of Ken Parks’ aggressive and obsessive harassment and smear campaign, authorities are keeping an ongoing record of his activities.” The agent investigating declined comment and the FBI spokesman in Atlanta could not be reached for comment.

While on his own website, Parks claims that this is just a family feud, there is no question that Connecticut authorities consider him a threat. And, he was convicted in Georgia for simple trespass and simple battery as the result of an incident in 1988.

He also has several other arrests for which he has not been convicted. However, Mrs. Buchanan responded, ‘With his conviction, his use of vulgar and threatening language on the Internet, and with an outstanding fugitive warrant from Connecticut, these factors together should certainly make potential supporters of my brother’s ‘ministry’ question whether he is fit for church leadership.”


It also implicitly calls into question the state of the modern church. It would appear that Parks’ “ministry” reach is quite limited. However, that he has so many folks responding to his chat room diatribes — sometimes in support — speaks poorly for the Church. For anyone to embrace doctrinally suspect ministries like these that refuse to be financially transparent truly takes a leap of faith like those folks in the “tent revival” scenes in the movie, “Leap of Faith,” in which Steve Martin portrayed — disturbingly accurately — many of the shenanigans and skullduggery common to the traveling “evangelists.” In fact, such individuals will often claim that they are being persecuted when someone dares attempt to hold them accountable.

So, until Parks agrees to return calls and answer the many questions that should cause any donor pause before supporting him now or in the future, it is incumbent upon Christians to ensure that they are not supporting somebody that is not only not transparent in explaining the purpose and operations of his ministry, but is considered by law enforcement officials as a potential physical threat to those who would dare question him.

Such behavior can be found throughout the Bible. But it is behavior that Jesus condemned, rather than emulated.

Copyright, 2005.

Michael Barrick is the Executive Editor of, which offer in-depth exclusives, field reports and commentaries on secular and sacred news. To contact him, write

Michael Barrick published his second article of public warning after my brother Ken Parks resorted to publicly defaming and harassing Mr. Barrick:

The Rise of Cults/Coercive Religious Groups & Fraudulent Businesses on the Internet

Since the advent of the Internet cults or coercive religious groups and fraudulent businesses have increased exponentially.  After the passage of so many years – and so many warnings – it is both baffling and disturbing how many people open themselves up to being taken in by online con artists and scammers.  Anyone can advertise themselves on the Internet as a “pastor,” “guru,” “self-actualization coach,” or claim to be a “professional” in any number of professions.  The bottom line:  If you don’t know these people, if you don’t bother to easily enough look up any kind of registration with the IRS or with their state for their “ministry,” “church,” “business,” etc., if you don’t inquire into their professed educational background, if you don’t bother to check with courts and law enforcement to see if they have any kind of civil or criminal public records then you are setting yourself up to be deceived, scammed, stalked, defamed and/or sued by an internet predator.

Furthermore, warnings have been published about the use of terms such as “Jesus” and “God” being used on Facebook as lures in order to scam people.  Read this for example.

On May 8, 2017, bipartisan New Jersey legislators passed an act requiring the Departments of Children and Families and Human Services “to jointly study predatory alienation and its effects on young adults and senior citizens” (  In March, 2020 bipartisan New Jersey legislators took a big step toward protecting its state’s citizens from online predators of all types.  The New Jersey legislature took the results of the 2017 study and proposed the “New Jersey Predatory Alienation Prevention and Consensual Response Act.”  One section of the proposed bill reads:

Predatory alienation tactics and other forms of undue influence are commonly used by cults, sexual predators, domestic abusers, extremist groups, human traffickers, sexual predators, domestic abusers, and other similar persons and groups, as a means to recruit members, carry out crimes, spread their belief systems, advocate their political agendas, or simply impose their will on, and exert power, control, and supremacy over, victims.

The full text of the New Jersey bill:

Every state needs to enact a bill similar to New Jersey’s proposed bill!  This bill enables family members, friends, school and college officials, law enforcement officers, and others to legally compel those who have been lured and influenced by predatory alienation tactics into mandatory, involuntary intervention counseling and mental health treatment.

New Jersey’s bill, if enacted into law, will pave the way for much needed and long overdue mental health reform laws that not only address getting mandatory appropriate treatment – short-term or long-term treatment – for those people who fall prey to predators but also address mandatory and involuntary mental health treatment processes – short-term, long-term, or permanent treatment – for the predators themselves.  Good sense mental health reform laws will protect the public – the primary duty of any government.    

My brother Ken Parks promotes and advertises himself on the Internet as a “trusted” limited purpose public figure — a self-professed “pastor,” “ministries” leader of his unregistered “ministries” ETC Ministries and Simplicity of Christ Ministries/SOC Ministries, and as a “professional photographer,” (oftentimes having unregistered and unlicensed “businesses” such as “Weddings Thru the Lens” and “Fotos by Ken”).  My brother Ken Parks promotes and advertises himself as a limited-purpose public figure by speaking on a variety of public interest issues in an effort to sway the public to his views.  My brother Ken Parks has admitted in public record court documents to promoting and advertising himself as a “trusted” public figure seeking “public trust.”  One example of this is shown below — page 10 of a publicly accessible court Complaint my brother Ken Parks filed on April 30, 2015 in his third meritless, harassing lawsuit against my husband and me in New London, Connecticut (the case, KNL-CV15-5014893-S, was dismissed with prejudice, meaning that he is legally prohibited from filing the same lawsuit against us).  He was never able to produce any evidence for any of his claims in his Complaint (such as being successful in any profession), even when the court ordered him to produce proof for those claims.

Public figures, including “limited purpose” public figures, are open to constitutionally protected public scrutiny. 

Public Figure Law and Legal Definition

A public figure is a person of great public interest or fame, such as a politician, celebrity, or sports hero. The term usually used in the context of libel and defamation actions, where the standards of proof are higher if the party claiming defamation is a public figure and therefore has to prove disparaging remarks were made with actual malice.

A person may also be considered a “limited purpose” public figure by having thrust themselves to the forefront of particular public controversies in order to influence the resolution of the issues involved. The determination is made on a case-by-case basis, taking the particular facts into account.

Church pastor who decries abortion

Limited-Purpose Public Figure

The pastor would be limited-purpose public figure because he thrust himself to the forefront of a particular controversy in order to influence the resolution of the issue.

Dispelling Ken Parks’ Claims of Being an “Ordained Pastor”

Since the early 2000s my brother Ken Parks has claimed to be the leader of his unregistered “ETC Ministries” that he’s advertised and promoted on the Internet.  He’s registered on Facebook and Spreely; he’s most likely on other social media sites as well, using any variety of names and identities.  

Since 2000 my brother Ken Parks has used multiple social media sites to libel and defame me, Paulette Buchanan, and my husband Scott Buchanan, accusing us of crimes we’ve never committed.  He’s also succeeded in getting his cult followers to join him in defaming, stalking, and harassing us.  Since about 2019 he has claimed we’re members of a cult, which is ridiculously untrue.  In 2021, after we won judgments, injunctions, and other court orders against him, my brother Ken Parks began claiming that my husband and I are being sued, and that we’re committing insurance fraud.  No, we’re not being sued by anyone, and no, we’ve never committed insurance fraud, or any other crime.  These are the typical, unending ridiculous lies that my brother Ken Parks has ceaselessly spewed all over the Internet against us and many others since 2000. 

Since about 2015 my brother Ken claimed to have a second “Ministry” (also unregistered) that he calls “Simplicity of Christ Ministries” (or “SOC Ministries”).  Since about 2017 (to the best of our knowledge) he’s claimed to be a “Stephen Minister.”  Stephen Ministries, based in St. Louis, Missouri, does not require any kind of criminal background search nor do they require any kind of personal references when it comes to granting certificates naming anyone as a Stephen Minister.  In other words, convicted rapists or convicted child molesters can easily become “Stephen Ministers.”  So there is no validity whatsoever to anyone getting a Stephen Ministries certificate or referring to him or herself as a Stephen Minister.  What is most disturbing is that, as the photo from my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ Facebook page depicts, he refers to himself as “Max Parks.”  If any “church” or other organization claiming to grant Stephen Ministries certificates did due diligence and conducted a criminal and civil background check, there are no records (to the best of our knowledge) under “Max Parks,” but a thorough background check under my brother’s real name — Kenneth Floyd Parks — would uncover criminal records/police complaints and civil judgments against him. (See police records here.)  

To the best of our knowledge, my brother Ken Parks has been calling himself “Max” since the early 2000s and he began calling himself “Pastor Max”, “Pastor Ken Max Parks”, or “Pastor Ken Parks” in late 2017, claiming he was “officially ordained” at that point in time by “Pastor Joey” who at that time ran an unregistered “church” in the basement of his house.  Ken Parks’ then-second wife (divorced in 2023) swore under oath in her February 22, 2019 court deposition that his “ordination” was a “joke.”

Interestingly, the day before our attorney deposed Ken Parks’ then-second wife on February 22, 2019, he posted on his Facebook account his derogatory comments aimed apparently against his then-second wife, apparently against his own marriage, and against marriage in general:

Ken Parks

February 21 at 6:46 AM

It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman.

(Proverbs 21:19)


Ken Parks

For the young man: Being single is bad, and you may be frustrated and lonely, but marrying an odious woman is worse. Save yourself! Marrying a difficult woman can give you more grief than you can imagine. Do not get near a woman that likes to debate or has a temper.

  • The Bible is not just theology. God created women and ordered how they should behave, and Solomon had seen and felt the pain of bad wives, so he wrote often for men to avoid certain women (Proverbs 12:4; 14:1; 19:13; 21:9,19; 25:24; 27:15-16; 30:21-23; 31:10-12).
  • Solomon knew what he wrote about. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines (second-class wives). The grief of a contentious and angry wife for one day can cure a man of desiring marriage. Solomon had 1000 women! God inspired this expert to give you marriage advice: do not marry a disagreeable woman. Marriage can be worse than being single.
  • For the young man: Do you like camping in a hut in the woods by yourself? If you do, you are not normal. Most men dread such a lonely situation. But remember, such camping is better than living in a fine home with luxurious furnishings and fare, if the woman in that house with you is a critical, negative, overbearing, nagging, or easily-irritated woman.
  • What is a contentious woman? One that likes to contend – who likes to argue, criticize, disagree, fight, oppose, or question. She is full of questions, reminders, and suggestions – all to help, of course. Rather than dote on you, she will nag; rather than sweetly agree, she will question and suggest alternatives – until you wish you were single in the woods.
  • What is an angry woman? She cannot rule her spirit and likes to fight. She is easily angered, dissatisfied, irritated, negative, or resentful. She can find something negative about any event, and she frets and talks most about that. She is not satisfied. She is hardly ever content, seldom your sweet lover, but always irritated and stressed about something.
  • For the young man: These odious women – hateful and repulsive – will deceive you (Proverbs 30:21-23). They will lure you into marriage, and then it is too late. Solomon warned that they can appear nice when courting and dating, but then the marriage trap shuts on your neck. You need to be very wise by knowing both positive and negative traits to measure.
  • Remember the rule of ten. Any hint of a difficult or overbearing spirit before marriage will be ten times worse afterward. Test her. Ask her to do something she dislikes. If you see her face fall, detect negative body language, or even smell irritation, run for the woods. Be single for life rather than married to her. Let her be single until she grows up.
  • No wonder the apostles responded the way they did when Jesus taught His strict rules about divorce. In light of little room for divorce, it would be better not to marry. They were afraid of getting trapped in a marriage with a contentious and angry woman. Young men should consider the grave seriousness of marriage and carefully examine a prospect.
  • There are many agreeable, cheerful, gracious, submissive, sweet, and reverent women. They can make you feel like a king in seconds, and marriage to them is royal bliss. They are warm, kind, charming, and pleasant. They have no harsh or rough edges. Reject any woman that is even slightly critical, moody, opinionated, or questioning. She does not deserve a husband. You do not deserve such pain. You deserve a real woman. Find one.
  • The odious woman cannot smell herself. She thinks she is helpful by prodding, asking questions, stressing over details, giving reminders, expecting perfection, or disliking a choice. If you were to ask her, she would say she is a good woman and wife. If you were to ask her mother, she would praise her as well (Ezek. 16:44). But all others must hold their noses at the smell her husband cannot hide to his own shame (Proverbs 27:15-16).
  • Here is the first rule to save you. Only consider or date a girl or woman that has an independent fear of God. Do not be influenced by her looks or kindness (Proverbs 31:30). This girl or woman loves God and will live by the Bible in every part of her life with or without your help. She loves Jesus Christ, godly living, hard preaching, and hates worldliness. She will treat you for her entire life the way the Bible tells her. You win.
  • Here is the second rule to save you. Learn the character traits of godly women from the Bible and expect all of them. Look for extreme diligence or hard work (Proverbs 31:13-27). Look for graciousness, especially in speech (Proverbs 11:16). Look for great respect to her parents (Eph. 6:1-3). Look for love and kindness to others without any critical edges (1 Cor. 13:4-7). Look for a forgiving spirit that overlooks the faults of others (Col. 3:12-15).
  • For the young man: Your future is at stake. Learn the warnings in these proverbs about odious women. Believe them. Fear the pain of marriage to such a creature. Be prudent. Test a prospect, and watch her reaction closely. Is her mother a charming, desirable, and gracious woman, or not? Ask married men their opinions, for their sense of smell is finely tuned. Do not rush to marriage. Never take a chance with a fifty-year, horrible fate.
  • And for the woman: Learn to love your place and role in the world – you were made for a husband (Gen. 2:18; 1 Cor. 11:9; 1 Timothy 2:13). Get rid of your own opinions, for your desires are to be your husband’s (Gen. 3:16). Learn and maximize graciousness, and you will always be loved (Proverbs 11:16). Learn the wisdom of Abigail (1 Sam. 25:21-35). Godly women do not contend with their husbands; they submit, obey, and reverence them (Eph. 5:22-24,33; Titus 2:3-5). Godly women are not irritable or negative (Proverbs 31:26; 1 Peter 3:1-4).
  • And for the parent: It is your duty to train your children from Solomon’s proverbs to learn wisdom for great marriages and great families. Boys should be taught and shown by clear examples the differences between a gracious woman and an odious woman, so they will know what kind to marry. Girls should be shown and taught the same differences and required to live the godly way, so that some noble prince of a man will want to marry them. Lead and rule their marital decisions in light of this wisdom for their profit.
  • Ken Parks Most young men will not listen to such wisdom and understanding but rather be moved by his fleshly desires and think with the wrong head!
  • Most women will not listen to such wisdom and understanding but rather be moved by the political correctness (PC) of our culture and desire to control their life and those around them (selfish desires as opposed to being selfless).
It’s a hard pill to swallow, and the Bible makes no mistake about this issue.
Shortly thereafter in 2019 my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks made similar comments about marriage:

Ken Parks

April 28 at 7:50 AM

The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet. (Proverbs 27:7)


Ken Parks

  • Marriage is a sweet thing, a gift of God (Proverbs 5:18; Genesis 2:18; Eccl. 9:9). But if a wife is gorged on discontented fantasies of a better life, she can easily loathe her husband and the pleasures she should be enjoying. If she would choose to hungrily consider the abused or lonely state of many women, she would find sweet pleasure in even an average marriage.
  • A rule of wisdom is to live moderately. Wise Agur prayed to be saved from both poverty and riches: he wanted moderate food convenient for holy living (Proverbs 30:7-9). Paul learned to be content in any circumstances; he could be full or hungry, regardless of supply (Phil. 4:11-13), and he taught this moderation in light of Jesus Christ’s coming (Phil. 4:5).
  • Contentment, and the pleasure it creates, is a choice. Part of the great gain of contentment is greater enjoyment it brings (Proverbs 15:15; 17:22; 1 Timothy 6:6). It is possible to be happy and pleased with whatever you have (Hebrews 13:5-6). Paul taught the Corinthians this carefree life by looking temperately at all their activities in a disciplined way (1 Cor. 7:29-32).

Some states’ laws require that no one can claim they are an ordained pastor unless they receive that ordination from a registered 501(c)3 religious organization/denomination and register with the state.  In other states people can self-ordain and quite literally “ordain” their dog, cat, or canary.  My husband and I believe that as with any other profession that seeks public trust and offers important personal and public services, such as clergy offer in personal counseling and officiating at weddings and funerals, that valid training from an accredited university/seminary which includes ongoing professional certification and accountability needs to be required by law in all states and U.S. territories for anyone using a religious leader title such as pastor, reverend, rabbi, imam, etc.  U.S. military chaplains are required to have degrees from accredited universities/seminaries and undergo extensive background checks with required references.  If that’s good enough for our military then every state should make that a required law for the protection of the general public.  All the more is such a clergy authentication law needed since sexual abuse and other forms of emotional, spiritual, physical and financial abuse committed by religious leaders continue to make headlines and be dealt with in criminal and civil procedures.

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Ken Parks’ Targeting of “Stupid Christians” & Black People

My brother Ken Parks has been very active on Facebook, Spreely, and possibly on other social media sites looking for people to “friend” and “follow” him and his unregistered “ministries” (ETC Ministries and Simplicity of Christ / SOC Ministries) and his “businesses”  (Weddings Thru the Lens, Fotos by Ken).  My brother Ken Parks has a long history of posting under various false identities to communicate with himself and to attack other people. He has at times tried to impersonate me on social media sites and in his own constructed websites.  He routinely engages in character assassinations of public figures and ordinary private citizens.   As a limited-purpose public figure – “ministries” leader, “pastor,” and “business” operator – Ken Parks publicly posts ad nauseam in what could easily be perceived as a trusted authoritative manner about various public interest issues regarding religious and political topics, apparently capitalizing off of common complaints against the worst practices of some churches, religious figures, and religious organizations, and expressing political viewpoints all to gain attention, camaraderie, and exert influence over others.  Yet my husband and I believe the extensive documentation against my brother Ken Parks posted in this website demonstrates he has committed just as bad or worse actions upon others as some of the worst religious figures have committed against their victims.  We therefore believe it is reasonable to conclude that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has zero credibility to criticize any other religious frauds.  TO REPEAT: It is our reasonable opinion that my brother Ken Parks uses misrepresentations of himself as a “pastor,” a “ministries” leader, and as a “business” operator to defame private and public figures, and uses Bible verses and other religious jargon, as well as a range of topics, to apparently give the impression that he’s a reputable, trusted, “persecuted,” religious expert, and “business” operator – a limited-purpose public figure – so as to lure people into trusting him, giving him sympathy, and most likely giving him financial support/donations.

I very clearly remember in the 1970s and 1980s my brother Ken Parks deriding Christians and other religious people as “stupid” and easy to deceive.  I also very distinctly remember my brother Ken repeatedly proclaiming that he was going to become “rich, famous, and feared.” 

Also disturbing is my brother Ken Parks’ recent associations since around 2015 with African Americans and African nationals.  My husband and I find his recent associations with black people highly suspect since I have firsthand witnessed my brother Ken Parks, along with my three other brothers, expressing to varying degrees racist comments against black people most of their lives, including deriding me for having friends who are black.  Consistent with my brother Ken Parks’ racist comments that I have witnessed firsthand – referring to black people as “jigaboos,” and as “dirty, lazy niggers” – I don’t find it at all surprising for him to target black people with his religious jargon, along with targeting “stupid Christians.”

Below is a video my brother Ken Parks posted on YouTube regarding his encounter with a group of people in a parking lot who appear to be black.  My brother Ken Parks claimed on his Facebook public pages that these people were throwing “a party in the road way.”  In reality, the video shows what appears in every way not to be a “party” nor a “road way” but a parking lot, and the people involved, who appear to be black, are not blocking anyone from exiting the parking lot.  We believe the video, albeit without any audio, combined with his Facebook post, speak for themselves about how antagonistic and confrontational my brother Ken Parks is toward people in general and perhaps black people in particular:

Ken Parks

April 14 at 11:00 PM 

A small incident took place this afternoon… they had a party in the road way… I hit the horn… and as I passed by, one of the ass-clowns hit my car with his fist… I slammed on the brakes… and a small confrontation took place as they lied about walking across. The video doesn’t show that but quite the contrary!

Link to the video on Youtube –

Weddings Thru the Lens & Ken Parks’ Use of Our Father’s Name & Image to Falsely Promote Himself as a “Professional Photographer”

“Owning a camera doesn’t make you a photographer, any more than owning a piano makes you a musician” – Ansel Adams

Our father died in 1972 after years of heart problems and cancer.  I have first-hand witnessed for decades all my brothers, including my brother Ken Parks, expressing and demonstrating hatred for and disrespect of our father.  Yet I very strongly believe that in order to fraudulently advertise and promote himself and his Weddings Thru the Lens “business” (usually unregistered and unlicensed) to the public my brother Ken Parks uses our father’s name and image on his websites, blogs, and social media posts and makes false statements about our father being a “professional photographer” and “navy photographer.”  It seems very apparent that my brother Ken Parks uses our deceased father’s name and image in order to give the general public the impression of credibility as a “professional photographer,” claiming to have “apprenticed” under our father.  In reality, our father was never a “professional photographer” nor was he a “navy photographer.”  He was a chief radioman in the U.S. navy, and photography was one of his hobbies.  My father also liked to paint and draw, but that didn’t make him a professional artist either.  My personal memory is that my father was hired to take a few friend-of-a-friend wedding photos in the mid-late 1960s when he was half-way healthy enough to do that.  My brother Ken Parks was about 12-14 years old at the time, and I remember that our father said he needed him to carry his camera equipment bag because of his failing health.  So, my brother Ken Parks never “apprenticed” under our father during those few friend-of-a-friend wedding photography jobs my father did, unless one believes that carrying a camera equipment bag is “apprenticing.”

My husband and I also have documentation that strongly indicates my brother Ken Parks appears to have stolen photographs from other photographers’ websites and has presented those photos as his own on some of his websites, such as his “Weddings Thru the Lens” and “Fotos by Ken” websites.

Suspected Document Fraud Committed by Ken Parks

My brother Ken Parks has demonstrated there is no limit to how aggressively he will publish false claims and statements about himself to promote himself and his unregistered “ministries” (ETC Ministries and Simplicity of Christ / SOC Ministries) and “businesses” (Weddings Thru the Lens, Fotos by Ken), as well as stalk, harass, defame or threaten – online, in person, and through his abuse of the courts by filing pro se his meritless, defamatory lawsuits.  This is why I believe my limited-purpose public figure brother Ken Parks is a very dangerous public menace.

My brother Ken Parks has published statements about manufacturing fraudulent “official” records against me, and I don’t doubt he would do this against any other people he targets.  If Ken Parks ever publishes what appear to be court orders or any other documents that appear to be “official” against us or anyone else – such as court orders prohibiting us from publishing documented truth, our eye-witnessed accounts, and reasonable opinions about him – then the originating court can be contacted to confirm whether he’s fabricated/forged documents to make them appear authentic.  The following documentation addressing my brother Ken Parks’ threat to create false documents against me, and his other threats, existed originally on our and same-content website website; my brother Ken Parks refers to me as “Paranoia Polly” and to my husband as “Snotty”:

In early 2013 my brother Ken Parks attempted his second pro se lawsuit against my husband and me, this time filing it in Fulton County, Georgia — knowingly filing in an out-of-jurisdiction court aimed at forcing us to hire an attorney to spend more money defending our innocence and getting his out-of-jurisdiction lawsuit dismissed. He refused to properly serve us notice of his lawsuit until in the spring when Judge Doris Downs told him he had to hire a court server in Connecticut to properly serve us (we lived in Connecticut at the time). At one point it very strongly appears that my brother Ken Parks resorted to impersonating the Fulton County Superior Court by mailing to us by regular mail a large envelope in which he copied and pasted the superior court seal and address as the address of origin. We notified Judge Doris Down’s secretary about what he apparently did and she confirmed that the Fulton County Court never mailed anything to us.

When my brother Ken Parks finally hired a Connecticut court server to serve us notice of his second pro se lawsuit, he still did not serve us with the proper paperwork. To spare expenses we prepared and filed pro se much of the same filings our attorney had filed in the Gwinnett, Georgia court for the first lawsuit my brother Ken Parks had filed pro se against us. Consequently on July 19, 2013 Judge Doris Downs very quickly dismissed my brother Ken Parks’ meritless pro se lawsuit against us, and without us being required to hire an attorney or attend a hearing.

When we made complaint to Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Paul Howard about the forged/impersonated envelope that apparently my brother Ken Parks sent to us to make it appear that the Fulton County Superior Court had mailed us the envelope, his office refused to investigate the crime apparently committed by my brother Ken Parks.

In April, 2015, my brother Ken Parks filed pro se his third meritless abusive lawsuit against us in Connecticut, where we had not lived since September, 2013. He also filed his lawsuit one month past the two year statute of limitations that could have applied to our website, which we voluntarily stopped publishing in March, 2013.

There are still unanswered questions regarding the suspicious Order of Notice that my brother Ken Parks had published in the New London, Connecticut The Day newspaper’s legal notices section, especially in light of the fact that the judge’s name was provided as New London Superior Court “Judge J. Cosgrove” when in fact the judge’s name is Emmet Cosgrove. There was never any case number associated with the published Order of Notice, and there was never any record of that Order of Notice recorded with New London’s Superior Court. We received verbal confirmation from Judge Cosgrove’s secretary that the judge had “no recollection of ever signing such an Order of Notice.” Both we and our Georgia attorney who sent my brother Ken Parks and his then-second wife (divorced in 2023) separate Cease and Desist letters also wrote to Judge Cosgrove asking him to investigate this suspicious “Order of Notice.” New London Superior Court Judge Terrence Zemetis, during the dismissal hearing in the summer of 2015, likewise repeatedly asked my brother Ken Parks about the abnormalities of his suspicious “Order of Notice.” Judge Zemetis also made note of the problems with the Order of Notice in two footnotes in his ruling on the dismissal hearing. We have never been able to get this disturbing and suspicious Order of Notice issue resolved. Below is the documentation regarding this matter:

Below are excerpts from a transcript of the 2015 Dismissal hearing in the third meritless pro se lawsuit my brother Ken Parks filed against us in Connecticut in which New London, Connecticut Judge Zemetis questioned my brother Ken Parks about the legal problems with his supposed “Order of Notice,” for which there was no court documentation whatsoever:

The Origins of My Brother Ken Parks’ Smear Campaign & Records of His Abuse & Negligence Against His Children

In late 2000 the ten-year statute of limitations expired on the 1990 small claims judgment of about $1,678.00 I won against my brother Ken Parks in New London, Connecticut (SC10-90-118511). Immediately after the ten-year statute of limitations expired in late 2000 for that 1990 judgment I won – and never collected – against my brother Ken Parks he began and has since continued every single day his extensive long term stalking against us, inciting others against us through his publicized online defamation campaign, threatening my husband and me, and publicly libeling us via the Internet and public record court filings. He has both slandered and libeled us to our neighbors, friends, and to our employers with sensationalist false statements in which he has accused me and our now-deceased mother of being “child abusers,” accuses my husband and me of being “anti-abortion domestic terrorists” and supporters of anti-abortion domestic terrorists, “perjurers,” “convicted criminals,” and “wanted fugitives”— outrageously false accusations which have never been true at any time or any place. For many years my husband and I joined my mother, my brother’s first wife, and some of his former friends in contacting multiple domestic and foreign web host companies to remove over two dozen defamatory and libelous websites that my brother Ken Parks published obsessively and which were in violation of those web host companies’ terms of service agreements. Additionally we and other victims were able to have my brother Ken Parks removed from some social media sites, again because of his terms of service violations due to his alarming defamatory, libelous, alarming, and threatening posts.

Prior to late 2000 I had no contact with my brother Ken Parks directly or indirectly, and I never sought to collect the small claims judgment amount against him because I wanted nothing more to do with him due to his physical violence against me and the physical violence others and I had witnessed him commit against his young children. I had collected only about $25.00 from my brother Ken Parks before he fled the state of Connecticut in early 1991 while he was under credible investigation for child abuse. I have been informed that Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families still has record of the child abuse complaints and investigation against my brother Ken Parks since they keep “forever” all “substantiated” investigations of child abuse.

I am not named in the Connecticut DCYS/DCF records of the “substantiated” child abuse investigation against my brother Ken Parks, even though I was one of the eyewitnesses who made complaint of my brother’s child abuse and neglect. Therefore, unless I obtain a subpoena, I do not have access to those records. However, I was able to obtain the following Georgia child advocate public records which give a glimpse into my brother Ken Parks’ negligent mistreatment of his children (the document has been edited to show the pertinent parts dealing with my brother’s mistreatment of his children and to protect the names of his adult children). As a result of this court action, my brother’s first wife received custody of their daughter, whereas the two older teenage sons remained with their father; however, the oldest son chose within the year of this court action to voluntarily move out of his father’s house and live with his mother, her second husband, and his younger sister.

My brother Ken Parks has consistently libeled and defamed others with false accusations of actions and words that official records (many of those records being public records) prove that he has actually committed. Such is the case with the false accusations that my brother Ken started publishing in late 2000 claiming that I am a child abuser. I have worked my entire professional life in the field of education, and I believe that it is very apparent that my brother Ken Parks’ defamatory and libelous accusations claiming that I am a child abuser in the state of Connecticut (or anywhere else) were deliberately aimed at trying to destroy my career working with children. Below is a copy of the letter I obtained from Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families due to my brother Ken Parks’ publicly published defamation per se against me accusing me of the crime of child abuse. I carried this letter every day into my job as an educator in case anyone questioned me after reading any of the multiple defamatory, libelous websites and defamatory, libelous social media posts my brother Ken Parks started publishing against me in late 2000:

Fighting Off My Brother Ken Parks’ Sexual Assault

On Thanksgiving Day, 1980, my brother Ken Parks, who is about 8 years older than I am, sexually assaulted me when I was 18 years old.  I was alone in the living room reading a newspaper while my brother Ken Parks’ first wife and their four-month old first-born son were in the kitchen.  My brother entered the living room and out of the blue without any provocation on my part whatsoever started aggressively “tickling” me, rapidly and aggressively feeling me up all over.  I was immediately shocked and outraged and I yelled at him to stop and punched him away from me.  During this “tickling” assault my brother grabbed quickly at my crotch while he continued to feel me up all over. After I punched him away from me he lunged at me again and he continued to feel me up “tickling” me around my breasts and grabbed at my crotch a second time.  I kicked him away from me and swung at him with my fists while yelling at him to get away from me.  He laughed as he backed away and went into the kitchen where his first wife and their infant son were.  His first wife never responded to my yelling at my brother to get away from me.

My brother Ken Parks’ sexual assault against me took mere seconds and left me in a state of shock.  He had never done anything like that to me before, and for many years I tried to convince myself that with his hands moving so quickly that he didn’t intend to grab at my crotch and breasts.  I never told anyone about this bizarre sexual assault and for decades I had pushed down the memory of that bizarre disturbing assault, telling myself he must have accidentally grabbed at my crotch and my breasts.  Experts who deal with counseling sexual abuse victims describe this reaction as being very common.  This explains why I was willing to involve myself in my brother Ken’s divorce from his first wife and their custody case in the late 1980s in order to get his children out of the physically abusive church and unstable home environment (my brother Ken’s first wife adamantly refused to leave the church until a few years after their divorce).  In part due to my mother’s concern in the late 1980s when my brother separated himself from the church and his first wife I went along with her supporting my brother Ken after he claimed he was so sorry for joining the “doomsday” church and treating others so badly.  My brother Ken Parks shed deceptive crocodile tears and promised me, my mother, the attorney my mother hired for my brother, and the judge in the custody case that he would get counseling for himself and his children after his divorce and custody case were resolved (which he failed to do).  My mother loaned my brother Ken about $15,000 out of her retirement fund to find an attorney for him and pay for his legal fees, and I also loaned him about $2,000, most of that amount in check form.  For decades I couldn’t even admit to myself that what my brother Ken did to me on Thanksgiving Day, 1980 was a sexual assault until the early 2000s when another family member told me and my mother some details about her own abuse experience.

Since my brother Ken Parks cannot as easily assault me again physically (as of yet) he has been since 2000 aggressively, continuously obsessed with publicly assaulting my character and my reputation, as well as my husband Scott’s character and reputation, all for the apparent purpose of falsely promoting himself, getting public sympathy, and most likely using his lies to obtain financial gain as a “persecuted pastor and servant of Jesus.”

Attorneys’ Advice to Publicly Defend Our Names & Reputations

Over the years my husband and I consulted with a number of attorneys about what to do about my brother Ken Parks’ widespread stalking, defamation, and cyber crimes – cyber crimes that he admitted to an investigating FBI agent of committing against his “enemies.”  Many of these attorneys commented that they were stunned that we were actually even able to get a harassment arrest warrant against my brother in 2004 since they knew of so many cases in which victims were failed by the system and could not obtain any arrest warrants or even protective orders against those committing crimes against them.  The attorneys told us that at least the Connecticut arrest warrant I obtained against my brother Ken Parks in 2004 acted as a protective order of sorts because it discouraged him from entering the state of Connecticut.  Attorneys also advised us of our basic Constitutional free speech rights to speak out against the alarming and inciting defamation and defamation per se published by my brother Ken Parks for the purpose of advertising himself as a “persecuted” trusted public religious (leader of his ETC Ministries and Simplicity of Christ / SOC Ministries) and “business” figure (operator of his Weddings Thru the Lens photography business) and using his sensationalist libel and defamation against innocent people to dupe the public into giving him sympathy and likely financial support.  We received the same advice from one of Georgia’s assistant attorneys general when I spoke with her in 2004.  This assistant attorney general told me at that time that Georgia’s attorney general’s office was seeing an escalation of libelous, defamatory and harassing websites like those published by my brother Ken Parks.  She advised that we had every free speech right to publish documented evidence and reasonable opinion to defend our innocence as private citizens being used by a libelous, defamatory limited-purpose public figure to get support for his unregistered “businesses” (e.g., Weddings Thru the Lens, Fotos by Ken)  and “ministries” (e.g., ETC Ministries and Simplicity of Christ Ministries / SOC Ministries).  She confirmed what other attorneys had told us: public figures and people advertising themselves in such a way to obtain public trust are open to public scrutiny.

Both my husband and I have excellent professional and personal reputations.  My husband has worked for the same company since 1986 and he’s received promotions and raises due to his excellent work and interpersonal skills.  Neither my husband nor I have ever been fired from any job, although my brother Ken Parks has falsely claimed in court documents that I have been fired from one of my jobs. In reality, I felt forced to leave a part time teaching and volunteer position in Tennessee in 2015 due to a strong likelihood that my brother Ken Parks had hacked our personal email addresses (which included the email address for where I worked and volunteered) and I did not want him harassing my co-workers like he had done to my co-workers in the previous school in Connecticut where I had worked full time.  In the educational systems where I have worked – public and private schools, and at university – I have earned an excellent employment and interpersonal reputation.  (In one of my workplaces – the one in Tennessee where I left to protect my co-workers from the potential of my brother’s harassment after there were strong indications my brother had hacked our email accounts – I used my middle name, at the suggestion of victim advocates, as an attempt to protect both myself and the school community from my brother’s aggressive stalking.)  The following letters are examples of good references I have, including from the Tennessee school that I left voluntarily:

My brother Ken Parks has publicized his own statement against me that he intends to ruin my “good name” and good reputation.  He thereby acknowledges that I do, in fact, have a legitimately good name and reputation that I have rightfully earned in life, and he demonstrates that out of sheer, irrational malice he intends to ruin my good name and reputation, apparently at least in part so as to get public sympathy and likely financial support from his online activities.  Below is just one example of the malevolently libelous, threatening and defamatory posts he published using multiple identities (he frequently uses multiple identities on social media posts to communicate with himself and others and libelously attack people).  My brother Ken Parks published these posts around the time his first meritless pro se lawsuit against me was dismissed in 2004.

Typical Cult Tactics: Abuse of Courts to File Meritless Lawsuits & Use of Cult Followers to Incite Harassment Against Innocent People

“You don’t get rich writing science fiction.  If you want to get rich, you start a religion.” – attributed to L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology

“The only way to control people is to lie to them.” – attributed to L. Ron Hubbard

“Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.” –  Blaise Pascal

Throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s my mother and my husband and I received periodic late night and very early morning short rings on our phones.  My brother Ken Parks, leader of his unregistered and financially unaccountable ETC Ministries and Simplicity of Christ / SOC Ministries, has had sporadic jobs in telecommunications.  These short rings on our phones never registered on caller ID and they were clearly intended to awaken us and annoy us.  Some of these calls came on dates that my brother Ken Parks knew had importance to us, such as calls made on or around Mother’s Day, my mother’s birthday (May 2nd), my birthday, his birthday, and Christmas and Easter, so we concluded that these were targeted calls.

As of yet we cannot claim absolutely definitively that my brother Ken Parks was behind the harassing phone calls or that he has incited others to harass us.  Nonetheless, even the most skeptical reader can conclude that there are strong indications he has succeeded in committing these actions against us and inciting his supporters against us and others as well.  The following accounts give a timeline of some of my brother Ken Parks’ tactics and include situations that give every impression that he succeeded in inciting others to stalk and harass us and his other targets.  Again, we cannot state conclusively that my brother Ken Parks is behind every alarming, suspicious incident we’ve experienced, but we can state that it is our personal belief that we have good reason to suspect that he most likely has had a role in some if not all of the events, especially since he himself has published in his own words both his intention to incite others against us and his own published proof that he has succeeded in inciting others against us:

  • After my brother Ken Parks’ 2004 pro se lawsuit against us in Gwinnett County, Georgia (where we’ve never lived) was dismissed, he published in 2004 and 2005 posts in which he included our Colchester, Connecticut address with his threats to incite “militant extremists” to “visit” us.  His threats appeared to have succeeded in inciting others to stalk us and we reported to police those incidents of men sitting in their cars near our property when we lived in Connecticut.  We never had problems like this until my brother Ken Parks escalated his stalking and published his threats against my husband and me.
  • In late 2006, around the time my brother Ken Parks was being sued by the Georgia Revenue Department (judgment against him obtained, Fulton County, Georgia docket number 07GC083840 and Dekalb County, Georgia docket number 07G09959), he sent my employer a harassing, defamatory email in an attempt to get me fired.  When he failed to get me fired very soon thereafter my co-workers and I had our entire school email system overwhelmed every day with obscene spam emails.  Some of those emails contained distorted versions of my family’s names, which I can only assume was my brother Ken Parks’ method of cryptically letting me know that he was behind the overwhelming number of obscene spams the entire school system received.  The school’s technical department changed our email system in order to put a stop to the obscene spams.
  • In early 2008, as I exited our driveway on my way to work, I witnessed a man sitting in his car near our property.  He had a large dog crate in his car (we owned a large dog at the time).  I pulled up next to the man and asked him if he needed assistance.  He very noticeably turned away his face and mumbled about looking for a friend’s hunting dog.  I was immediately suspicious and I called the police.  The police arrested the man on an outstanding warrant, but neither the police nor we could ascertain whether the man acted on orders, requests or influences from my brother Ken Parks to loiter around our property, potentially with the goal to forcibly enter our home and take and/or kill our dog.  This incident happened very shortly after my husband and I, working with our legislator, proposed a stalking bill in Connecticut’s legislature.  That bill, with our names attached to that bill, was easily found on the state of Connecticut’s legislative website by using our names to get search engine results.
  • In late April, 2009, my mother finally resorted to changing her telephone number to an unpublished number after she experienced an escalation in annoying late night and very early morning phone calls.  A few days later on her May 2nd birthday my husband and I were present with her when she received two calls on her new unpublished phone number; we let these two calls go to her voice mail.  The calls were from her Colorado son, and he left two screaming, erratic, insulting messages on her answering machine, claiming he got her new unpublished phone number “from T-Mobile.”  My husband and I made and have kept recorded copies of the two harassing phone messages my Colorado brother left on my mother’s voice mail on the date of her birthday.  My mother had not yet given out her new unpublished telephone number except to us, and we had not notified anyone of her new unpublished phone number.  My mother called T-Mobile and they confirmed that they had no information on her new unpublished phone number.  My mother then called AT&T where she knew from my brother Ken Parks’ oldest son that he was at that time employed as a subcontractor.  My mother explained to one of AT&T’s managers about the likely hack my brother Ken Parks may have committed in order to get at her new unpublished phone number and then apparently hand off that new phone number to her Colorado son so he could make his harassing calls.  She also informed the AT&T manager of my brother Ken Parks’ long history of boasting about committing cyber crimes and being investigated and warned by the FBI to cease committing those cyber crimes.  Consequently, my brother Ken Parks apparently lost his subcontractor position at AT&T, and he immediately threatened, but didn’t carry through, to file one of his meritless pro se lawsuits against me, my husband and my mother in the summer of 2009.  AT&T gave my mother a second new unpublished phone number free of charge.
  • In 2013 my brother filed pro se his second lawsuit against us in Fulton County, Georgia (again, where we never lived).  That lawsuit was also dismissed.
  • In 2013 and early 2014, shortly after we moved from Connecticut, my brother Ken Parks retaliated for losing the 2013 lawsuit that he filed pro se against us by making multiple trips from Georgia to Connecticut to harass our former neighbors, the people who purchased our former home, and my mother’s former neighbors.  During those trips he attempted to file false police reports against us and one of my mother’s former neighbors (a woman), and he harassed some of our friends, even to the point of apparently impersonating a senior police officer in a letter sent to one of our friends.
  • In 2013 we experienced strong indications that my brother Ken Parks had hacked our email accounts, relatives’ email accounts, and friends’ email accounts.  One of our friends showed us my brother Ken Parks’ Facebook page and he had posted photos that I had emailed to relatives.  These were original one-of-a-kind photos and there is no way my brother had copies of these photos.  Using a separate email address, my husband and I had also emailed our friends about arrangements to meet them at a restaurant in Connecticut when we vacationed there in the fall of 2014.  The restaurant was right next to the cemetery where my parents are buried.  Cemetery security camera photos showed that my two other harassing brothers were in the cemetery at the same exact time my husband and I were meeting with our friends in the restaurant next to the cemetery.  Those two brothers had not been in the cemetery for months and had never been there together.  The cemetery security cameras were installed due to the harassment the cemetery director had experienced from my brothers and due to vandalism concerns.  We also have security camera evidence of strange men loitering at all hours of the day and night at the gravesite of my parents, including on Mother’s Day.
  • In early 2015 my brother Ken Parks’ public Facebook posts showed the support he received from his “friends”/”followers” to file pro se another meritless, abusive lawsuit against us.  His “friends”/”followers” apparently have believed all the lies he’s published publicly about us and presumably even more lies he’s published privately on Facebook and most likely in private conversations with his “friends”/”followers”:

Ken Parks

February 25 at 7:13 PM

State of Connecticut, Notice To Scott Buchanan and Paulette Buchanan

CASE NAME: Defamation, Libel, Libel Per Se, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Interference with Business or Employment Relations

The Plaintiff, Kenneth F. Parks, has named you, the Defendants, Scott Buchanan and Paulette Buchanan in the complaint “Defamation, Libel, Libel Per Se, Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress, and Interference with Business or Employment Relations” which the Plain…

Dee Maynard Sorry you have to go through this….

February 26 at 12:35am · 1

Ken Parks

March 3 at 3:16pm • Edited

GOOD NEWS: The Judge in New London County has signed the Order of Notice. Now it’s publication time.
If the Defendants, Scott Buchanan and Paulette Buchanan, fail to respond within 30 days after the last publication date in the New London Day newspaper, I will immediately file for Motion for Judgement. And in that Motion, inclusive, will be that the Defendants be psychologically examined at their cost. Actual damages and court costs and fees have amounted to more than $50,000.

Ken Parks Kathy Clark McCarthy, I filed a major Libel Suit against the Defendants who have skipped out, sold their home and cannot be located. So I have to serve them legally by means of publication. I had to show evidence to the Judge that the defendants are likely to discover the publication and still have an association with New London County, CT pursuant to section 11-4 of the CT Practice Book.

Kathy Clark McCarthy Wow! It must have been bad! People can be such jerks!

March 4 at 7:58pm

Kathy Clark McCarthy Don’t give up! Fight to the end!

March 4 at 7:59pm

Kit Gibler Milks You go Ken. I hope now It can be resolved quickly. Prayers

March 4 at 10:11pm

Ken Parks

August 17 at 9:01pm

One cannot be sure of anything, even if there is considerable prayers. It’s God’s will and not the decisions of men. God can move their heart in making the proper decision.

All I can say is that I believe to have done a thorough presentation and answering the Defendants’ allegations in the “Motion to Dismiss” before the New London Superior Court. The Judge asked me some questions pertaining to the tortuous acts as to whether they occurred while the Defendants lived in CT. …

The frivolous attempt to use the case law of Dunleavy v. Dunleavy had nothing to do with my case because the CT General Statute (section 5177) is only for divorce cases and this statute of 1946 no longer exist. I explained to the Court that the guidelines of the CT Practice Book has been established when it comes to substituted process of service such as publishing in the newspaper and the likelihood that the Defendants would discover and read it.

Once the Judge was made aware of the Defendants’ letter to Cosgrove and the images attached, it showed that the Defendants found my public Facebook and the publication of the Notice in the Day newspaper – This met the proper and sufficient means of Process of Service.

I believe that I have a 90% chance of getting the Defendants’ “Motion to Dismiss” denied.


Kathy Clark McCarthy likes this.

Kathy Clark McCarthy In court anything goes. Good luck!

Ken Parks Btw, the Defendants’ attorney will have to report all of his going on to the primary attorneys of the law firm, getting his hat handed to him by a Pro Se.

2 · August 20 at 2:40pm

Billy Dee Good for you Ken. Keep standing tall.

1 · August 20 at 4:44pm

Ken Parks Thanks, Billy Dee. I feel confident that the ruling will be in my favor. I have no idea as how long it will take for the ruling. It should not take more than 2 weeks.

1 · August 20 at 4:56pm

  • In April, 2015 my brother Ken Parks filed pro se his third lawsuit against us in Connecticut, where my husband and I had not lived since September, 2013.  We had not published our website since March, 2013 so any claims my brother made were past the two-year statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit.  After multiple phone calls to attorneys who used the standard statements that they will not take cases involving a pro se plaintiff, we were finally able to find a young attorney named Brandon Marley who promised to fight our case aggressively.  As events unfolded we have every reason to believe that Attorney Marley equated our desperation with dollar signs.  Despite our insistence, Attorney Marley failed to cite Connecticut’s statute of limitations prohibiting my brother Ken Parks from filing pro se his baseless lawsuit against us, failed to cite that most of my brother’s Complaint didn’t state a claim for which relief could be granted, and he failed to properly cite other precedent cases.  Consequently, although most of my brother’s baseless pro se lawsuit was dismissed, one part remained undismissed.  Public court records bear out the fact that after two and a half years of unethical delay tactics over our protests, Attorney Marley failed to obey the court’s scheduling order date for filing a Summary Judgment near the end of 2017.  We contacted a number of other attorneys who confirmed this was a very serious issue and they advised us to contact the senior attorney where Attorney Marley worked.  We contacted the senior attorney in the firm and asked him to “light a fire” under Attorney Marley to just do his job.  Instead, after reviewing our case, the senior attorney took over our case, had to refile motions that Attorney Marley had done poorly, and filed a hard-hitting Summary Judgment and Motion for Non-Suit against my brother Ken Parks.  Due to motions filed by the senior attorney the court also ordered my brother to produce tax records, medical records and other documents that my brother claimed he had, but he failed to obey that order.  My brother Ken Parks then filed pro se (he filed as Pastor Kenneth F. Parks) his fourth lawsuit against us in Washington County, Tennessee in 2018 while virtually the same lawsuit was still pending in New London, Connecticut court and while he was refusing to comply with the Connecticut court’s orders.  Very shortly after the senior attorney filed the Summary Judgment and Motion for Non-Suit, my brother Ken Parks apparently recognized that a judgment was impending against him and withdrew his Connecticut lawsuit with prejudice, even though he had filed virtually the same lawsuit against us in Tennessee.  My brother Ken Parks also filed a rambling screed against the New London, Connecticut judges and the senior attorney, claiming he was exposing their “wicked deeds of darkness.”  Whereas Attorney Brandon Marley had taken two and a half years to do virtually nothing for us to end my brother’s baseless, defamatory, libelous lawsuit (which was beyond the statute of limitations), the senior attorney shut down my brother’s lawsuit in about three months.  As of early January, 2018, Attorney Brandon Marley was no longer employed at the senior attorney’s law firm (apparently fired?).  Attorney Brandon Marley’s very poor handling of our case – as demonstrated in his own public court filings in our case – is public record.  The senior attorney gave us some monetary compensation for Attorney Brandon Marley’s poor handling of our case.

    We reported irrefutable proof of Attorney Brandon Marley’s violations of various codes of professional conduct to Connecticut’s Statewide Grievance Committee (again, court records are public records).  

  • In 2016, shortly after we moved to Sullivan County, Tennessee, I noticed a man in a place where I did volunteer work who looked like my brother who lives in Colorado.  I had not seen this brother since 2003.  This Colorado brother has been for decades working in collusion with our brother Ken Parks to harass, stalk and defame me and our mother (our mother died in 2012) and has given every indication that he fully supports his brother Ken Parks advertising and promoting his unregistered “ministries” and “businesses;” we have no idea if my Colorado brother is profiting in any way from my other brother Ken Parks’ unregistered “ministries” or “businesses.”  In 2013 the police in Connecticut where my husband and I lived at that time warned this Colorado brother to stop making harassing contact with us.  A few years before 2013 my husband and I had sent my Colorado brother a written cease and desist letter telling him to stop all forms of contact with us.  Prior to my mother’s death in 2012 she had also written a letter to her Colorado son telling him to no longer contact her.  When I saw the man who looked like my Colorado brother in the place where I did volunteer work I told myself that it couldn’t possibly be him because I could not figure out how he could have known where I did volunteer work.  Again, I had not seen my Colorado brother since 2003 and the man I saw was overweight and had gray hair and gray facial hair.  But I did comment about the incident to my husband when I arrived home.  Days later I received a call from the cemetery director in Connecticut where my parents’ grave site is located and he informed me that my Colorado brother and his wife had harassed him on the phone, asking repeatedly where my parents’ grave site was located.  When the cemetery director refused to tell them, my Colorado brother stated, “that’s ok, I already know where the grave site’s located.”  Cemetery security camera photos show that this Colorado brother and his wife were at my parents’ grave site only a few days after I saw the man who looked like my Colorado brother at the place where I did volunteer work.  The man I saw in Tennessee where I did volunteer work was indeed my Colorado brother based upon what this brother looked like in the Connecticut cemetery security camera photos.  My husband and I reasonably conclude that my Colorado brother and his wife most likely visited our brother Ken Parks in Georgia, then traveled to Tennessee on their way to Connecticut for the express purpose of stalking my husband and me, including showing up in the place where I did volunteer work.  I believe it is reasonable to assume that my Colorado brother, while in Tennessee, either deliberately followed me in my car from a distance or placed an inexpensive tracking device on our vehicles, or both.  This is the extent my brothers will go to stalk, interfere, harass and cause alarm.
  • On May 2nd, 2017 I received a call on my Connecticut cell phone.  Again, May 2nd was my mother’s birthday. I didn’t answer the call but I researched the number.  I found that it belonged to a man in Norwich, Connecticut, a town just a couple of towns over from Colchester, Connecticut where my husband and I used to live up until September, 2013.  I also discovered that the man had a criminal history in Florida (where my brother Ken Parks had once lived) and that his birthday was exactly one month after my brother Ken Parks’ birthday.  My brother has a long history of finding cult followers/”friends” that have commonalities with him, inciting them to do his dirty work, and then using those commonalities with names, numbers, dates and other common factors apparently in order to send his cryptic messages to me and to others to let us know he’s behind these incidences of harassment.  It was also a likely indicator that Ken had most likely hacked AT&T again (the carrier for my old Connecticut cell phone) to obtain my cell phone number so that he could harass me any way he could.
  • Two days before my brother Ken Parks’ birthday at the end of May, 2017 a man acted suspiciously around my husband and me in one of the places where we frequently visit.  He deliberately waited for us to leave before he followed us out and started telling us he knows people we know, trying to make it sound like he was familiar with visiting our area.  But he got people’s names confused.  We left as quickly as we could to get away from the man.  As previously stated, we cannot state conclusively that this incident has a connection to my brother Ken Parks, but it was very suspiciously odd.
  • In the fall of 2017 my husband and I noticed a man in his car in front of our house slowing down to take a picture of our house and then quickly drive off.  We, of course found this behavior very suspicious, and we reported the incident and the license plate of his vehicle to our local police.  The police informed us that the man claimed he was an appraiser who had been appraising homes for a number of years, and the man claimed that he was simply taking a photo of our house for appraisal purposes.  Here’s the problem with that man’s “explanation”:  We moved into our new construction house in June, 2016, nearly a year and a half before this incident.  One of our good friends who is our realtor and whose company built our house confirmed that in the real estate market at that time there is no way even an inexperienced appraiser would use our house as a comparable nearly a year and a half after we moved into a new construction.  Our realtor confirmed that there are plenty of other houses in our area that would be far more appropriate to use as a comparable.  Furthermore, in his second wife’s deposition of 2019 (divorced in 2023) she stated that her then-second husband Ken Parks was running his own photography business taking photos of houses for real estate purposes.  We can’t find any business registration with the IRS or the state of Georgia using my brother’s name.  Regarding the man who photographed our house, we can only assume this may be yet another person in our area that my brother sought out and succeeded to incite against us.  We assume that Ken claimed to work as a photographer for real estate companies so as to lure this man in our area with a sense of camaraderie and common interests.   Once trust was established Ken most likely outraged the man against us with his usual horrific lies about us so that this man would “do a favor” for Ken by going so far as to take a photo of our house.  How that photo of our house has been or is now being used is as yet undiscovered.
  • In early 2019 I received on my new cell phone number two phone calls originating from a local number.  I didn’t answer the first call but some weeks later I answered my cell phone without checking the caller ID because I was expecting a call from someone.  Instead of the person I thought might be calling me I initially heard silence after I said “hello.”  After my second “hello” a man said, “Looks like you got a new number.”  I asked twice who was calling but the man ended the call instead of answering.  I looked at my caller ID and I noticed that the same number had called me once before very soon after I’d purchased my new cell phone with the new phone number.  I called the man back and left a message informing the man that his phone call was creepy and that he was not to call me again.  Knowing that my brother Ken Parks has published online about his hacking abilities, and knowing what he most likely did to obtain my mother’s new unpublished AT&T phone number (and apparently for which he was terminated by AT&T), my husband and I and others very reasonably suspect my brother hacked into my cell phone carrier company (not AT&T) and passed along my new number to this man in our area that he sought out and succeeded in convincing to become one of his cult followers/”friends.”  (Previously my brother Ken Parks’ now deceased “friend” Bernardino “Dino” de Vincenzi specifically threatened in a written statement to us that my brother was an “expert” in computer tactics.)  I contacted the police, who called the man who called my new cell phone.  The police told me that the man claimed he dialed a wrong number, but no one dials a “wrong number” and then says “looks like you got a new number.”  The police told me they also warned the person not to call me again.  Additionally, we did some research into the man’s telephone number, found his name and address and the personal information on his Facebook page.  Lo and behold, true to all the other commonalities that we’ve found with other bizarre incidents, the man who called my new cell phone and told me “looks like you got a new number” was retired from the navy and had been stationed in Groton, Connecticut at one time – just as my father was in the navy and had been stationed and later worked at the Groton naval base (my mother and I had worked on that base as well).  The man was a former educator – just as I am an educator.  The man also lived at one time in Mystic, Connecticut, which is where my family lived for many years and where I lived for decades.  What are the odds?  Apparently my brother Ken prowls around on the Internet, on Facebook, and most likely other social media sites looking for anyone with commonalities that he can target so as to incite with horrific lies about us to the point that these people will do his bidding to harass us.  We don’t know if he pays these people to harass us.  No doubt my brother knows we’ll research to the best of our abilities the people who are exhibiting bizarre or harassing behavior around us and that we’ll find the commonalities.  Apparently this is his sick way of communicating to us that he’s successful in his libelous defamation campaign against us to the point of apparently succeeding in inciting others to commit harassment against us on his behalf.
  • In June, 2019 my brother Ken Parks published on his public Facebook pages his false claim that my husband and I are “trolling” him online (he’s on at least Facebook and Spreely).  In reality we were at that time not on Facebook or any other social media site.  As seen in the post below, my brother Ken publishes ad nauseam his false accusation that we have committed perjury, when in reality his own public court filings are easily demonstrated to be his own acts of perjury.  In addition to a myriad of other false accusations, he has now added yet another – his false accusation that we belong to a cult.  We’re curious to know what cult he claims we belong to, especially since my husband and I are both members of an international group of professionals (International Cultic Studies Association) that educates people about cults/coercive groups/new religious movements and assists people harmed by these groups; ICSA offers articles and resources from a wide variety of religious/non-religious, political and professional perspectives.  My husband and I have also spoken out strongly against religious/spiritual abuse and physical/sexual abuse taking place in our own denomination, in other denominations, and other religious and non-religious organizations.  For every false accusation that my brother Ken Parks has ever made against us and many others there are public records and the history of his own writings that demonstrate he is actually guilty of all that he falsely accuses us and his other victims of committing.  The below posts show that one of his “friends”/”followers” named Lanie Lampard has believed his lies and joins in with him in defaming us (all indications are that “Zack Abrams” is one of my brother’s false identities; “Abrams” is the last name of three teenagers he tried to date when he was in his 20s, and he has since 2000 and up to recent years continued to stalk and publicly defame them; “Zack Abrams” was also registered on Facebook as being located in Suwanee, Georgia at the same time my brother Ken Parks set up another address in Suwanee, Georgia apparently to avoid court notifications).  Public records on Lanie Lampard show that she has arrest and conviction records in Texas:

Ken Parks

June 10 at 10:41 AM

There are 2 Internet trolls, obsessed with trying to find as much “negative” or rather “fake news” about me! The two malicious and perjury idiots from Tennessee.

Ken Parks  In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts quarrels or upsets people on the Internet to distract and sow discord by posting inflammatory and digressive,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses[2] and normalizing tangential discussion,[3] whether for the troll’s amusement or a specific gain.

  • Both the noun and the verb forms of “troll” are associated with Internet discourse. However, the word has also been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, the mass media have used “troll” to mean “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families”.[4][5] In addition, depictions of trolling have been included in popular fictional works, such as the HBO television program The Newsroom, in which a main character encounters harassing persons online and tries to infiltrate their circles by posting negative sexual comments.Reply · 1d
  • Ken Parks I will make sure that the proper authorities will be notified and most likely arrest warrants will be issued against them for perjury and harassment. Also. the issue of defamation, slander and slander per se will be confronted in Criminal Court! It’s NOT revenge, but rather fixing the problem which they have been obsessed with for more than 2 decades. They are criminals and need to be brought to Criminal Court… and state psychiatric examination and treatment.Reply · 1d · Edited

Zack Abrams They must be of reprobate mind to maintain a consistency of criminal activity. Unrepentant fools! Reply · 1d

Lanie Lampard Don’t trolls live under bridges? Please tell me your 2 trolls aren’t that blonde and her husband in TN who belong to a cult?

Below are public Facebook posts from April, 2020 between my brother Ken Parks and his probable alias “Zack Abrams” that seem to indicate that in the last post my brother mistakenly used his own account to post a comment that seems to have been intended for his “Zack Abrams” account:

Ken Parks

April 1 at 9:28 PM

Your choice… the Light or the darkness!

Zack Abrams How did you come up with the idea of this photo? This is great!

Ken Parks I was playing with the settings on my camera, and I just happened to turn to my left and captured it.

Ken Parks You’ve got an eye, and I am jealous of your ability. 👍

Those who have experience with understanding the way cults operate report that cult leaders and their followers often use elaborate tactics of stalking, libel, slander, harassment in all forms and overall aggressive intrusion into the lives of former cult members, media members who report on them, and anyone else they target as their “enemies.”  My brother Ken Parks has used some of these kinds of tactics to harass our employers, our friends and neighbors, and he has tried to file false complaints against us with the police in various places attempting to have us arrested.  Here are some samples of that harassment:

Below is a copy of my brother Ken Parks’ blog page that demonstrates his harassment against our former neighbors in Connecticut and the people who purchased our former home.  His blog page also includes his distorted version of claiming others called us “troublemakers” and criminals, including the police in the town of Colchester, Connecticut.  One of our neighbors that my brother Ken Parks apparently spoke to was arrested and convicted for throwing a party for her young teenage and pre-teen children in which she supplied alcohol to her children and their friends; one child had to be taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, but we did not report these neighbors to the police for this incident because we didn’t know about it until we read of it in the local newspaper.  Another incident with this neighbor occurred in 2000 in which my husband and I and other neighbors called the police because the husband and wife got into a physical fight in their yard in front of their young children that we and other people witnessed.  These incidents are public records.

In reality, the Colchester, Connecticut police department never at any time referred to us as “troublemakers” and in fact notified my brother Ken Parks to remove from his blog his libelous statements about the police department and about an individual police officer he named in his blog.

Below is the public record police report from 2018 that describes my brother Ken Parks’ attempt to file yet another false complaint, this time claiming that I “forged” my mother’s last Will and Testament.  He also falsely claimed that my mother’s estate was “worth approximately $250,000”; in reality, my mother’s former home was never worth that much, and in fact she had to foreclose on the property (which my brothers all knew about) due to a reverse mortgage she had taken out on the house in which she owed more money than the house was worth.  Around this same time in 2018 my brother Ken Parks and my three other brothers sued me pro se in Groton, Connecticut probate court, seeking to be granted ownership of our mother’s remains (but not our father’s remains) in the cemetery where my parents are  interred together.  The Groton probate court dismissed their utterly meritless, ghoulish and outrageous case:

My husband and I are not my brother Ken Parks’ only target of harassment.  He has published posts in which he’s demonstrated that he is targeting churches and Bible study meetings in private homes in his area and elsewhere.   The first example below is my brother Ken Parks’ post regarding a church in Connecticut where one of the three sisters he tried to date back in the mid-1970s currently attends (we blocked out the photograph that my brother Ken Parks posted of one of the three Connecticut sisters he defames – children were also present in the photograph he posted).  In the mid-1970s my brother Ken Parks was in his early 20s and the three sisters were all teenagers:

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Grace Fellowship Visited by Pastor Ken "Max" Parks, 11/18/2018

It was a typical cold day in Connecticut, and then there is the weather!

The decision was made to visit a quaint little church facility in a quaint little town. North Stonington provided the scenery, snow on the ground, most of the leaves had changed colors and died, and then descended to the hardness of the nearby surface to be scattered about by the wintry winds.

I arrived early and started to take photographs before making entry into the church building. This mysterious photographer apparently caught someone’s attention, and I obliged by waving at him and approaching the small facility. He introduced himself as Bob (pastor?) and he made mention from the onset how beautiful the church building is in comparison to others in the region. I told him I was visiting from the deep South and kept quiet about having previously lived 20+ years in Mystic/Groton area.

I asked, “Why is there not a Cross on the steeple?” He responded, “That’s the way the steeple came, with no Cross.”

I then inquired, “What is that thing up there? Is it a cell antennae?”

“No! That’s a lightning rod.”

“I see!” was my response. Thinking internally… no Cross… but a lightning rod. I wonder if they preach the message of the lightning rod?

Another person greeted me, Richard Lowe, a somewhat familiar face of the past. We had grown up in the same neighborhood and I also knew his younger brother, Mike, of whom I had known while in Jr. High School and Sr. High School. We chatted for a few minutes and I asked about their Sunday School class. I sat in.

The Sunday School class was doing a study on the Gospel of John, chapter 9. For the most part, I listened to their talk, which made me believe that they were also into “churchianity” (the love and devotion for church business and the leaders thereof). The reasoning was based on the following statements:

“I’m glad to be here today to listen to Pastor Bob’s sermon.”

“I grew up in ‘church’… and I ‘accepted’ Christ (I noticed no mention of repentance).”

On the discussion of the Jews, the Pharisees (religious righteous of the time of Christ dwelling among us), the leader of the Sunday School class mentioned that they had a residential Jewish family called the “Abrams.” I recognized the name and knew who they were. A photograph in the hallway revealed one of the family members.

I had been led by the Spirit to understand the reason for “fellowship” and that is to stir up love and good works (see Hebrews 10:24-25). But that was not the case here. The small Sunday School class consisting mostly of senior citizens, appeared to be more concerned about the natural study of John 9 and not so much about the spiritual element. I recognized the pride and the religious spirit of the members, but held back my tongue.

And at the end of the study, I brought up the meaning of this story about the blind man, and it was not so much about the natural healing but rather what Jesus pointed out as a spiritual healing. The Pharisees had asked, “Are we blind also?” And the final verse (v. 41) sums it all up with Jesus’ answer. However, the religious righteous spirits in the room did not comprehend what was expressed.


Another post published by Ken Parks from 2015:

Ken Parks

March 14 at 3:16 AM • Edited

When one test the spirits, it is bound to happen that one comes across the spirit of churchianity. And before going to a Bible Study in a home that was not affiliated with any church business, my spirit was getting some warning signs that all is not well.

One of the members kept asking questions for further clarification. I did not sense ill will in his questions, but rather a need to seek the truth as a person still in the spiritual infant stage. As the meeting progress…ed, one person (let’s call him Yuri) accused the person in question (let’s call him Bob) of raising doubt and causing others to feel uncomfortable.

This basically stopped the flow of the Bible Study. I was also accused of interrupting (false statement). The home owner removed herself from the balance of the study, another woman cried, and I then intervened, “Speaking for Bob, I am glad that he asked questions, because as iron sharpens iron, so does a man sharpen the countenance of his friend. Thank you Bob.” (I had quoted from Proverbs 27:17)

When we finally closed in prayer, I discerned throughout the evening this Yuri character had never quoted any Scripture but had his unbiblical say. Even his prayer for the group was partially about himself and used terms to indicate selfishness and the “positive thinking doctrine” (Gee, where have I heard this). Being this was not my home, I quickly gathered up my Bible and left… shaking my head as I departed from the turmoil.

This was the worst Bible Study ever attended in my years. When I came home, I went onto the computer and immediately quit this meetup group. Lesson learned!

From 2014:

The following post from December, 2019 that my brother Ken Parks posted depicts a charging lion and statements aimed at us. Again, there are strong indications that Zack Abrams is one of my brother’s aliases, and my husband and I strongly suspect that Robert Jones may be another alias. From December 29th, 2019 to March 2nd, 2020 my brother Ken Parks uncharacteristically did not make a single post, all the while making periodic posts with his ETC Ministries Facebook account and with the Zack Abrams account. Did people complain to Facebook about any offensive, alarming or threatening posts he may have made on his personal account (perhaps connected to his charging lion post and statements that seem to include others and not just us)? Did Facebook therefore suspend his personal account? (For the record, we made no complaints to Facebook.)

Ken Parks

December 4, 2019 at 3:59 PM

To the two idiots and trolls of Tennessee… aka “the troublemakers”…

  • Ken Parks These two Tennessee idiots have trolled me all over the Internet, produced a malicious and libelous website(s) about me, and are trying to disrupt my life, my family, and friends. They have the spirit of the scribes, Pharisees and hypocrites. Jesus aimed his truth directly to them and their ultimate destination, having called Him the captain of the devils (see Matthew 12:22-31), Jesus prophesied to His elect that they will do the same to you, call you a devil(s) and lie about you before magistrates… the same they did to Jesus. They will lie, cheat and deceive the Courts in their favor.
  • Zack Abrams That also seems to be the perils of false brethren.
  • Ken Parks .
    No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
    And every tongue which rises against you in judgment…See More
  • Robert Jones Amen!

My brother Ken Parks has published his admission that his motivation for stalking me, his own sister, and all of his other targets comes from his claims that he receives “dreams and visions” from his god to punish his enemies and all who refuse to believe that he is his god’s prophet.  Again, my husband and I believe that he is using his claim of being his god’s prophet to target “stupid Christians” so as to gain public support through the use of religious jargon and sensationalist lies against innocent private and public figures, and intimidate anyone who questions him (we highlighted sections in yellow).


“The message (preaching) of the cross is foolishness…to those who are perishing.

But to us who are saved…

It is the power of God.”…

The following Facebook post from 2017 likewise demonstrates that people who apparently feel harassed or offended by my brother Ken Parks have unfriended him and banned him from communicating with them.  We strongly doubt it was the photo alone that he posted that caused alarm or offense but there was probably a long enough history of my brother harassing or offending people and his posting this photo was most likely “the last straw” (yes, the pun is intended).  We don’t know who took this photo.  We also don’t know if he has threatened to file pro se lawsuits or has actually filed pro se lawsuits against other people:

Ken Parks

It seems that the Groton/Mystic FB page has given me the right foot of fellowship for posting the above image… Oh, well! No great loss!

The following Facebook posts are from 2014 and 2015, listed in order from most recent to oldest (we highlighted sections in yellow):

Ken Parks

I used to be stupid and tolerated all the games played in church business. It wasn’t until I made the escape, a veil was lifted from my eyes and I can hear the voice saying, “NOW, you’ve only begun the journey onto the path of righteousness for My sak…

May 25 at 5:08am · Edited

Ken Parks

Some may claim that I’m an angry old man. No! I speak as one who has had visions, dream dreams, and foresee the events ahead of us. Those who are liars and bear false witness will reap what they have sown.

May 20 at 9:34am

Ken Parks

I will say this much… For those who hold contempt against me and God who is for me and I for Him, there will come a day of recognition. And He will say to them, “I never knew you. Depart from Me, you that work lawlessness.”

May 20 at 9:29am  · Edited

Ken Parks

And it may come to pass that the same liars and those who bear false witness against me will receive their just recognition in this world.

May 20 at 9:31am

Ken Parks

Some people might claim my dreams were coincidental. But they can’t explain how I knew of the event and how it was going to happen.

May 20 at 10:03am • Edited

Ken Parks

There are some who claim that prophecy is no longer… ah!
“And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.” — Joel 2:28

May 20 at 9:06am

Ken Parks

In Christ Jesus, I can see clearly the deceptive practices of men, and their lies and bearing false witness. By coming against God’s saints, the lovers of darkness will pay in this world and ultimately at the end of the Age and the Day of His Judgment.

As my Great Grandmother would say, “You can mark my words!”

May 18 at 6:08pm

Ken Parks

If someone is not one of his chosen, then they are apt to believe they are saved my mental exercise. And then they have their buddies wrestle with sin and how to handle it in the flesh, agreeing with each other in vain discussions and philosophies of men. I call it psycho-babble. Complete nonsense!

May 13 at 5:26am

Ken Parks

When I have to contend with liars, those who bear false witness, I know God is faithful insomuch that Truth will prevail over lying lips.

May 10 at 8:57am

Ken Parks

Finally, I get to bring witness against the false witnesses. Justice will prevail against those who try to bear false witness against one of His elect.

May 9 at 1:19am

Ken Parks

In my little understanding of the Scriptures and who I am… I know who I am and I have been “called out” to be one of His chosen. And by His word, He is faithful.

April 30 at 4:44pm

Ken Parks

Unlike so many who purport to follow Christ, I am not a wimp, one who succumbs (gives up; surrenders) to the evil in this world, I am one of His elect, carrying the full armor of God in the spiritual war that manifests itself in the natural. Paul understood it and wrote about it. And ultimately he died for the sake of the faith in Jesus Christ. He was not a wimp!

April 24 at 11:40pm • Edited

Ken Parks

As a disciple of Christ, a servant of the Lord, this is my heritage and righteous judgement against those who come against me. Am I overzealous? Is this Scripture out of place? Is God making a spiritual army of wimps?

Saints, I implore you… know …See More

April 20 at 6:37am • Edited • 4

Ken Parks

Evil comes in a variety of packages. One is a false witness. Another is a liar. Justice will prevail against those who act with disdain upon His members of Ekklesia.

April 19 at 6:08am

Ken Parks

Most people don’t believe that God can send you a message through dreams. They think the receiver of such dreams has to be fruitcake.

If the dreams I’ve received testify of God’s ability to see earthly future, then why does He release such dreams t…See More

February 23 at 9:17pm • Edited • 1

Ken Parks

I know for a fact, never say anything to threaten a prophet of God (ordained not by men or by self, but rather appointed by the Father. Case in point:

A certain man’s ex-wife had remarried to lover-boy and yet had physical custody of his children. That gives you an idea how wonderful his ex-wife was as mother and designated by the Court.

It turns out during a return of the children after visitation, that the lover-boy had threatened the appointed man with, “Come out here yo…u bastard, and I’ll kick your ass!” The appointed man decided to leave matters such as this in the hands of God, “No sense in getting hurt when my Protector will do His thing.”

Albeit it may have taken some time, but God does things in His own time. Fast-forward to about 20 years later — the lover boy complained about the pain in his right leg. Dr.s’ diagnosis, “You have bone cancer in your leg.” Treatment did not resolve the issue, so the leg had to be amputated.” So much for doing any ass-kicking!

The ex-wife you say? Well, the Bible says that beauty withers as the grass of the field fades. And not only did it wither, but gained a few ugly pounds. So much for going up against one of His appointed!

February 14 at 5:49am • Edited

Ken Parks

Because I am a remnant, one of those “called out” (Ekklesia), I have been told, “You are a lone wolf” In other words, those involved in churchianity believe that I am a son of the father of lies. See how this hatred can fester into violence? And they think they are doing God’s will.

January 15 at 5:51am • Edited



Our Efforts to Get Laws Enforced Against Ken Parks

Shortly before my brother Ken Parks was notified of the Connecticut arrest warrant issued against him in 2004 for harassing me, my husband and I received in our mailbox the following letter from my brother, which he wrote on his birthday, while he was visiting his friend and fellow stalker in Italy, Bernardino “Dino” de Vincenzi (now deceased).  Note my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ apparent reference of “an additional $1,600.00 USD” to the 1990 small claims judgment amount of approximately $1,600 I won against him which he never repaid to me:

Immediately after my brother Ken Parks was notified by female Connecticut State Trooper Kelly Krayneck of the arrest warrant issued against him, our computer got barraged with virus-infected emails.  Our virus protection alerted us to the attack and protected our computer.  Our virus protection also enabled us to derive information about the origins of the viruses, all but one of which originated in the region of Italy where Ken Parks’ “friend” Dino de Vincenzi lived and worked.  My husband and I then contacted the FBI in New Haven, Connecticut, who transferred our case to FBI Cyber Crimes Agent Chad Hunt in Atlanta, Georgia.  My brother Ken Parks was openly boasting in his public chat forum posts of his hacking abilities (posting under the alias “Churchill.”)  Atlanta FBI Agent Chad Hunt told us that he went to my brother’s residence and that my brother Ken Parks verbally admitted committing cyber crimes.  My brother Ken Parks deflected our legitimate complaint to the FBI regarding his cyber crimes and his stalking campaign as a mere “family dispute” despite the fact that my brother’s other victims are not related in any way to us.  FBI Agent Hunt told us he went to my brother Ken Parks’ house more than once and repeatedly warned him to cease all cyber crime activities:

Following is an e-mail exchange with FBI cyber crimes agent Chad Hunt.  After Agent Hunt interviewed my brother Ken Parks and confronted him more than once with evidence of his cyber crimes, he told us that my brother Ken Parks “promised” to stop committing his admitted cyber crimes.


In 2004 my brother Ken Parks intended to file one of his pro se lawsuits against us because of the arrest warrant issued against him for harassing me. My husband and I continued to contact authorities to try to get additional arrest warrants against my brother Ken Parks as his stalking, defamation and overall harassment worsened. We, and other crime victims in New London county, Connecticut, met with state’s attorney Michael Regan in our efforts to get additional arrest warrants and have our harassers prosecuted in Connecticut. State’s attorney Michael Regan refused to issue any additional arrest warrants and refused to extradite or prosecute anyone, stating that there were “hundreds” of outstanding fugitive status arrest warrants in New London county alone. Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane likewise refused to act on behalf of victims.

In summary, our experience trying to get the laws enforced on state and federal levels is no different than the experiences of most crime victims in our country. My brother Ken Parks has violated cyber crime laws as well as harassment, threatening and stalking laws, and he may also be involved in the crime of child pornography. State and federal officials have told us and other crime victims that they will not “put out the money” to investigate or arrest people like my brother Ken Parks because they claim they are “overwhelmed” with “bigger cases.” This reality sends a direct message to offenders: go ahead and commit as many crimes as you want to. It also sends a message to victims: we will not use your tax dollars to enforce the written laws and protect you.

Some Family History Regarding Ken Parks

Based upon probate court records, what my husband and I and others have eye-witnessed, and letters I have in my possession, it is reasonable to conclude that my three other older brothers have also supported and assisted my brother Ken Parks in his defamation, stalking, and threatening campaign against me, our mother, and others. For a few years in the early 2000s some of my brothers expressed to me and our mother disagreement and disapproval of our brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ defamation and stalking, but that was apparently a ruse they employed against me and our mother to try to gain our trust. My four older brothers’ violation of trust has been my life-long eye-witnessed personal experience. I have also witnessed all of my life that all four of my older brothers have expressed contempt for “religious” people and I believe that their stated active support of our brother Ken “Parks demonstrates that they appear to find it amusing at how readily he can dupe “stupid Christians” into believing all of his religious jargon.

My mother told me that my brothers resented her when she was pregnant with me and I know from my own lifetime of experiences that my older brothers have expressed in words and actions that they have hated me since I was born (probably since before I was born). Over time my brothers would periodically give the impression that they had finally “grown up” but their words and actions giving that initial impression were always demonstrated to be deceptive ploys to gain my trust and my mother’s trust. In later decades both my mother and I refused to have them interfere in our lives after too many episodes of violated trust. I personally witnessed that all my brothers showed violence and disrespect in varying degrees against our parents. My mother related to me several times that they acted that way since their early childhood, even before I was born. Their malevolence toward and disrespect of family and others has worsened from what I have witnessed in their pre-teen years up to the present.

Below is an excerpt of a letter my brother Ken Parks wrote to our mother and to me in early 1980. In the following letter he refers to the condemnation he pronounced against me and accuses me of being under the influence of Satan due to the common seasonal cold I had.

Ken Parks & My 3 Other Brothers Disinherited From Our Mother’s Will

My mother’s final Will cut out all four of my brothers from any inheritance or decisions regarding her estate.  She made this decision after decades of trying fruitlessly to help my brothers and reason with them to stop their abusive, destructive behaviors.  After decades of lies, treachery, financial damage, verbal and physical abuse, vandalism, online defamation and threats against her and others, she made her final wishes regarding my brothers known in her Last Will and Testament.  My mother made me her sole inheritor and executrix for all decisions regarding her estate and final wishes.  My husband and a couple who had been her very good neighbors were made consecutive co-executors in the event of my death or incapacitation.  My mother passed away in 2012 and, in accordance with my mother’s wishes, none of my disrespectful, malevolent brothers were notified of her death due to my mother’s valid concerns that my brothers would disrupt her funeral and harass those attending her funeral.

Since late 2017, my brother Ken Parks, has claimed in his lawsuit filings, without any basis in reality, that my mother’s attorney and I forged her Will.  In late 2018 and again in late 2019 my brother Ken Parks and my other three brothers attempted, and failed, to gain custody of my mother’s remains, outrageously claiming to the probate judge that I, my mother’s attorney, and the witness to my mother’s Will “forged” her signature and her entire Will.  Prior to the first probate court hearing, my brother Ken Parks tried to file yet another police complaint against me in Groton, Connecticut, claiming that I committed the crime of forging my mother’s signature and Will (see record of 2018 police report).  My brother Ken Parks has tried several times to file false charges against us in Colchester and Groton, Connecticut, and he has threatened to file baseless criminal charges against us in Georgia and Tennessee.

My brother Ken Parks further defamed me during the Groton, CT probate hearing in late 2018 by claiming that I “threatened” the cemetery director of the cemetery where my parents’ gravesite is located. I have never threatened the cemetery director or anyone else in my life.  My brother then elaborated on his lie by outrageously (and, of course, falsely) claiming in the 2019 Groton, CT probate hearing that there was a protective order issued against me by the cemetery director.  My husband and I can only assume that he is publishing that same lie in private online posts and other communications to his cult followers and his “friends” in order to deceive them into giving him sympathy, inciting them to harass us on his behalf, and most likely persuading them to give him financial support.

Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ Disrespect of Parents’ Gravesite & Problems with Jim Davis & Elm Grove Cemetery

One way or another, my brothers found out about my mother’s death about a year after she died.  In May, 2013 they immediately began to harass the cemetery directory to intimidate him into telling them where our parents were buried.  Not one of my brothers even knew where our parents were buried, which by itself I believe speaks volumes about how estranged they were from both my father and mother.  The cemetery director assured me repeatedly that he would not give my brothers that information and that he would pursue police action against them if they kept harassing or threatening him.

In late spring, 2013 the cemetery director gave us permission to mount a security camera at my parents’ gravesite due to persistent harassment from my brothers and concerns that my husband and I had and that the cemetery director told us he also had that my brothers would commit vandalism in the cemetery.  The cemetery director gave us permission to mount the security camera aimed at my parents’ gravesite.  The cemetery director also told us he mounted a security camera at his residence located on the cemetery grounds and he told me it was solely because of the alarm caused by my brothers.  At one point the cemetery director issued the following letter to my brothers (since I only had my brother Ken Parks’ current address, his letters to my other three brothers were returned as undeliverable):

I received a call from the cemetery director in July, 2013 in which he informed me that one of my brothers had entered the cemetery grounds, tried to attack him in front of his child, and threatened to sue him unless he told him where our mother’s gravesite is located.  I asked him if he called the police and he said he had but he was uncertain about filing a police report.  I asked him why he would call me to tell me what one of my brothers did to him in front of his child if he wasn’t going to pursue charges against my brother since I couldn’t do anything to stop my brothers.  I told him that especially because he lived on the cemetery grounds he needed to file a police report for arrest against that brother or he would experience more problems from my brothers against him, his family and against the cemetery.  He promised me he would file a police report, but when I called the police about what the cemetery director told me in his phone call to me the police informed me the cemetery director had not requested to file a police report against my brother, so they called him for his account of what happened.

The following police report demonstrates that one of my other brothers harassed the cemetery director and that initially a no trespass order was issued against that brother.  This brother also has a long history of filing meritless, abusive pro se lawsuits (threat of lawsuit is mentioned in the police report below), including having filed a pro se lawsuit against our mother in retaliation for the justifiable protective order she got against him just prior to his release from a New Hampshire prison.  In the following police report, this brother deceitfully gave to the police my deceased mother’s former address as his current address (the same house address that in 2013 my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks had apparently vandalized and where he had been ordered in early 2014 to stop trespassing and harassing the new owners of my mother’s former house and my mother’s former neighbors).

Immediately after being threatened with lawsuit by one of my brothers the cemetery director breached his contractual duties to the written rules and regulations of the cemetery association to keep the cemetery safe from trespassers and anyone unwanted in the cemetery, and he breached his verbal promise to me based on the cemetery association’s written rules and regulations by informing one of my brothers where our parents’ gravesite was located and allowing them entrance into the cemetery.  The cemetery director “caved in” to my brother(s)’ threats of lawsuit and told one of my brothers, who had the no-trespassing order issued against him, where our parents’ gravesite is.  Consequently years of predictable harassment by my brothers ensued.  Since that time, my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks, his second wife (divorced in 2023), and his other brothers have repeatedly shown disrespect to me, to our parents’ gravesite, and to the cemetery director where my parents are buried.

The cemetery director requested several times throughout the following years that I keep him informed of any time I believed my brothers would be in Connecticut or be at our parents’ gravesite, and I followed through on the cemetery director’s request.  He verbally told both my husband and me over many years’ time that he did not want any of my brothers in the cemetery, in contradiction to what the 2013 police report stated.  The police verbally told me that the cemetery director kept giving them conflicting accounts of what he wanted, telling them at times he did not want my brothers trespassing in the cemetery and then telling them he “changed his mind.”  The captain of the police department told me this was frustrating for the police officers.  The impression my husband and I received consistently from the cemetery director was that he was fearful that my brothers singly or together would file one of their pro se lawsuits against him.

During my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ Connecticut 2015 pro se lawsuit against us he traveled from Georgia to Connecticut for hearings, and while he was in Connecticut for hearings he went to the cemetery.  The cemetery security camera shows that he removed respectful items I had placed at my parents’ gravesite when I visited Connecticut prior to the hearings (I never attended hearings due to safety concerns).  My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks also placed disrespectful objects at both my parents’ stone monument and at my mother’s VA marker.  I continued to make the cemetery director and the police aware of these problems.  I was told the police left messages with my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks telling him to stop disrespecting my parents’ gravesite.  I also informed the cemetery director when the security camera photos showed strange men loitering around my parents’ gravesite, such as around Mother’s Day and one month after my mother’s May 2nd birthday at all hours of the day and night.  In one set of photos a man is seen throughout much of the afternoon repeatedly urinating on a tree right near where my mother is buried.  The cemetery director told us he also suspected my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks of inciting these men to loiter around my parents’ gravesite night and day, and he told us he consequently gave my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks a phone call strongly warning him against inciting people to loiter around my parents’ gravesite or anywhere else in the cemetery.  The loitering incidents stopped after the cemetery director told us he called my brother.

I followed all the cemetery director’s instructions and requests to keep him notified of whenever I knew or suspected that my brothers would be in the cemetery.  The cemetery director also initiated calls to me to inform me of continued unwanted contact from my brothers.  But after years of my brothers’ harassment and their apparent threats of lawsuit against the cemetery director, the cemetery director repeatedly failed to carry through on his assurances to me to keep them out of the cemetery and by doing so the cemetery director continued to breach his contractual duties to safeguard the cemetery according to the cemetery association’s written rules and regulations regarding refusing anyone at their discretion from entering the cemetery, and by failing to keep his promises and assurances to me to keep my brothers out of the cemetery.

In the fall of 2018 my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks was outed by people on Facebook for running a ministry “scam.”  He immediately posted on his public Facebook pages his false accusations against my husband and me claiming that we had contacted Facebook and spread lies about him on Facebook, resulting in his “ministries” donations page being shut down by Facebook.  Again, we’re not on Facebook and we did not contact Facebook – but we are very grateful to other people taking seriously the deceitful and predatory actions of my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks and for reporting his suspected fraud to Facebook (are they also being stalked, harassed, defamed, threatened with police action or pro se lawsuits, or actually had lawsuits filed against them pro se by my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks?).  Immediately after this happened – and just prior to the Washington County, TN judge ruling to dismiss my brother’s fourth pro se lawsuit against us and issuing a judgment and injunction against him – I got a call from the cemetery director telling me that he “had to” remove the security camera, claiming that three different people complained about it.  I reminded him that as recently as May, 2017 he and the police had told my husband and me that they wanted the security camera to stay mounted because of ongoing problems with my brothers.  I reminded the cemetery director that both he and the police told me they believed the security camera offered good security in light of the long and persistent history of my brothers’ disturbing behavior and valid concerns of my brothers possibly committing vandalism against my parents’ gravesite.  I told the cemetery director that a lot of cemeteries have security cameras, especially in historic cemeteries such as the cemetery where my parents are buried.  I expressed my concerns that taking down the camera was setting him and us up for escalated problems from my brothers.  I also told the cemetery director that the timing was suspicious so I pressed him on this.  I asked the cemetery director if the three people he told me complained about the camera were related to each other.   He admitted that they were not.  I asked him if the three people had loved ones who had recently died.  The cemetery director told me that the loved ones of all of the supposed three people had died some time before, even years before.  The cemetery director then told me that one of the people had picnics on their son’s gravesite.  I told the cemetery director that since 2013 my husband and I never saw any evidence of that on our security camera footage.  I then commented that I found it very odd that all three people, all independent of each other, all of a sudden complained about a security camera that had been mounted there since 2013.

I asked the cemetery director a few times in this phone call that he had initiated if my brother Ken Parks had called him or if any of my brothers had called him.  He claimed they hadn’t.  I updated him on the current court proceedings against my brother in Tennessee (as the cemetery director had asked me to do if there were any police or court actions against any of my brothers), and I told him that since the ruling was going to hit Ken hard that my husband and I anticipated that any one of them or all of them might go on a rampage in the cemetery.  I told him that the injunction would order Ken to no longer be able file his pro se lawsuits so that not only we would be protected but everyone would be protected from his abusive lawsuits.  I suggested, as I had in previous years, that he contact the cemetery association’s attorney and look into protective orders against my brothers.  He again insisted he shared my concerns about my brother’s actions and he told me he would finally speak to the cemetery association’s attorney and that he would call me back to update me on what the attorney advised.

I waited, and I waited for the cemetery director to call me back as he had promised he would do.  I finally got a call from him, and he told me I should be getting something in the mail from the attorney.  I waited again.

After that call it became apparent that the cemetery director outright lied to me not only when he told me that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks, or any of my three other brothers, had not contacted him, and it was also apparent that there were no three other people who all independently of each other complained at the same time about the security camera.  As events developed, it seems quite obvious that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks, and possibly my other brothers, contacted the cemetery director and apparently somehow “convinced” him to take down the security camera he had given us permission to mount at my parents’ gravesite since 2013.  I believe my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks, and possibly my other brothers, threatened more adamantly to file pro se lawsuits against the cemetery director and may have also alarmed the cemetery director by making defamatory and false statements about my husband and me, such as referring to us yet again as “wanted criminals,” “domestic terrorists,” and claiming falsely to have “won!” all the lawsuits against us.

Shortly after the cemetery director called me the second time after he had removed the security camera, our friend who was monitoring the camera for us and mailing us the camera card, picked up our camera with the camera card from the cemetery director.  During the first phone call the cemetery director made to me to inform me he had taken down the camera I told him the name of our friend who would pick up the camera and camera card from him.  I also explained that this friend lived in another area of Connecticut that was not near the cemetery so due to his work schedule it would be about a week or so before he could pick up the camera and camera card.  After our friend picked up the camera and camera card from the cemetery director our friend also checked over my parents’ gravesite for any evidence of vandalism or more disrespectful items left there by any of my brothers.  What he found was $2.16 left at my parents’ stone monument.  Our friend’s address begins with 216.

During this time in 2018 my husband and I knew Ken had traveled from Georgia to Connecticut for court hearings against him and his second wife due to their vexatious litigation and conspiracy actions against us in the 2015 meritless, abusive pro se lawsuit he filed against us that was dismissed with prejudice.  When we received in the mail the camera and camera card our friend sent to us we witnessed that the security camera photos showed my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks, his second wife, and my oldest brother “visiting” the cemetery.  We also noticed the $2.16 placed at my parents’ gravesite in apparent reference to my brother Ken knowing the name and address of our friend who monitored our security camera.  We reasonably believe that the cemetery director has been either intimidated or bamboozled (or both) by my brother(s)’ lies about my husband and me, and we also reasonably conclude that the cemetery director likely told my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks the name of our friend and possibly where he lived.   We cannot fathom any other way that my brother Ken could have gotten our friend’s name and known at least the name of the town where our friend lives and/or do an online search and find the street address of our friend unless the cemetery director had given Ken the name and most likely the address of our friend.

I continued to wait for the cemetery association’s attorney to mail me a letter.  I finally left a voice mail message with the cemetery director to inform him of what we had witnessed with the $2.16 left at my parents’ gravesite, and I also informed him that I had not received anything from the attorney and to please return my call with an update.

Immediately after I left the voice mail message with the cemetery director I received a call from the cemetery association’s attorney.  He told me he had already sent me a letter, but that it had been returned undeliverable.  I asked him what address did he use to mail the letter.  The cemetery association’s attorney told me he mailed the letter to us via our old P.O. Box in Connecticut where we hadn’t lived since September, 2013.  I told the attorney that I had previously told the cemetery director that my husband and I had been living in Tennessee since 2013, and that there was no excuse for the cemetery director to have given his attorney our old out-of-date Connecticut mailing address.

I gave the cemetery association’s attorney our Tennessee address and thereafter I finally received the letter.  Although the outside of the envelope was addressed to me in particular, the enclosed letter was not addressed to me or to my brothers or to anyone in particular. The unaddressed letter from the cemetery director informed the recipient that he no longer wanted the recipient to contact him.  I then called the cemetery association’s attorney about this bizarre, unprovoked letter, and told him this was the very opposite of what the cemetery director had verbally told me in the last two phone calls that he initiated with me a few months before.  I then cleared up as many lies told about me and my husband, citing documentation, that apparently originated from my brother Ken Parks, apparently originated from my other brothers, and apparently originated from the cemetery director.  In two separate phone calls I made to the cemetery association’s attorney he apologized profusely for all the actions related to the cemetery director’s actions.  I told him I would appreciate getting those apologies in writing from both him and from the cemetery director.  Those written apologies were never received.

My husband and I believe this rude, unprovoked, and unprofessional behavior by the cemetery director and the cemetery association’s attorney – and the cemetery director’s breach of contract as stated in the copy of the no-trespass letter he sent to my brother(s) and as stated on the cemetery association’s own website regarding violators of cemetery rules, such as my brothers have demonstrated to be – seems to have been deliberately provoked by my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks and possibly by my other brothers.  It seems very likely that the cemetery director was intimidated by one or more of my brothers threatening to file baseless pro se lawsuits against him and consequently he “caved in” to their demands.  There is simply no excuse for the cemetery director’s behavior and his breach of contract.  I described my situation to other cemetery directors in various states, without mentioning the name of the cemetery director nor the name or location of the cemetery where my parents are buried.  Every single cemetery director I spoke to told me they believed the cemetery director of the cemetery where my parents are buried has acted in an unprofessional and unethical manner and has indeed breached his contractual duties.  Every cemetery director I spoke to also told me they have experience getting their no-trespassing wishes enforced by the police and the courts, and that they therefore would not tolerate any trespass from my brothers and they would seek prosecution of my brothers for trespassing.  Some of the cemetery directors I spoke to told us they also rely upon security cameras placed in their cemeteries so as to discourage trespassing and vandalism, and ensure safety and respect for those buried in the cemetery and for those who tend to the gravesites of their loved ones.

As a result of what I and others reasonably believe is the cemetery director’s unethical and unprofessional behavior, our Connecticut attorney and I contacted the cemetery director and his attorney in writing four separate times — from December, 2018 to May, 2019 — requesting that the cemetery director provide me with certified proof of my ownership of my parents’ gravesite, assurances that I would be notified of any further attempts by my brothers to try to lay claim to owning or having any control over my parents’ gravesite, and a written apology for the cemetery director’s unprofessional and unjustified behavior (again, the cemetery director’s attorney apologized verbally to me multiple times in two separate December, 2018 phone calls).  Finally, after the fourth attempt (the second attempt by our attorney) at trying to get cooperation from the cemetery director and his attorney, we received from the cemetery director the documentation we lawfully requested.   Although the cemetery director did not apologize for his behavior he did finally send documentation of records dated in 2012 (the year of my mother’s death) stating that my brothers and their descendants have no legal claim to our parents’ gravesite.

This whole incident with the cemetery director illustrates the extent of damage and intimidation that stalkers who habitually file abusive, meritless pro se lawsuits, especially those stalkers and abusive litigants with religious cult motivations, can inflict upon their victims.

Yet another outrageous lie that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” repeats in his court filings is that he claims that because I own my parents’ gravesite in Connecticut that such ownership places me in Connecticut court jurisdiction.  In reality and by law, my ownership of a relative’s gravesite in Connecticut (or anywhere else) does not place me in that state’s court jurisdiction since I do not reside at my parents’ gravesite, nor do I derive any financial gain or benefit from my ownership of my parents’ gravesite.

Cautionary Account About Protective Orders

For many years late night talk show host David Letterman has had to deal with stalkers.  One of those stalkers, Colleen Nestler — whom David Letterman had never met — succeeded in 2005 in getting a protective order against David Letterman in New Mexico by claiming in her seven page filing that since 1994 Letterman had communicated to her through the telecast of his show by using coded messages, “eye expressions,” and making other gestures which Nestler claimed represented Letterman’s marriage proposal to her and offering her a job as his co-host.  Nestler further claimed in her protective order petition that Letterman’s coded messages and gestures on his show (filmed in New York) harassed and tormented her (in New Mexico).  Nestler continued to claim that David Letterman had caused her to go into bankruptcy and caused her immense mental anguish.  Nestler asked that the protective order keep Letterman at least three yards away from her (very easy for Letterman to do since he lived and worked in the northeast U.S.!) and that the court issue an injunction against Letterman to order him to no longer “think” about her and stop all of the tormenting harassment she claimed Letterman was doing to her via his coded messages and gestures which she claimed he was making toward her on his show.

Nestler had absolutely no evidence whatsoever for any of her claims in her filing for a protective order against David Letterman. Yet outrageously, Santa Fe District Judge Daniel Sanchez validated Nestler’s totally bizarre and unsubstantiated claims against David Letterman.  Judge Sanchez, without any proof or any basis in law, reason or reality, granted Nestler a protective order against David Letterman.  David Letterman was never even notified by the Santa Fe court of Nestler’s filing for a protective order against him nor of her bizarre accusations so that he could have had a chance to refute his stalker’s claims.  But once the civil protective order was issued against him that protective order put David Letterman’s name on a national registry, banned him from having guns, and potentially opened Letterman up to criminal charges if he, for example, was seen possessing firearms.

Letterman had to hire a New Mexico attorney to appeal his stalker’s civil protective order.  Judge Sanchez is on record initially refusing to dismiss or apologize for his issuance of the baseless protective order against David Letterman, claiming that Nestler’s court forms were filled out “correctly.”  After much pressure and public shaming, Judge Sanchez finally dismissed Nestler’s protective order.  As a number of legal commentators have published, this is rarely the case for the average non-celebrity person who finds out there is a totally baseless and unjustified protective order slammed against them.

My husband and I, as well as some of my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ other victims, have consulted with attorneys at various times throughout the years to discuss how to stop my brother from his all-consuming non-stop aggressively obsessive stalking, defamation and harassment campaign.  For years we’ve been told by police, our friends, co-workers, our employers, state’s attorneys and district attorneys to look into getting a protective order against my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks.  We consulted with attorneys.  We weighed the pros and cons.  In 2015 the harassment escalated as my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks filed pro se his third vexatious lawsuit against us and continued to publicly defame us to get support from his Facebook “friends” and cult “followers,” some of whom encouraged him in his campaign of defamation, stalking, threatening, and filing abusive lawsuits against us (he’s on at least Facebook and Spreely).  During this time my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks also publicly posted photos of his guns along with his posts about “punishing” his “enemies.”  We were very reasonably concerned for our safety.

We heard from attorneys around the Atlanta, Georgia area conflicting advice about pursuing a civil lawsuit and protective orders against my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks.  A number of attorneys told us that they would not help us because they stated “what if he starts going after me and my family?”  In retrospect, we desperately and foolishly tried to bring our own pro se civil lawsuit against my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks in Georgia for defamation, defamation per se and harassment and at the same time we also applied for a civil protective order in Fulton County, Georgia without hiring an attorney.  We ended up voluntarily dismissing our pro se lawsuit against my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks because the whole process is just too overwhelming for a non-attorney to handle (even though we were told by attorneys we had a very strong and valid case against my brother).  But we went through with the civil protective order hearing process.  My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks retaliated at the last minute and filed a counter protective order against us, making completely false claims against us.  He filed his protective order on the Friday before the Monday hearing date, in violation of Georgia Code regarding making a timely counter complaint.

The protective order hearing in Fulton County magistrate court presided by Judge Allyson Pitts was a nightmare.  She was rude to attorneys, petitioners, and even to the court security staff.  The courtroom was crowded and only a few petitioners had attorneys.  Much of the time Judge Pitts was typing on her keyboard and didn’t appear to be giving the necessary attention to the cases.  Our case was finally heard in the early afternoon after we were forced to sit there and listen to case after horrific case since early morning.

We presented clear irrefutable evidence of my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ harassing, defaming, stalking, and threatening us, which included his own writings to us, his own published statements, police reports and other documentation, as well as the fact that his defamatory and unsubstantiated counter protective order petition was filed too late against us in violation of Georgia Code (see below).  My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks made his typical ad hominem defamatory and libelous attacks against us, claiming (lying) that my husband and I are “anti-abortion domestic terrorists who kill abortion doctors!” and that we’re “wanted criminals!” with “criminal records!”  He also claimed that we were driving our vehicle around his neighborhood and his residence (which is approximately a 5 to 5 1/2 hour drive from where we lived).  He presented an undated package and unsigned letter claiming (falsely) that we mailed the package with the object through the postal service — yet the package had no postal date or other authenticating postal marks.  My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks slammed and threw around his stack of papers (which he never presented at the hearing), tried repeatedly to approach Judge Allyson Pitts despite her warnings and the warnings from the security staff in the courtroom, and he tried to approach us despite being warned to stop.  We petitioned at one point that Judge Pitts order my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks and his second wife (divorced as of 2023) to remain in the courtroom for at least 15 minutes after our hearing so that we could safely leave the courthouse.

Judge Allyson Pitts was clearly intimidated by my brother’s overwhelming unstable behavior in the courtroom, she stopped the hearing short, and she abruptly left the courtroom while the security staff escorted my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks and his second wife back to their seats.

We got the protective order against my brother, which banned his guns.  But as a horrific shock to us Judge Allyson Pitts violated Georgia statute, as seen below, and granted my brother’s baseless and defamatory filing for a counter-protective order against us, even though he had filed it late in violation of Georgia Code and presented absolutely no proof whatsoever for his libelous and slanderous claims.  But important to note is that the protective order against us did NOT ban our guns.  Judge Pitts did grant us our request to leave the courtroom first and ordered that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks and his second wife be held back so we could have enough time to safely leave the courthouse.  The Georgia Code states (emphasis added):

GA Code §19-13-4  “The court shall not have the authority to issue or approve mutual protective orders concerning paragraph (1), (2), (5), (9), or (11) of this subsection, or any combination thereof, unless the respondent has filed a verified petition as a counter petition pursuant to Code Section 19-13-4 no later than three days, not including Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, prior to the hearing and the provisions of Code Section 19-13-4 have been satisfied.” (Emphasis added).

This staggering corruption of justice was astounding to us and to those we told about our absolutely horrific nightmare experience in Fulton County, Georgia’s magistrate court presided over by Judge Allyson Pitts.  We immediately contacted attorney after attorney to try to appeal the protective order and fight against my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ near instantaneous libelous claim that we violated the protective order.  Attorneys we spoke to told us that “Fulton County judges hand out protective orders like candy” with no evidence required.  All of the attorneys we spoke to had never heard of a protective order that didn’t ban guns, such as the court issued on us.  Some of those attorneys told us that the fact Judge Pitts didn’t ban us from having guns indicated that she merely appeased my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks to give him a token protective order but at the same time didn’t deny us our right to defend ourselves with our guns, thereby recognizing my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks as the sole aggressor.  Some attorneys told us they never subject their clients who are victims of violence to the protective order process because of how frequently innocent victims get slammed with protective orders against them with no evidence presented by their stalkers or abusers.  Many attorneys we spoke to told us that protective orders are a “sick joke” because “they’re never enforced.”  All of the attorneys told us that in Fulton County, Georgia it would take longer for us to get an appeal hearing than the one year term that the protective order was in force.

We were finally able to find an attorney to not only fight my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ defamatory claim that we violated the protective order but also file a truthful counterclaim that it was my brother who in fact was violating the justified protective order we had against him due to his continued online defamation and threats against us and his continued possession of his guns.

At the next hearing Judge Allyson Pitts did not give any validity to my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks’ false claims that we violated the protective order, but neither did she uphold the law (yet again) for our justifiable claim of my brother actually in fact violating the protective order we had against him by his continued possession of his guns and continuing his online defamation and threats against us.  Nonetheless, Judge Pitts did, at our attorney’s request, hold back my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks and his second wife again, as she had done in the first hearing, so that we and our attorney could safely leave the courthouse.

My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has used/abused the no-guns-banned protective order against us in his court filings in Connecticut, Tennessee and Georgia apparently in attempts to prejudice the courts against us, and we would not be at all surprised if he has boasted all over his private Facebook pages and possibly on other online sites about that protective order — all the while we also would not be surprised if my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has failed to mention in his social media posts the guns-banned protective order we got against him and his violation of that protective order.

Our valid concern for anyone in the general public is that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks will continue to weaponize the courts against people to file pro se his meritless, defamatory lawsuits, abuse subpoenas to obtain without any justification people’s personal information, file baseless, lying-under-oath protective order petitions against innocent people, make false complaints to various police departments trying to seek arrest warrants against his innocent victims and manufacture fraudulent “official” documents against innocent people he publicly defames and harasses.

In 2018, we succeeded in having Georgia’s Judicial Qualifications Commission rule that Judge Allyson Pitts violated the law against us when she issued an unjustified protective order against us.  Shortly thereafter she was no longer a judge in Fulton County.

Our Complaint Upheld Against Fulton County, Georgia Judge Allyson Pitts for Her Violation of Georgia Law

In 2018, two and a half years after the protective order fiasco and one and a half years after the protective orders expired, my husband and I found out about Georgia’s Judicial Qualifications Commission which takes complaints against Georgia judges who violate the law.  We contacted Georgia’s Judicial Qualifications Commission with an account of our experience and with documentation, including the copy of Georgia Code regarding protective orders and an explanation of how Judge Allyson Pitts did not abide by that law.  We honestly did not expect to hear back from the Commission, and if we did we didn’t expect our complaint to be taken seriously.  But we did receive a response — which was error-ridden.  So we quickly resubmitted our complaint, correcting the errors the Commission made in their first response.  We again expected to be ignored or disrespected, but instead the Commission actually agreed with our complaint against Judge Allyson Pitts, essentially invalidating her issuance of the unmerited and illegal protective order against us, as the below letter shows:  

As best we can ascertain from the most updated Fulton County, Georgia magistrate court websites, Allyson Pitts apparently is no longer listed as a magistrate judge there.

In 2022, the facts found in this website were used to inform the public in the successful campaign effort to prevent Allyson Pitts from being elected as a judge in Fulton County, Georgia:

A Warning About Protective Orders


There are plenty of legal commentaries on the abuse of protective orders and how many innocent victims have had completely baseless and unjustifiable protective orders issued against them. For example:

The Use and Abuse of Domestic Restraining Orders

Commentaries written by attorneys urge a complete overhaul of the present unconstitutional protective order process, arguing that innocent victims are often never notified of a filing for a protective order against them, that innocent victims are presumed guilty and no matter what evidence to the contrary of the claims against them innocent victims will still get unjustly slammed with a protective order against them, and that the actual victims who get protective orders against their stalkers or abusers can rarely get those protective orders enforced.

Again, to repeat, we have very valid concerns for anyone in the general public against whom my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks may lie under oath to obtain unwarranted protective orders against innocent people. Anyone who is being harassed, stalked, defamed, sued, or threatened by my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has our permission to use, in whole or in part, the contents and documentation found or referred to by case number in this website for purposes of defending their innocence in any police action and/or court action involving my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks.

Conclusion About Ken “Pastor Max” Parks & the Need for a Judicial Review Law to Stop Abusive Litigants

Many people have expressed their opinions to us that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks seems to be “mentally ill.”  In public court records my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has initiated his own admissions of being under psychiatric care and being prescribed medication for psychiatric conditions.  He has also made specific references to the location of those court cases in his public Facebook posts (he’s on at least Facebook and Spreely).  Whether or not my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks is “mentally ill” or has mental health issues as he himself claims of his own volition in his own public court filings, I and others have nonetheless witnessed that he has demonstrated he knows the difference between right and wrong behavior.  My husband and I and others have reasonably concluded that for many years my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has deliberately sought to harm us and other innocent people by publicizing his baseless accusations of harmful and heinous actions against us all.  As previously stated, many of his accusations against innocent people are the very same actions that he knows he’s done to others.  My brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks apparently purposefully and knowingly transfers his wrongs onto innocent people and publicizes that transference.  It is reasonable to assume he does this for four reasons:

  1. to derive pleasure from causing immense traumatic distress and public humiliation to his victims;
  2. to derive pleasure in deceiving those in the public who believe unquestioningly all his lies so that he can feel intellectually superior over both those he defames and libels/slanders and over those people he knowingly deceives with his defamation and libel/slander;
  3. to derive pleasure in succeeding to gain sympathy from others deceived by his lies and to incite those who believe his lies to join with him in publicly defaming, humiliating, harassing and/or threatening his victims;
  4. to most likely obtain financial support from those taken in by his lies.

There is general consensus among medical professionals and legal analysts that even though a person can be diagnosed as being severely mentally disturbed, that person can still be fully cognizant of the difference between right and wrong behavior and thoughts.  I have personally witnessed that my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks has demonstrated since my earliest memories that he in fact knows the difference between right and wrong.  I have personally witnessed my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks laughing about knowingly deceiving people with some outrageous story he concocted, apparently just so he could dupe people and feel superior over those he referred to as “stupid idiots” and “stupid Christians.”  For this reason, my husband and I very reasonably believe my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks is a dangerous predator and a public menace, and that he is aggressively determined to silence his victims and hide from the public what he knows to be the truth of who he really is and the significant damage he has deliberately and knowingly done to people, including his own family members.

This point cannot be emphasized enough:  My husband and I do not want any more people harmed by my publicity-seeking limited-purpose public figure brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks or by any of his cult followers who ignore the documented facts of his lies about himself and the damage he’s done to innocent people.

My husband and I, and victim advocates we’ve spoken to, believe that statistically we are in grave risk of being murdered or having harm done to our persons or our property by my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks and possibly by my other brothers, either directly by them or by those they may succeed in inciting against us.  Nonetheless, we will not be intimidated into silence by any of my brothers or anyone else.

This website is published with the hope that people will contact their legislators to urge them to propose bills and enact laws similar to those found near the top of this website so as to put a stop to abusive pro se litigants such as my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks and the extensive financial and psychological damage they commit against their innocent victims through the filing of abusive, meritless lawsuits.

This website is also published with the hope that the factual contents, such as the public record case numbers and documents supplied in this website, and the factual accounts and reasonable opinions expressed in this website can in whole or in part serve to help anyone else who may be harassed, defamed, stalked, deceived, and/or abusively / vexatiously pro se sued or threatened with lawsuit or protective order petitions by my brother Ken “Pastor Max” Parks, or by others like him.

This website will be updated as necessary. 

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